The Dance

By Jeremy Speed

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I've told you that I have a special surprise waiting for you but even though you keep asking, I won't give you any detail. All I'll say is that it's the answer to one of your biggest fantasies.

We pull up in front of a local meeting hall and you look at me, questioning, but you know that I'm not going to explain. Before going in I tie a blindfold over your eyes. I lead you inside the large room, which has a bandstand at one end with a large dance floor in front of it. In the center of the dance floor is a padded, flat, sawhorse. I lead you to the horse, strip off all your clothes and have you sit at one end. I lay you down on your stomach as the top is wide enough to be comfortable and there are cutouts so your breasts hang down. I strap your hands and ankles to the legs of the horse, down near the floor. This leaves you spread eagle with your cunt wide.

I whisper in your ear ... " ... have fun ... ", as I walk away. Within a few minutes you to hear people entering the room. The only indication you have that anyone notices you is sometimes you feel a hand lightly caress your ass, rub your pussy or maybe cup a breast through the cutout.

Everyone is laughing and having a good time and when you hear the band start playing music you feel that people begin dancing around you. Without being able to see, you sense that the group begins to circle you and you feel several sets of hands caress your body. You feel warm massage oil being poured on your back, dripping into your ass hole and over your cunt as many hands rub your naked body. Hands slip in between your legs and slippery fingers go in and out of your pussy and ass hole. A hard cock is rubbed against your mouth, which you suck into your throat. Both your nipples are being sucked and you feel a tongue on your clit as the cock pushes into your ass.

I lean forward and ask you if it feels good .... you nod.

I lick my way to your clit and suck it into my mouth, playing with my tongue. I alternate licking up and down your wet pussy always ending at your clit. I slide a finger in and out of your pussy, feeling the hard shaft of the cock in your ass. I lick and suck you to your first cum of the evening. Just as you enter the throes of orgasm the cock in your mouth begins to spurt as you suck the prick dry. Immediately he pulls out and another cock replaces that one. I let you settle down and slide my hard cock into your wet slippery pussy. I begin fucking you slowly at first then faster and faster, occasionally giving you a light slap on the ass. I pull out for a second and get a finger all wet with your pussy juice and slip it in your ass just under the cock which is now spurting cum into your gut. I pull on your ass hole as the prick softens and pulls out. I begin fucking you harder, sliding my finger in and out of your ass in time with my cock going in and out of your pussy. In and out ... in and out .... my hips slapping against your ass, pushing my finger deep.

I pull out and slide my cock into your tight, well-lubricated ass. Your pussy juice on my cock, the cum in your ass, makes the passage easy and the entry is smooth as I plunge deep into your ass. I get into a rhythm as I feel a tongue on my cock. Looking down see a pretty blonde licking first your pussy then my cock as it slides in and out of your ass. This stimulation sets you into another strong orgasm and the extra stimulation sends me over the edge. I squirt cum ... over and over ... into your ass. It feels like I will cum forever ... soooo strong.

Before I slip out of your ass hole I lean down, give you a hug and tell you that I'm going to watch for awhile. You know how much I enjoy that.

Backing off I realize what a sight you are creating ... very erotic. A cock in your mouth and one in your pussy ... a guy and a girl sucking your nipples ... a girl sucking and licking up and down your back from your neck ... another licking around the cock in your ass. There are more folks dancing around you ... the music is blaring ... the cock in your mouth erupts as you swallow ... he moves away. The girl that was working on your back moves and sits in front of you so that her legs are around your back, her pussy is in front of your mouth. Smelling her fragrance and realizing what is happening, you begin to lick and suck her clit ... pulling ... nibbling. She begins to buck ... squirm ... rubbing her pussy over your face ... pushing into your mouth. It's all you can do to keep your tongue buried in her pussy juice while you are roughly fucked from behind.

You hear buzzing and feel a vibrator moving down your back ... slowly massaging each vertebra until it reaches your ass. As the cock slides in and out, you feel the tingling tip of the vibrator push against your tight pucker of your ass hole. Slowly it penetrates ... sliding deeper and deeper. This sets off the cock in your pussy and it begins to spurt glob after glob of cum. At the same time the pussy in your mouth erupts into orgasm. The lady bucks and squirms as you lick her through the intense feelings.

You know how she feels and the stimulation in your pussy and ass sends you into a tremendous orgasm.

You stop pulling against your restraints and lie motionless.

I smile.

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