Forced Fantasy

By Jeremy Speed

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You're working really late on a project. Everyone else in the building has gone home. You told me about the project and I know about your rape fantasy and decide to help you fulfill it. Wearing a ski mask I slip into your office. Your back is to the door so you don't realize I am there until I grab your shoulders and spin you around. You see me and start to scream but, anticipating that, I put one hand over your mouth and the other holding the back of your head.

"SHUT UP BITCH", I say sternly.

I see your eyes get big as you look past me at the door. Turning, I see two more guys standing there wearing ski masks. The fear shows in your eyes.

"NOW ... are you going to shut up or do I have to hurt you bad", I growl, disguising my voice so you don't recognize it.

You nod your head and relax. As soon as I let go, you make a run for the door. The guys grab you by each arm and drag you back into the room. I grab your chin and in my best raspy voice say, "you fucking whore, now you've asked for it"

You're fighting but the two guys are holding you tight. I grab a handful of each side of your blouse and tear it apart popping buttons everywhere. I pull a knife from my pocket and slip it up under your bra. Your eyes get big and scared as you see the knife. I pull the blade to me and cut your bra. It flips aside exposing your breasts as I reach down and cup one and bend down to kiss it. You start to fight again but I grab that nipple hard and pull you down on your knees. Still holding you the guys and I work your blouse and bra off. I take your blouse and tie it around your head as a blindfold.

"If you touch this you're going to wish you hadn't. Do you understand", I ask?

You murmur softly and answer, "yes".

"I CAN"T HEAR YOU", I shout.

"YES", you answer louder.

"Yes what?" I ask.

"YES I will leave the blindfold alone."

I pull you over to the desk and push you over. Your arms are being pulled to the sides and pressed to the desk by the two guys. I grab your skirt, pull it and take your panties down over your butt. You squirm as I start rubbing and admiring your beautiful ass. I rub and give you a quick spank ... rub ... spank. I jerk your clothes down and slide them under your feet. I grab your ankles and jerk them wide apart exposing your pussy and ass. I rub my hands up and down the inside of your legs. I get up and nudge your pussy and you flinch when I do this. I cup your pussy in my hand and rub up and down, my finger slicing up and down over your clit.

"You like this, don't you bitch", I ask?

You shake your head "no" as I rub your pussy some more. I can feel you getting moist.

"You're lying to me, bitch. Your pussy is telling the truth." As I rub I can see you tighten as you involuntarily get turned on. I back up and drop my pants letting my cock fall free. I walk behind you and rub it up and down your slit. "Tell me to fuck you", I command.

You shake your head "no" and I slap your ass.

"NOW, Tell me you want my cock in your pussy!" I slap your ass again. the guys push you harder into the desk. "NOW", I yell as you go limp, giving up.

"Put your cock in my pussy", you whimper.

I smile and say, "as you wish ... my dear", and with one quick thrust my cock is buried deep in your cunt. I slowly start sliding in and out ... increasing speed as I continue. I'm hammering in and out of you, my balls slapping your ass with each thrust. You can't help it now ... your ass is lifting to meet my thrusts. I stop and pull my cock out as I rub it against your ass. You squirm trying to get away as I push harder.

"Tell me you want my cock in your ass", I say as you shake your head, "NO", violently. "NOW", I yell as I slap your ass again.

"Put your cock in my ass", you finally say.

I slip it in your pussy again to get it wet and then slowly slide it in your ass until my hips hit your cheeks. I start hammering in and out of your ass hole, bouncing you on the desk. I pull out of your ass and slide my cock back in your pussy. In and out I fuck until you shutter with orgasm.

"Tell me how much you like that", I ask? Obviously not wanting to admit any pleasure you say nothing. I grab you chin and say, "I want to hear you tell me how much you like my cock in your pussy and ass."

"I love your cock in my pussy in ass", you whimper softly. Laughing, I let go and you fall to the floor.

"Bring her here guys", I yell and the two drag you over to where I have taken a position on my back. "I want you to sit on my cock." With help you straddle me and settle down, my cock deep in your cunt. I pull you to my chest and begin kissing you. The fight seems to have gone as you are more relaxed. You flinch as you feel another pair of hands on your ass. I hold you tight as you tense and try to get away. You feel something poking at your ass as one of the guys rubs his cock against your hole. "Slide it in", I tell him as I feel the pressure as his cock slip into your ass. We both start moving in unison, fucking both your holes at the same time.

The other guy, feeling left out, has his cock in his hand stroking up and down. I tell him to stick it in your mouth and he rubs it on your lips. I grab your hair and pull your head up. "Suck him ... you whore. Now, and don't your dare bite ... do you understand?"

You nod your head and open your mouth. He slides his cock between your lips and we all start fucking in and out. You feel so full with all your holes plugged and I can feel you tense in another orgasm. The tightness sends me over the edge and I cum gallons into your pussy as you get a load in your ass and mouth within seconds of each other. We slide out and pick up our clothes to leave.

You are still on the floor, blindfolded, as we walk out and close the door behind us. As we leave the office I make sure an extra lab coat is hanging on the coat rack outside.

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