The Initiation by Speed (Part 2)

By Jeremy Speed

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You orgasm continually as you lie in the crowd until everyone's orgasms subside and you feel the cock slide out of your well fucked pussy. The girl sitting on your face moves away and you relax, enjoying the break. Suddenly you feel you arms being pulled to the side, pinned down and your legs are being pulled apart and held down. Nothing happens for a few moments then you feel a quick hot sting on your stomach and smell the odor of a candle burning.

Again, a quick sting of hot wax and a mouth kissing the wax away. Again and again, more and more, drips and kisses. The drips move to your breasts and you begin to feel another candle and mouth moving up your legs. First a drip on one leg then the other with kisses and nibbles right behind. up your legs they come, around and around your breasts, getting closer and closer to your sensitive nipples. Drip ... nibble ... suck .... drip ... kiss ... lick ... drip ... nibble ...

Then you feel the first drip hit your nipple. The sensation is stimulating. Then you feel the hot wax drip around the sides of your pussy ... followed by licking ... then drips on your slit ... wax licked away. Your clit is nibbled and wax is dripped. Then you feel cold as an ice cube is rubbed on your breasts. Drip ... hot wax ... then cold. Then the ice moves to your pussy. Sliding up and down your slit ... Then slid into your open wet cunt. Then a tongue licking ... licking ... the ice is melting and being licked. More wax drips on your breasts stings. More lips and tongues licking ... sucking ... nibbling.

Somebody takes off the blindfold and you can see the owners of the lips, tongues and hands that are all over you. A pretty girl is kneeling between your legs pushing a banana into your dripping cunt. She fucks you with the yellow cock and then she takes it out, licks it clean then peels and starts sliding it up and down your wet slippery cunt. With one motions she slides it all the way into you and begins to lick and nibble the banana as it slides in and out. A guy moves up to your face and sticks a cock between your lips. You feel the strange sensations as the banana is being eaten... your cunt being eaten. Somebody starts nibbling on your nipples as the hard cock slides in and out of your mouth. You stiffen as wave after wave of orgasm overcomes you. So much stimulation as the cock in your mouth stiffens and dumps a load deep down your throat.

You let it slide out and another guy staddles you and lays his cock between your breasts and begins to fuck them. You lick the tip as it comes close to your mouth before sliding back and disappearing between your breasts. The banana is gone but the girl is stuffing your pussy full of strawberries. You can feel as she stuffs one after the other into your cunt. When it feels like you can't hold anymore you feel the licking and sucking start as she eats the strawberries one by one.

The tit fuck is over as he slides up and shoots spurt after spurt of cum into your mouth. Your legs are lifted high in the air and you feel another tongue in your ass as the strawberries are being eaten. Around and around your ass ... the tongue stabs in and out ... around and around. Your pussy is being licked and sucked. The guy licking your ass slides up so he is perpendicular to you and slides his cock into your now empty pussy. After sliding in and out a few times he pulls out and pushes his stiffness into your tight ass. Another cock enters your cunt and the two pound against the soft separation as your ass and cunt are pounded. The girl resumes licking your pussy as the cock slides in and out by her mouth.

The girl now has a couple fingers in your pussy as she licks your clit. Again you begin to cum ... again ... the orgasm overwhelms you. The extra motion sends the cock in your ass over the edge and his load of cum empties deep inside you. The girl who has been licking your pussy turns so you are doing 69 ... her pussy on top of your mouth as she continues to lick and stimulate your clit. You lick and nibble on her ... enjoying these new feelings that are being generated. Another cock replaces the one in your ass and begins to pound in and out. The girl sits up and presses her pussy on top of your mouth. You can't see but you feel another cock pushing through your pussy lips ... trying to enter. The prick pushes in slowly due to the tightness and, after a few moments, you begin to get used to the stiff cock and you and loosen up. Both cocks begin sliding in and out and out ... in and out ... Your mouth is being smothered by the writhing pussy that is about to explode in your between your lips. She is jumping all over as orgasm approaches. She begins to cum just as the two cocks also start squirting. This sends you into another wrenching orgasm. You almost pass out from the intensity.

It seems like the sensations will never quit.

You pass out in a pile of flesh.

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