The Initiation by Speed (Part 1)

By Jeremy Speed

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We've talked at length about you joining the Internet porn enthusiasts club and about the initiation necessary to get in. I've tried to prepare you for the most likely things that will occur. It will be an "anything goes" session for any of the male or female members who participate. You will be their playtoy for the evening.

I ask you again ... Are you sure??

You nod your head, "yes." I can see apprehension in you eyes but also determination and excitement. I know about your fantasies, about multiple lovers, but I hope this won't be more then you bargained for. We drive into the driveway and I ask you one last time. Your answer comes in the form of you're getting out of the car and heading for the front door.

Jill, a tall beautiful girl opens the door. Without saying a word she motions us to follow her as she moves down the hall into the center of the house. Coming to a closed door she stops and turns around handing me a strip of silk and tells me to blindfold you and then come through the door. I gently put the blindfold over your eyes and tie it behind your head. I give you a quick kiss and lead you through the door. The smell of incense and candles overwhelms us as we proceed. I stop about ten steps into the room and pull my hand away leaving you standing alone. Almost immediately you feel multiple hands moving up and down your body. The hands are rubbing and caressing which creates so many feelings within in you.

You can feel your breasts being cupped and fondled and your nipples being twisted and manipulated. Hands are rubbing your shoulders making you relax. A hand is rubbing the front of your skirt, slowly circling inward from your thighs while somebody is kneading the flesh of your ass. More hands are rubbing up and down your legs. You begin to feel buttons being undone and zippers unzipped as your clothes are removed. Soon you are standing naked and the non-stop movement of the hands never pause.

One of your hands is placed on a hard cock as your fingers are curled around it. You feel hands caressing every part of your body. Somebody starts sliding up and down the front of your pussy, gradually moving further between your legs with each movement. The finger slides into your slit easily as you are already very wet from all the stimulation.

You feel hands pushing you down to the floor and you lay on soft fluffy pillows. The hands continue to roam your body ... becoming more and more aggressive. Your head is tilted to one side and a stiff cock is slid into your mouth. Your other hand is pulled between another pair of legs and you feel a soft clean-shaven pussy. Not sure about this you pull your hand away. Roughly your hand is pulled back and pushed firmly into the wet slipper cunt.

The realization hits you that you have no control over what happens to your body tonight. Panic starts to overcome you until you remember that I am here and won't let anyone hurt you. Your hand is pushed back and forth rubbing up and down the pussy of the girl kneeling beside you. Your legs are lifted and spread apart. You feel a hard cock pressing at the opening of your wet pussy. With one thrust the stiff cock slides deep inside you and begins slow in and out movements. You feel another mouth licking and sucking and nibbling around your ass cheeks. You ass is lifted and another pillow is slid under you.

The fucking continues while you feel a tongue working it's way into your crack, licking up and down from your pussy to your puckered asshole. The tongue starts swirling round and round your ass ... occasionally poking in. In and out the cock fucks ... in and out your ass is tongued. You stiffen as a huge orgasm takes over your body. Wave after wave hits you as the cock slides in and out of your mouth ... in and out of your cunt.

The extra pressure and movement sends both of them into their own orgasm and cum fills both your mouth and your pussy. You relax and both cocks slid out of their respective holes. Immediately your feel another cock replacing the first. The stiff prick in your pussy begins pounding in and out of you. Occasionally someone slaps your ass as the thrusts continue ... in and out. Your head is again turned as you feel legs moving in on either side of your head and a pussy pushed down on your mouth. You're told to suck the wet cunt and, tenativly, you probe your tongue into the wet slit. You begin to lick and suck with more vigor as the cock in your pussy sends you higher and higher.

Hands are rubbing your breasts and you feel a mouth sucking on first one nipple then the other. The cock is pounding in and out ... you can fell pussy juice running down your cheeks as you lick, suck and nibble her clit. She begins to move and wiggle as the beginnings of orgasm approach. The cock in your pussy fucks more urgently ... pounding harder and harder. You can feel another orgasm coming on. Just as the other two begin to cum, your body tightens as you are wracked with pleasure. It seems to go on and on. The feeling is wonderful.

You cry out but your moans are of orgasm and mixed with the crowd.

You cum again and again.

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