By: Don Texman

Let's imagine cuddling up in each other's arms, nuzzling and snuggling,,,,,,

The moon shines through the window...the music softly playing in the background,,,,,and there is no one else in our world right now except the two of us.....

I hold you very close and you feel so good to me, my arms wrapped around you, and yours laying on mine,,,,I kiss the back of your neck as it sends shivers up and down your spine,,,,I nuzzle behind your ear and you seem to jump!

I continue to kiss and nibble the back of your neck and your soft ears, moving down over your shoulders as my hand gently cups your breasts,,,finding that your nipples are already awaiting my touch! My hand continues to explore your tender soft body, with light feathery touches, barely grazing the skin, sending shivers thoughout your body,,,and mine. You reach for me and gently caress my face, looking deep into my eyes,,,,I can see the longing you have for me,,,,,,

We are now exploring each others bodies, gently touching, caressing, stroking, very lightly...with feathery touches, barely grazing the skin,,,,gliding lovingly over each other, not missing a spot, exploring every inch of each other, first with our fingers, then our lips, and next with our tongues,,,,,we continue on .. for a very long time,,,,we are relishing in the discovery of each other,,,,,

At last I lay you back on the King size bed, and I kneel over you,,,my fingers moving to enter you honey...just to make are ready for me to enter you. I find you very warm and wet as my fingers move in and out of you. I then move very slowly to insert the head. Moving very slowly my shaft enters you more and more! Savouring each moment now that passes,,,I want it to last forever! Laying across you so I can stroke your insides with my manhood, I kiss you deeply and passionately,,,,All sense of time and space are gone, we are the only people seeming to be in existence,,,,,we seem to be on a wonderful space ride, gently, feeling your silky warmth surrounding me, your pussy muscles gently massaging my shaft,,,we continue on and on for a very long time, as our heat builds to the boiling point and then holding you very very close, togehter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

When we are done...I continue to kiss you, as you nuzzle into my shoulder.

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