An Evening at the Library

By Beverly Smite

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I once shared a fantasy with a friend, one that no one else was aware. The setting is in a library ... strange place I know ... but to me, the smell of old books and all that knowledge, gathered in one building, just turns me on! I never thought I would ever get to live out this fantasy ... but ... the old adage, "Never say never", comes to mind. Let me tell you why ...

I have a research paper due for a college course. I was very busy during the day so I didn't get a chance to go to the library until late evening. Since it is early fall, the sun sets before I get there, making it feel so much later than it actually is. I rush into the main room and head for the reference section. After gathering some materials I finally get to work. After a short while my neck gets sore from reading so I massage my neck muscles.

Without warning ... I feel someone's hands push mine aside and take over the task. I close my eyes and let the tension drift away ... without thinking that a stranger might be touching me. Soon ... I feel the hands move to my shoulders and I moan softly before I remember I am on a library! I try to look around but the hands grasp my neck ... harder ... a voice whispers ... "Just stay quiet ... there isn't anyone around watching us."

I think for a second that I might know this voice, but it is so soft I'm not sure ... So ... I ask ... "Who are you?"

The response I get is a soft, "Shhhhhh", so I relax ... feeling relatively safe in the library! I mean it is a public place ... and surely, no one would try anything in here?

"Oh ... damn", I thought, "I would really like to have sex in here." If the rest of this man's body works half as well as his hands ... I will be more than satisfied! Besides ... I am damn tired of studying and don't want to miss out on the chance to make my fantasy become real!

Then ... the strong hands begin a slow path down the front of my shirt ... opening one button ... then another ... until my shirt is open all the way down. By this time I am getting really excited ... my pussy is hot and wet ... I shift slightly in my seat feeling the moisture between my thighs. My masseuse moves his hands so that his fingers pinch my nipples, each at the same time. "Hmmm ... that feels so good", I whisper to myself, hissing slightly through my tightly clinched teeth.

The next thing I know, he is whispering to me once again ... " ... go to the far aisle ... go clear to the back corner ... there is a ladder ... face the books ... DO NOT TURN ... DO NOT LOOK AT ME." His tone and inflection makes me want to obey. "Do as I say or you will go home with a wet pussy", he whispers as I rise from my chair being careful not to turn my head the slightest as I sure as hell don't want to end this ... not yet!

I move to the very spot I am told to go ... I wait ... pretending to look at the books on the shelves. I hear him coming up behind me and I feel as he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me back. I feel his hard cock as it presses against my ass. I move against him as his hands unbutton my jeans. His fingers tease me just above my panties before he slips my jeans and undies down to my knees .., then ... off ... I gasp as the cold air cools my wet thighs. The heat of his body and the stiffness of his cock makes me warm again as his hands return to my hips ... slid under my panties ... to my pussy ... softly ... resting above my nicely trimmed cunt.

By this time I am dripping as one finger begins to tease my clit as his other hand moves so he can insert a finger inside my hole. I groan softly as he begins to kiss the back of my neck ... a huge turn on for me. His hands move in unison, making my body tremble as I feel an orgasm building! He slips a second finger in my pussy and begins to fuck me with his hand! I moan as I orgasm to his gentle touch ... so hard ... I cum so hard!!!

I pant ... in a soft voice ... I ask, "Please ... let me see you." There is no response other than his pulling his wet fingers from my pussy and placing one of those fingers against my lips. I know he wants me to taste my juices ... so ... I lick his finger ... slowly ... sucking it into my mouth ... tonguing it like I would his cock. "If he would only let me suck him off", I think, "I would do it so good." I am so eager to get his stiff prick in my mouth that I try to turn ... but ... he forcefully holds me in position. "Why won't he let me see him", I think as I lean against the shelves for support ... as ... my legs are getting limp from excitement ... anticipation ... contemplation of providing him with the best blow job of his life.

I hear his voice once again as he whispers, "Beverly ... lean on the ladder ... spread your legs wide for me I am going to fuck you ... your pussy is so hot ... so wet ... so ready ... I can't wait to bury my throbbing cock in you!"

"Yes", I whisper as I hear my name ... "a friend", I think ... "Who?" ... I put my hands on the ladder ... bending slightly ... spreading my legs ... I don't argue ... I hurry ... I do exactly as he demanded ... my body is leaning ... my hands above my head ... holding the ladder ... my thighs open my pussy dripping with the orgasmic my juices.

I hear his zipper as he opens his fly ... then a rustle as his pants hall to the floor ... I feel that he is exposed ... I picture a gorgeous ... hot ... stiff ... cock! A prick that my eyes may never get to see! Now ... that makes me sad ... but ... only for a second ... because I feel the head of his cock pushing between the lips of my pussy! I press against him only to have him laugh softly ... pull back ... whistle softly. "Damn this man is so in control. I want to feel him loose control! I want ... as I finally feel his stiff cock pass my wet pussy-lips ... I lean ... arching slowly ... he slides into my cunt. I know better then to resist ... so ... I let him go at his pace ... I whisper ... "Please ... oh baby ... please ... fuck me!!"

"You know I am going to fuck you ... just enjoy it ... Beverly"

"My name again", I think, as wild thoughts run through my mind as he pushes harder and I can think of nothing but his prick in my wanting pussy. My juice is dripping around his cock as he starts to move inside me. His hands reach up and grasp my tits, firmly, as his body drives faster and harder. I sneak a hand between his legs and grab his balls as they slap against my ass.

I had to touch him ... Admit it ... you would too ... as he drove his stiffness deep in my cunt. I decide ... now is the time to make this man loose that control ... the control that he holding by a thread by this time. That is ... if his panting is any indication ... I know ... he is getting so close to orgasm. He tries to slow the pace ... which ... is fine with me ... I want him to stop moving ... entirely ... as he does ... thinking he is teasing me ... I tighten my cunt ... squeezing his cock ... hard ... then release ... again ... over ... I hear him whisper something ... I don't understand ... can't ... I smiled to myself as I tighten once again ... then release. This time I hear what he says, "Don't do that ... Damn ... I want to make this last ... Beverly!"

I return his standard response ... "Shhhhhhh" ... as I continue squeezing ... releasing ... his hard prick with my muscles. Then ... as I feel another orgasm coming on ... I tighten one more time ... harder than ever ... as I whimper, " ... cum ... baby." I feel him begin to cum deep inside my womb. His hands tighten on my tits ... he slams into my cunt one more time ... I lay my forehead on the ladder ... grasping the steps with my nails.

I feel his lips on my neck ... his breath on my skin ... he whisper one more time ... "Beverly ... After I pull out ... I will leave ... count to fifty before you turn around."

Of course ... I comply ... I would have to get to the library more often ... if this is what's going to happen.

I still don't know if the man in the library was my friend ... my enemy ... an acquaintance ... of just a great fuck. I never got to suck his cock ... poor guy ... and I don't care ... it is just a fantasy that came true ...

I guess ... as I experience more ... I will share them with you.

Would you like that?

"I'm sure you would ... ~ wink ~ ... :)

Love ... Beverly