A Slippery Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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Ginger called and said she was coming over with some wine. She said that she wanted to start some trouble. Recently, she has become bolder in joining our escapades. Last month's story about our Backyard Show ... the scene on the lawn ... her shaved little cunt ... her slow swim suit strip ... her award winning cock sucking on TJ's dick ... were all evidence that Ginger was definitely into the three way scene that was developing.

It was a lot different from our first encounters that just happened after drinks and during desperate periods for her. Lately, Ginger was getting wild ... getting turned on ... turning us on. I love watching her turn TJ on. She's my friend ... I love him ... I love her ... and ... I really love watching her get off.

At work, this time of year, it's really stressful and we are together a lot. Sex and a few glasses of wine ... or just sex ... would sure help. I was getting a little wet just thinking about her comments and what she might have in mind.

I told TJ that Ginger was on her way over and he just smiled, adding, " ... why don't we do something to surprise her. Wouldn't it be great to show off for her ... you deep throating my cock ... me fucking you in the ass ... something outrageous ... What to do it when she comes in?"

"Great", I answered, but it's got to be something different ... I know let's get the plastic drop cloths we bought for painting ... Remember the video of the lesbians playing in the oil bath ... let's get the oil ... we'll leave the door ajar ... she'll walk in and find us. How about that? I was sort of impressed at how creative I could be on the spot.

The sheets were ten by ten feet and I laid them covering the living room carpet while TJ put on the oily video. We watched for awhile then TJ got the Baby oil from the bathroom and poured a whole bottle in the middle of the sheets. Fearing that it wasn't enough I got some Safflower oil that I use to cook with and mixed it with the light baby oil.

TJ stripped and lay in the middle of the sheet and rubbed handfuls of oil over his body as I stripped in front of him.

"Come on ... Lee ... Get down her and let me slip with you", he said watching as I lowered my panties slowly, revealing my hot cunt. I was nude and walked toward TJ as he rubbed his oily hands. He reached out and I felt his slick hands run up my thighs and over my shaved pussy ... oily ... smooth ... soft hands massaging my dripping cunt.

On the TV the five young ladies were writhing in fun, covered with oil, while they tried to shove the bottle into one of the lovely's cunts. I was really turned on standing in front of TJ as he rubbed my thighs and ass with the oil. "This feels wonderful", I whispered as TJ's slick finger slipped into my ass as I stood over his. His cock was glistening with oil and his beautiful stiff prick was hard as a rock. I reached down, rubbing my hands in the oil, and pumped his throbbing member. I knelt in front of him and pushed my tits together and had him slide his cock between the warm soft mounds. He pushed at my tits and with every forward stoke I let his cock head touch the end of my tongue. TJ fucked my tits until I reached behind and slipped my finger into his tight ass and he pushed harder on the forward stroke and his stiff cock slipped through my oily breasts and down my throat.

It was at that moment ... my fingers deep into TJ's ass .... his cock buried in my throat ... my free hand rubbing my hot cunt ... that I heard a soft knock at the door. I tried to mumble but was unable to answer and TJ would not remove his prick.

"Its open can I come in", Ginger she half yelled, pushing the door open.

"If you really want to", TJ answered as he lunged forward driving his cock as deep in my throat as it would go.

"You guys are UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!", Ginger yelled in glee.

"Don't just stand there, Bitch. Get naked ... get oiled ... get my fucking dildo ... get in here ... we're getting wild tonight", I commanded. Ginger was out of her cut off jeans in a minute and was onto the sheet, rubbing oil in every imaginable surface and hole. Instead of getting my dildo Ginger grabbed TJ's stiff cock.

"You guys ... I need some cock ... BAD! ... TJ ... your cock looks great like this", Ginger said as she pumped it a few times. "Lee, will you let him fuck me tonight? Please ... I need to be fucked ... fucked by TJ", Ginger said pleading.

The ladies in the video were getting wild as TJ rolled off me, letting Ginger and I get into a head to cunt 69! "You can fuck him after we're finished", I cried, burying my mouth against Ginger's slick cunt as her tongue licked my hot putty. TJ jumped up and went into the other room. I sucked Ginger's hungry cunt while I inserted my slick fingers into her tight ass hole. When TJ returned he had some toys. He dropped the assortment of dildos and vibrators in the oil and lay behind Ginger and I gently guided his cock in Ginger's wet ass, right as I was licking her cunt. I watched his prick sink slowly into her ass and I ran my tongue over the soft inside feeling his stiff cock as it moved in and out rubbing against my tongue. TJ moved slowly as I continued to lick my friend's sweet pussy. "You want him to fuck you hard don't you, baby?", I said, " ... Let me help ... but ... you have keep licking me while he fucks you." Ginger mumbled something but her words were inaudible because her mouth was sucking my pussy-lips.

TJ started pumping with more speed and commitment as his cock slid more easily in ginger's oily and relaxed ass hole. I oiled my favorite pink dildo and pushed it into Ginger's cunt as TJ got up to full speed, driving his cock at her ass as the girl on the TV shoved the oil bottle deep into her partner's ass. I reached over and picked up the large black vibrator and placed it into ginger's hand. I spread my cheeks and guided her hand so that she pushed the vibrating black cock into my ass.

TJ was really ramming her hard and Ginger shuddered in orgasm. "Fuck my ass ... I love it ... it's ready ... TJ ... I love your cock in my ass ... CUM in my ass.... CUM HARD", Ginger yelled through the cum soaked lips sucking my cunt.

"My little friend was quite the slut", I thought as we three slipped together ... fucking ... sucking ... ramming ... opening ourselves to each other.

Ginger screamed as TJ slammed his cock into her and she came and came and came. I moved from the two and picked up the clear dildo and played with my pussy while I watched TJ, in a state of insanity, ram into Ginger as she knelt with her throbbing ass in the air. TJ pulled his cock out as he shot a huge load ... I mean a huge load ... half in her ass and the rest on her back. Ginger collapsed her asshole spread and pink and her cunt engorged. What a sight!

While TJ washed up a bit and ginger lay panting I fondled my hot pussy with the liquid dildo. When TJ returned I was sitting with the toy buried into my cunt. As he approached I reached out and pulled his hips toward my face as his limber cock slipped between my lips and I sucked his cock while Ginger watched. TJ's cock got hard in no time and ginger recovered, rolling over and licked my cum that was dripping around the dildo. I sucked TJ's oily cock while Ginger licked my pussy, twisting the dildo as I moaned in ecstasy.

"On your knees, Bitch", I heard as TJ pulled his now stiff cock from my throat. "Let Ginger watch an oily show."

I rolled onto my knees as Ginger held the dildo firmly inside my wet pussy. My hands were on the sheet and I slipped forward as TJ pushed his gorged cock into my tight ass. I clinched my teeth as his slick member spread my ass and pushed inside, squeezing the dildo, which Ginger now rotated. It was heaven to have my best friends fucking my holes as I pushed against their thrusts. They fucked me until the video ended and I ended. My cum ran from my cunt and TJ's cum oozed from my ass as I finally fell forward onto my face in exhaustion. TJ's cock slipped out of my cum soaked ass and ginger slowly slid the dildo from my wet cunt. We three lay in a heap breathing in hard gasps.

It was a mess to clean up ... but ... that's why I have a maid!

What an oily night.

This is where I would usually sign off. ?If you have read some of our other stories you know that I have my shorts down around my ankles ... my cunt is all wet ... I'm a few strokes away from cumming ... I want TJ's cock ... Ginger's pussy ... first in my throat ... I have to taste him ... then Ginger ... then ... I just type ... thinking of you ... stroking your cock ... fingering your cunt ... wishing you were here with us ... I gotta go ... I gotta cum ... Thank you once again Blowout .... I hope you are turned on too ... Lee!

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