When I Was A Slave

by Mistress Monica

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My first experiences, before I bacame a mistress, was as a slave in Dungeonmaster's home. I spent several years there and I remember well the lessions taught me. One in particular I would like to relate to you now.

I am conscious as my ass tightens and part of my brain screams.

"Yes Master", I reply.

"Take your clothes off", he demands.

I know I am to take them off slowly in front of him, taking care not to hide any part of me from his view. I feel vulnerable unable to hide. I turn and walk to the table that was specially built for me. It is like walking slowly to your own rape. But, I know that I need to do this.

I step to the table and bend forward. I feel my toes rise as my stomach settles to the hard cold surface. My full breasts fall naturally into the two holes cut into the table and my pussy is over a third hole in the table. My neck rests on a pad with my head hanging off the end.

The Master steps to the front of me and I see his boots. He stoops and secures my arms to the table legs. He places a blindfold on me causing a shudder of fear.

I hear my Master step to the rear and pick up the spreader bar. Expecting to feel it on my ankles, I am surprised to feel it being attached to my knees. I dare not protest. The ratchets begin. I feel his hand caressing the insides of my thighs as he slowly ratchets the bar open. My knees spread wide and my pussy opens. He continues and I know he is watching the strain in my legs to see if I stop struggling against the pressure of the bar. Whenever he feels them relax, he adds another notch. Finally, I can contain no longer and a moan of pain escapes my tightly closed lips. "Please", I whimper as I search the darkness for hope. He then secures my ankles to the table legs.

I sense my Master under the table and I feel his hands grip my breasts roughly and massage them through the hole, pulling my chest into the table. My Master pinches my nipples and then he is gone. I feel he is looking at my cunt and ass, spread so obscenely for him. I know my pussy is wet and glistening. He has described that reaction before and how it pleases him to be able to control me. I can feel his warm breath on my cunt. His tongue licks out ever so lightly and touches my clit. It is electric. I feel the spark shoot through me but when I try to move, I feel the bonds.

I am powerless to do anything but feel the rushing through me as his tongues teases my clit. I strain to make him touch it more firmly but he keeps it just light enough to prevent me from cuming.

I hear my Master pick up the paddle as he always tests it against his palm. It frightens me and as he moves to the side, his hand rests on on the cheek of my ass and his fingers enter the crack. He slides his finger to my asshole and massages it. My Master pushes harder and it causes me to gasp. My concentration is now fixated on my ass. "What did I tell you", my Master whispers as the first blow of the paddle brings my brain to the source of the sting and tears to my eyes.

"What did I tell you"." The paddling is light at first, alternating cheeks. I can feel them glowing and I know the sight pleases him. At a pause in the strokes, I feel the tears run down my cheeks and notice sweat in the hollow of my back and I can feel the juice from my pussy flowing over my clit and dripping off to the floor. When I am about to reach my breaking point, he stops. He knows my limits so well.

I hear him pick something up. The whir of the vibrator interrupts the silence in the room. His finger touches my cunt lips and glides easily with the juices over them. I am expecting that he will play with me and tease for a bit, as usual. Instead, he pushes the vibrator to the hilt on the first stroke. I grunt but cannot move.

My Master takes a strap and secures the vibrator to a loop under the table and wraps a strap around my waist so that I cannot rise. The dildo is held firmly in my throbbing pussy, so close to my clit that I can feel it but it offers no relief to the excitement. I ache from wanting the release. I cannot help it, I moan loudly and beg.

"Please Master".

"PLEASE". "What did I tell you", my Master whispers and I feel the paddle smack my ass driving pain into my pulsating pussy, again and again.

My Master moves under the table and hear the suction machine. The plastic nozzle is pushed over my nipple. It is captured. The pain is sharp as my nipple is instantly pulled into the machine with the vacuum. The nipple grows into the tube, dripping from the tip. My Master pulls the tube free and places it on the other tit.

When my Master is satisfied with the redness of my nipples he removes the vacuum and I feel the sharp pain of the clamp on my nipple. He is using the ones with the small round jaws that tighten when they are pulled. A second clamp is secured to the other nipple.

I bite my tongue as I wait until my Master add the expected weights to the clamps. My nipples burn as they are stretched and pinched by the devices.

It is quiet as my Master moves to the head of the table and I feel the blindfold being removed. My eyes adjust to the dim light as I hear him slipping out of his clothes. I can see his cock in front of my face. I open my mouth and reach for it with my tongue as I have been taught. He steps forward and I feel his hands moving near my ears, gripping handfuls of my hair. He holds his cock so that I can lick the head, which I do feverishly. He allows me to take the head into my mouth and I suck and my tongue plays with the head of his hard cock. I use the tip of my tongue to massage the sensitive area around the base of his pricks head I feel him shudder as his hands grip hy hair more tightly.

I open my mouth wider and try to relax my throat for the assault, all thoughts of using my tongue disappear. He probes deep in my mouth. He has not given me long to relax amd he pushes roughly his cock deep into into my throat. I feel my gag reflex starting as my nose is pressed into his pubic hair while he stays deeply imbedded in my throat. I fight for control and feel the urge subside. I relax involuntarily. He feels it in his cock and pulls out. I breathe as my Master begins to drive in and out of me, using my mouth like a cunt. I try to get the rhythm but he varies depending on his whim. At times keeping the head in my mouth so I can lick it with my tongue until he can't stand the sensation any longer and with a shove, he buries his cock to the hilt it in me. I taste the precum during one withdrawal. His cock is quivering and I feel his grip on my hair tightening even more as I open my eyes and see the muscles in his groin glistening with sweat fronm his straining. He strokes hard into me and with a scream, cums in the deepth of my throat. I feel the cum explode into my stomach in several pulsating giant spurts. His cock twitching hard, throbbing deep inside me. The twitching slows and I feel more fluid draining downmy throat. He pulls his cock out of my mouth. I know he is sensitive and does not want me to suck. I hold it in my mouth surrounding it with my warmth. I feel the last drops of cum as his pulsating comes to an end. As he recovers, his cock stays hard. I know from experience that he always cums twice......... the second time is more powerful.

He puts the blindfold back in place. He places a leather gag in my mouth and buckles it behind my head.

"Oh, NO", I whisper.

"What did I tell you", my Master whispers and I feel the sharp pain of his hand on my ass.

I'm only going to say this once. Relax and it won't hurt so much". I feel his hands massaging my red cheeks and spreading my ass so he can look at my open hole. His hands leave for a second and I hope he is going for some lotion. He grips me again and one finger enters my cunt, pushing past the vibrating dildo while the other hand penetrates my open ass hole. Using nothing but the moisture from my pussy he pushes his finger deep into my asshole and moves it in and out. I try to relax but am can't. His strokes quicken and I am spread so hard that I can only grunt through my gag.

"What did I tell you!"

My asshole is stretched and I am sure it has been torn. The pain excrutiating as he removes his fingers from my asshole and pussyhole and the pulsating dildo vibrates inside me.

I feel my Masters hot breath on my neck as his cock drives into my asshole. Without hesitation and oblivious to my screams through the gag....... he enters me.......driving to the base of his cock while holding my cheeks with his hands. My muscles buck and react to the pain but I am held firmly and can move no more than an inch anywhere. I am aware of the strain in my legs from the spreader bar and I feel the sharp stings of the nipple clamps as I buck and cause the weights to dangle. The evil clips bite deeper into my distended nipples. I feel the tears running down my cheeks.

He pushes deeper and deeper into me........Waiting....... My ass can strain no longer and I feel my sphincter relax and conform to the object. I begin to breathe again. Deep gulps through my nose. I know he is listening for it. Listening for a screem!

This time there is no noise, not even a whimper, as his hands lift my hips and shift the vibrator downwards so it is pushing against my clit. This is familiar territory. Pain and pleasure signals streaking to my brain. Combining to take my mind to new heights. I sense myself drifting to that place where I am truly at peace. I surrender all control and give up all responsibility. I am owned now by my Master who can give me what I need. My brain gives up all thoughts and is pure sensation. I know of nothing else. My Master is using my ass as the gift I gladly give. Sometimes slow strokes and at times frenzied. I don't care anymore. I am in my favorite space. It is one continuous orgasm. My Master tells me that he sees slight twitches when I am here in this place. As if electric sparks are flowing through my body from outer space. It is a mystical trip.

My Master becomes more excited with my asshole. The sound of his breathing increases my sensation. I am aware that he is exploding into me and it raises my pleasure to a new level. Wave after wave of pleasure pulses through my brain. I am lost as if in a dream. I know I must be mouthing screams uncontrollably through my gag but no sound is heard. My teeth are clamped on the leather and drops of sweat and saliva drip from my chin

I feel my Master soften inside me. I am spent and alive. My Master is spent and his weight on top of me drives my breasts deeper into the holes and my breathing comes hard. The vibrating in my loin and the cool rememberance of the time spent and the pleasure i have received.

I remember these times on the bench with my Master and not, when I take one of my slave to the room I perform the same ritual on them. Instead of my Masters cock I have my favorite dildo's to plunge into my slave's asshole but they don't care. Their emotions are as great as mine were. In fact, I am sure they like it better because my Master taught me well and I know what to do, how hard to do it and for how long.

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