A Purchase at the Slave Auction

By Mistress Monica

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Several years ago Dungeonmaster took me to an International Slave Trade in Mexico. I had not heard of a slave show, and discovered it is where Mistresses and Masters got together to either sell, trade, or buy slaves. It is a very festive event.

Slaves from all over the world were put on the auction block and most of them were beautiful. Some were terrified and in some you could see their desire to please with every movement. I wasn't really interested in any new slaves at the time, nor did I bring any slaves to sell or trade. I was their to meet new friends and to be entertained by the shows that the slaves put on. A true performance of Sado Masochist delight. Naked slave girls and boys being put through their paces.

As they announced the first act, a beautiful young blond walked across the stage. She was very petite, and had a incredible body. Round perky breasts with soft pink nipples, a peach of an ass that was stark white above her tan lines, and the most enchanting emerald green eyes. Her short silky hair framed her face like a angel and her blue gloves coverd most of her lower arms. I couldn't take my eyes off this beauty. I knew that she was new to the world of bondage, but I could also see she was enjoying herself.

I watched as the Master strung her up with her hands high over her head, a red ball gag between her lovely lips and her legs spread wide with a spreader bar. She was stretched out wide and high, her discomfort and humiliation was almost enough to make me cum right then. The Master pulled out a black leather trunk full of toys. His first choice, three clamps that were attached to heavy gold chains. The crowd began to cheer when the Master attached the first clamp to her beautiful pink nipple and she let out a scream. The Master responded with a sharp slap of her face. Her tears began to flow, and my heart began to pound harder with each tear she shed. The Master attached the second nipple clamp. The light chain and clips pulled at her swelling nipples. The chain links dangled in a cemi-circle hanging almost to her belly button and just above her pretty little pussy. When the Master took his fingers and spread open her sweet lip's to attach the last clamp to her swollen clit she shook and cried even harder.

The Master reached up and gently wiped her tears away told her how beautiful she was like this. And he told her of the whipping he was going to give her, explaining that she was to be still and quiet. She may cry if she wants but she was not to make a sound.

"Do you understand slave?"

She nodded, and so he began.

The Master used a long and heavy cat-of-nine tails, and started with her lovely tits . With every strike they became even more lovely. He went on to her stomach, the front of her thighs, and finally turning her around to finish off with her back side. By the time he was done with her she was covered in very skillfully placed red welts. She was unbound and told to drop to her knees and to crawl like a dog off the stage. Her face was wet with tears, but not a whimper was heard. She did as she was told. My eyes followed her every move until she was lost amongst the crowd of slaves.

The following morning I called the kitchen slaves for my breakfast, and they asked which slave I wanted to serve me. I immediately thought of the young slave girl who had been whipped the evening before and asked for her. There was a long pause before I was told that she would be there shortly. Along with breakfast I gave orders on how she was to be dressed.

"Have her wear a pale pink Victorian boned corset, thigh high pink silk stockings, and heels. Have her to bring me the clamps and whip that the Master used last night".

In about twenty minutes later, I heard a very light knock. I waited, and a few seconds later another light knock. After her third attempt, I opened the door and let her in. I was on the Chase lounge, wearing a black silk open cup Teddy, black silk stockings and black stilleto heels. I didn't say a word as she laid out my tea and strawberries. I watched every lovely move she made. She was perfect in her pink corset. She laid out my food and laid the gold clamps and whip at my feet.

"What's your name, slave? "

"Angel", she replied. Her eyes looking to the floor.

"Where are you from, slave?"


"Look at me slave! Who trained you?"

"Master Alex." She replied looking me streight in the eye.

"Have you ever served a Mistress? " I asked. "No, never." Was her answer as she continued to gaze at me with emerald green pools of innocence.

I was shocked that a slave so well trained had never served a Mistress. I stood towering over her (you must remember I am a very tall woman) and she looked like a child before me. It was easy to see she was terrified. The more afraid she appeared, the wetter I became.

"Turn around. I want to see your beautiful little ass. " I reached out, scratching my long finger nails up and down each cheek. She didn't move.

"How old are you slave? " I demanded.


"Call me Mistress!".

"Yes ... Mistress".

"Perfect... Your corset isn't nearly tight enough slave!!!! "

"Yes Mistress." she said and you could see a quiver run through her slight little body.

I moved my hand up slowly till I reached the silk ties. When I pulled on them she nearly fell right over.

"Hold still slave." I shouted and a smacked her ass sharply.

"Don't move!" I demanded

"I'm sorry Mistress." She whimpered quickly.

"Oh you will be sorry slave, I promise you will be sorry!!! Now pick up your toys and follow me."

I lead her to the bedroom where I told her to place the items on the bed. Obediently, she did as she was told. She then turned and faced me with hands clasped behind her back. I reached for the clamps that had been used on her lthe night before.

"Do you like these clamps slave? "

"No Mistress I don't like them." And a wicked smile grew across my lips with her answer.

"Well my pet you'll learn to love them by the time I'm done with you."

I stepped behind her and cupped her young breasts in my hands. They were full and round, her nipples pressed hard in my hands. I squeezed until the pressure caused her to moan.

"Quit slave, I don't want a sound from you!!".

I began to pull her nipples stretching them out as far as I could until finally she began to cry. I began twisting and pulling them at the same time. They were becoming swollen, and becoming a dark shade of pink.

"Lay down on the bed slave ... on your back ... hands over your head ... legs apart." I demanded.

She was so beautiful as she positioned herself as she was told. I then explained the rules of conduct.

"I'm not going to bind you. I want you to be still and remain in this position. If you move or cry out I will become more sever with you. Do you understand slave? "

" Yes Mistress ... I understand." She responded and tears began to puddle in her lovely green eyes.

"Then let's begin."

I reached in the top drawer of the night stand and pulled out a pink silk scarf to use as a blindfold and a light blue candle which I inserted into her young pussy as I tied the blindfold over her eyes. The fear in her intensified, and this pleased me. Oh my sweet little slave, I thought, if you only knew how much pleasure you bring me when you are in fear and torment. After covering her eyes I removed the candle and lit the tnd that had been inside her. I let the wax build up a bit before I began to hold the flame close to her nipple. Nipples that were sore from my twisting and pulling.

With the first drop of hot wax she cried out and tried to squirm away. She tried desperatly to make the pain end.

"Hold still slave!" I barked dripping wax on one nipple and then the other, as I held the flame close to her nipple. The silk blind fold was becoming wet from her tears. Now, the candle was burning well and I allowed the wax to fall freely, letting it flow down her breasts. It was a lovely sight. Her face was pale and I wondered if the pain was becoming to intense. I bent down and kissed her red nipples, flicking my cool, wet tongue over the wax coating. She relaxed when I started to bite the wax with my teeth. I could feel her tense again as I reached over and took the cat-of-nine tails. I began to tickle her nipples with the tip of the whip

I felt she knew what was going to happen. I began to whip her nipples. I whipped both at the same time, she desperately tried not to move or to scream out. I watched with great pleasure at her struggle to obey.

"Do you want me to stop my pet? "

"Yes, please, Mistress, I beg you please stop!"

"What will you do if I stop?" I demanded.

"Anything Mistress, anything you wish.", she pleaded.

"Good slave," I said as I removed the blind fold.

Her eyes were swollen from crying. I bent down and give her a long wet kiss. She accepted me longingly. My hand wandered down her neck to find her breast. Her nipples were swollen, very hard and erect.

"Do they hurt badly my pet? "

" Yes Mistress," she moaned with a slight tossing of her head. Her long blond hair spilling over the pillows of the bed. How beautiful she was, but I could not let her know my feelings as I reached for the nipple clamps.

"Do you still hate these, slave?", I asked, holding them so she could see the glistening gold. "Or would you prefer more of the hot wax treatment?"

"No Mistress, I don't hate them anymore." She replied. But, there was hesitation in her voice and tears still fell from her lovely green eyes.

"Then you'll gladly wear these for me the rest of the day?" I demanded harshly.

I could not let her know I was feeling sympathetic and just wanted to take her in my arms . These were feelings I could never let my slave understand.

"Yes Mistress," she replied and closed her eyes in anticipation of the pain.

I fastened the first clip to her right breast and asked her, "Do you love these now my pet? "

"Yes, Mistress, I love them and I'll gladly wear them for you the rest of the day." Her response was submissive but clear. Tears flowed like a stream from her emerald pools as I placed the second clamp about her left nipple.

When I was finished placing the clamps on her lovely breasts I could feel the wetness between my legs. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. Now, my sweet little slave, lets find out what a good little pussy slave you are. I lied on the bed, against the head board, and spread my legs wide.

"Crawl down here and suck my cunt now!"

She was eager to please. Her tongue slipped sweetly, and deeply inside me. She allowed her tongue to wonder up to my hard aching clit, and sliding down to my pink ass hole with soft licks and kisses. She then mustered all her strength as she drove her tongue deep within me. It didn't take long for me to explode as my pussy filled with hot, juicy cum. She licked inside and cleaned up every drop with her tongue.

"That is all you get for now my pet. If Dungeonmaster let's me buy you tonight, you will have a life time to please me."

That night Dungeonmaster bought Angelfor me, and for six years she served us every evening at his home." Angel, truly become a wonderful slave after her first experience. She has now been fully trained to be one of the most submissive and obedient slaves.

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