A Great Fucking Ski Trip

By Talios Vanburen

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We went away for a ski weekend but I do not know how to ski, so you told me that you would teach me, so off we go. I have never been anywhere to ski so I had no idea what to expect. We get there and go to check in. The look and the smell of the lodge starts to really turn me on. I have seen many movies about ski trips and my imagination starts going wild. I begin to think about places where we can be alone, sneak some intimate moments and the more I think about this the wetter I become. So, we take our things to the room, you are going on about the powdered snow being right and we have to hurry to get my skis. All that I can think about is throwing you on the bed and fucking the hell out of you.

I try to get frisky but you tell me that we came to ski and ski we are going to do. I change and while I am in the bathroom I feel how wet I am. I slide my hand down, feeling my wet pussy, and slide my finger inside to find that it is even hotter and wetter in there. I take my time, slowly making sure that I cum because who knows how long you will have me out in the slopes. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling my clit getting harder, knowing that soon I am going to orgasm. I hear you in the room, getting hyper and I quicken the pace. I start to lose my breath and I feel my body shudder as I break out in a cool sweat as I cum. I start to giggle, thinking how good it would feel to have your mouth on my cunt to help me clean up. I start to tingle again so I hurry up, clean myself, get dressed and off we go.

We start to walk in the snow and you ask me what took so long, so I tell you about what happened. You were disappointed that I enjoyed myself alone and you ask for details. I tell you what happened and I can tell you are getting aroused as you are clutch your hands, licking your lips as you pull me into a bunch of trees and begin to kiss me hard. It took me by surprise because you knew about my fantasy of being fucked in the snow. I am instantly as hot and as wet as I was in the bathroom doing myself.

You look at me and say, "I want to make the snow melt."

I start to laugh because that is so corny. Your hands slide down my body and find the melting pot. Your fingers are very cold and as soon as they touch my skin my body shudders. I buck against your hand and the feelings going through my body are unexplainable. It is very difficult to find each other because our clothes not conducive to our behavior. You lookup and say, " ... wait here", like I could move right now anyway. You come back with a blanket that you swiped off the sleigh. You take off your jacket, roll it up, put it behind my head and you come toward me. As our bodies come together our clothes are coming off. As cold as it is, our bodies are steaming. Your mouth is all over my cold skin and I can't keep track of where you are. You are at my neck, down kissing each breast, sucking and nibbling, licking my pointed nipples. I am euphoric as you go down my belly to find what you are looking for. Slowly you part my legs and bury you head in my pussy. I feel you sucking my clit as your tongue is diving deep inside of my now wet cunt. It almost feels like there are many more than one of you. I am so close to orgasm, but I don't want to cum yet, so I stop you.

I want to pleasure you, give you what you have given me, so I sit up and take you hard throbbing cock in my mouth. I take you as deep as I can, feeling your hands in my long hair, pulling my mouth over your cock, driving your stiff prick deep into my throat as my hand cups your balls.

I pull back, swirling my tongue around your cock-head, sucking and nibbling the tender hole in the end. I love to feel your cock in my mouth. It fits so right. Just the same way it fits in my pussy.

Quickly, you push me away. I am startled as I am afraid I hurt you. By the look on your face I knew I did not hurt you as, gently, you lay me back as you guide your cock inside my dripping cunt. I am so ready for you it is almost as if my pussy sucks your cock into the hole. We get into a smooth rhythm, your cock going in and out slowly. I am so wet it chills me from the cold every time we move. I feel your lips on my neck and I am trying to stay as quiet as possible because I don't need to attract any attention. I bury my face in your shoulder, gasping, squealing as I do whatever it takes to stay quiet. I am cumming. As you look deep in my eyes I can see that you are ready to cum also. The felling of your cock inside of me is almost an unbearable pleasure. You collapse on me in orgasmic pleasure and hold me trying to catch your breath as we start to chill.

Bit by bit ... piece by piece ...we put on our clothes. We are both to tired for skiing at that point so we go back to the lodge and, cuddling by the fire with some nice drinks, we listen to the music.

This is my idea of a great fucking ski trip.

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