SISTERS (Chapter 5)

By Jay Chennell

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Aunt Eleanor had prepared a meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and the works for dinner. The four of them seated at the kitchenette were busy passing, serving, and eating the nice meal. The table was attached to the wall on one side, Aunt Eleanor was seated at the opposite end, Mark was at one of the wide sides, and the girls sat facing him. Half way through the meal, Mark was aware of a foot, a bare foot, placed on his knee. This foot proceeded up his thigh, under the leg of his shorts and came to a halt when it reached his cock, which by now was at attention. For the next several moments, his cock was getting a foot massage, or a foot was giving him a cock massage, whichever.

Mark was unable to tell who owned the foot, as each of the girls were concentrating on dinner. A second later, Belinda began to smile, and the foot disappeared. Moments later, the rest of the family and friends returned, having done what was needed for the funeral. They sat in the living room and in the family room, planing the events of tomorrow. The funeral will be at ten, the grave ceremony at eleven, everybody back here at noon for lunch. That being decided, the visitors packed up and headed for the Holiday Inn.

The ceremonies went the way they were planned, and by noon, the house was full of friends, and relatives expressing their condolences to each other. Mark got the keys from his mother so Linda, Belinda, and Mark left in their rental car. They headed to the Holiday Inn and parked in the rear. They made their was to the room Mark shared with his parents. The maid had not yet been there, so the beds were unmade. Hanging the "do not disturb" sign on the door, they knew what was in store, and they were eager participants. Mark lay on the bed, and quick as a wink, Linda pulled his pants off and tossing them on the floor. She lay down with her head on Marks thigh, and started to blow on his cock and balls. With a little caressing from Linda's hand, soon his cock was hard as a rock, whereupon Linda began to suck and lick his cock. Belinda had removed her shorts and panties and was squatting over Marks face. She lowered herself onto Marks waiting tongue as Linda was pumping Marks prick and was working a finger into his ass. She figured that if she opened her throat, she could have Marks entire large hard cock completely in her mouth. Mark could feel the muscles in her throat work on the sides of his cock, and the feeling was fantastic. Belinda was being treated to a cunt licking, clit teasing, session that she hoped would never end.

Well it did as Belinda's orgasm arrived and shook her to the core. Mark shot his wad onto his stomach, where Linda was playing with it like finger paint. Linda was not rewarded with an orgasm, but loved the feeling of being part of the orgy and watching her sister cum. Mark make like Old Faithful shooting cum in the air. It will be a Sunday they will never forget.

Later that week on Friday afternoon as the girls were just coming home from school the when the phone rang. Belinda's study group was planning a Friday night session to prepare for a big test on Monday. Belinda came into the bedroom where Linda was changing into a bulky sweater and some baggy pants. She told Belinda that Jack was coming by for her at seven and they were going to the movies, probably the drive-in. Belinda related her plans for the study group.

Belinda failed to mention the fact that Bob's parents were out of town until Saturday.

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