SISTERS (Chapter 4)

By Jay Chennell

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The Sunday calm at the breakfast table was broken by the telephone ringing. Dad answered and had a sad look on his face. After a short conversation he hung up the receiver and turned to us and said that his Aunt Iris suffered a heart attack and would probably pass on shortly. She was too sick to operate on, so all that is being done is to keep her comfortable. Dad would have to go to Florida today if he wanted to see her again. Aunt Iris was everybody's favorite Aunt, and was the Matriarch of Dads family. Dad left at three that afternoon for Florida.

Tuesday, Dad called and said Aunt Iris had passed away, and was to be buried in the family plot in a cemetery in the next county. The family was very sad about Aunt Iris and the girls were looking forward to meeting some new members of the family. The reservations were all made at the Holiday Inn for the visitors. It was decided that the girls, and their cousin, Mark did not have to participate in the funeral arrangements and that Aunt Eleanor, who was a little under the weather with the flu, was the likely adult to supervise the children. Saturday, the girls were to plan to stay home and make cousin Mark feels at home. Aunt Eleanor would stay with them. Linda remembered a little brat at the picnic that chased her and Belinda with frogs, lizards, and worms trying to put them in their clothes. God she hoped that wasn't Mark.

At ten that morning Mom and Dad greeted Aunt Eleanor and Mark. Linda's heart sank because Mark was the lizard boy grown up. He was seventeen now, and not all that bad looking, Linda thought after a second look. Mark acknowledged the worms and lizards and promised that he had no pets with him on this trip. He had a nice smile Linda and Belinda thought, and he seemed ok after all.

Aunt Eleanor took up residence in front of the TV, swigged on her Dayquil and she was happy. The girls and Mark were kind of left to their own devises. Belinda suggested a trip to the Miniature Golf Course and arcade or maybe a spin through the mall. Mark was eager to do anything. He was wearing shorts with an elastic waistband, a nice tee shirt with a picture of Selina and Reeboks. He looked cool enough.

The girls were wearing shorts, shirts, and sandals, so they were a handsome trio. They got along famously at golf and in the arcade. Mark, turns out, is still a bit of a tease, and likes to be a little on the suggestive side. At the mall, they have a coke and a hot dog, and decide they should go home for a swim. Mark only has his shorts, but that is ok. Aunt Eleanor is out like a light in the family room with the TV on and an empty bottle of Dayquil in on the table with the remote. The kids smile at her as Mark heads for the guest bathroom, and the girls head for their room. As the girls are passing the guest bathroom, the door is open a little, and Marks bare butt is visible. Linda slows down to assess and Belinda comes to a complete halt. Without being noticed, they get an eyeful. After their sneak peek they go to the pool.

Linda and Belinda are excellent swimmers as is Mark, and they frolic like normal teenagers. Mark likes to go underwater and sneak up on either of the girls and try to untie their bikini bras. After several unsuccessful tries, he passes the time treading water in the deep end. This is when the girls sneak up on him and, between the two of them, they snatch Marks pants down to his knees. They remain underwater and watch the frantic action. When they return to the surface, they are laughing, and Mark is a little red. He gives chase, and quits after only a short swim. Not long after they decide that the hundred-degree hot tub would be far more comfortable and soothing than the chilly pool water.

Gathering up the towels, they head for the hot tub. The three of them are very comfy in the tub as it is really big enough for six. Mark is seated between the girls, and they are all in the water up to their chins. Mark has his arms draped over the shoulders of the girls while they lean against him. Mark slowly moves his hands down to where the bikini tops are hiding the girls tits and neither of the them resist in any way, so Mark continues a little further. He is now covering a tit on each if the girls, and feels Linda's are a little bit larger, but Belinda has bigger nipples.

The girls still do not resist. Linda on his left, moves her right hand to scratch her leg, and rubs against Mark's leg in the process. Finishing the scratch, her hand remains on his thigh and begins to slowly move toward his now hardening cock. By crunching down a bit, he makes it easier for Linda to reach her goal. In a matter of a few moments, her hand is resting on Marks huge dick. She begins to caress his prick through the fabric of the shorts, but soon slides her hand under elastic waistband and is able to fondle the package hand to skin. Mark raises his ass just a bit, and Linda slides off the shorts. Belinda is aware that there is something going on. She is surprised to find Marks pants off and Linda's hand on his prick. She joins in the party and they take turns playing with Marks cock.

Mark has, by this time, successfully untied both of the bikini bras, and is kneading first one tit then the other. Mark removed his hands from the tits, and puts both hands under the water, one on Linda's pussy and the other on Belinda's. In a matter of moments, both girls have a finger up their cunt's and one large cock in their hands. Mark can take no more, and announces that he is about to add something special to the hot tub. The girls increase the speed of their massaging until they feel Marks cock shudder, contract a few times, shoot and then begin to soften. The girls do not pull back right away as they are still getting a massage of their own. When that stops, they all re-group, gather their respective swim wear, replace it and step out of the tub.

Belinda reminds Linda to dump a quart of chlorine in the tub, as that is what their dad does after he and mom finish playing. Wrapped in towels, the trio makes for the house, and pass Aunt Eleanor who was just waking up. Aunt Eleanor said that she would fix dinner, and that it would be ready in an hour or so. The girls invited Mark to shower in their room. Belinda would do Marks shorts and stuff in the laundry before dinner. Belinda was already in the shower and done when Mark and Linda came in the room. Belinda gathered up the things for the laundry while Linda was in the shower. Linda came out of the shower in a towel, as Belinda was in a towel also as Mark headed for the shower. When Mark came out of the shower he too was clad in a towel. He seated himself by the computer, and asked if it was OK of for him to check his e-mail. Linda said sure and returned to the bed where she was brushing her hair. Mark was sitting a little sideways in the chair of the computer and Linda was able to look up the towel and see everything. She was mesmerized while she gazed at Mark's soft cock, which looked to be about six inches long, sitting on the two almond sized balls that she and her sister were playing with. Still brushing her hair, she couldn't take her eyes off Marks cock. She felt Mark watching her and as she looked up Mark's gaze was locked on Linda. He asked her in a laughing way, if she could see "it" good enough. She replied that it was kind of dark in there so Mark stood and moved over to the bed. Standing about a foot away, slowly undid the towel that was covering him. Linda could not take her eyes from his crotch area.

When the fabric from the towel cleared his body, Mark let it drop. In a matter of seconds, Marks soft cock became hard, rigid, and quite bigger. Now it was standing straight out, pointing at Linda's nose, and a scant three inches away. Linda took the brush and began to softly brush the pubic hair that grew above his prick. Linda rolled the brush through it several times before moving her left hand up to cradle the entire package. Dropping the brush on the bed, she used both hands to cradle and massage Mark's manliness.

Mark then placed his hands behind Linda's head and gently guided her mouth to the end of his cock. Linda's lips parted, and took the very tip on his cock in her mouth. He could feel her tongue exploring the tiny part between her lips. Mark applied a little pressure, and before long, Linda opened up wide and accepted Mark's cock until his pubic hair rubbed her nose. Mark's cock was sliding in and out of Linda's mouth while she was clutching the cheeks of his ass. Mark pulled back far enough to remove his cock from her mouth, and lifting her under her arms, scooted her further onto the bed. By this time Linda's towel was on the floor, next to Mark's. Repositioned himself next to Linda, and for the first time, their lips met. Mark did not waste a lot of time there, for he started to move further down Linda's anatomy his lips followed closely behind his fingers and hands. In no time Mark was feasting on Linda's right tit while his right hand was fondling her left tit. Marks right hand moved slowly down toward her pussy. Her neatly cropped pussy hair barely covered her cunt, and Mark soon found her clit standing at attention, and gave it a little tweak. Mark started to suck on the erect clit when Belinda turned the corner into the bedroom with the laundry all folded.

Unseen, she watched, studying her sister and Mark in the throws of good sex. This picture made Belinda hot and gave her own pussy a twinge. Closing the door, she made her presence known, tossing the laundry on the dresser as she made her way to the love bed. Mark's face was in Linda's cunt, and Linda was laying across the bed with her head at the edge closest to Belinda who was in the process of dropping her robe and positioning her pussy directly over Linda's face. Linda responded while Belinda lay on the bed with her head going toward Marks stiff cock. For the next several moments there was a real love triangle as all three of the participants were being eaten. What a sight.

Mark sat up and suggested that they all turn end for end. Now, Linda was sucking Mark's cock, Mark was eating Belinda, and Belinda was eating Linda. Belinda was the first to move. She turned around so that she was now kissing Mark while guiding his cock into her pussy. Mark lay on his back and let Belinda do all the work. Linda, in the meantime got on her knees, behind Belinda, and began to finger both Mark and Belinda in the ass as they were fucking. Belinda and Mark were locked in a kiss when Mark was about to shoot his load. Belinda moved forward to allow Mark to remove his cock, as they were not using a rubber. As Marks cock was free, Linda pounced on his stiff prick with her mouth, sucking and massaging his balls until she could feel the contractions of his orgasm. Her mouth was filled with warm thick fluid, which was rather sweet tasting. She kept sucking until Mark was dry.

Belinda was lying on her back, and Linda moved on top of her. Linda opened her mouth and the cum started to trickle out, Belinda opened her mouth to catch the cum, which they both enjoyed.

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