SISTERS (Chapter 3)

By Jay Chennell

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The house was dark. Mom and Dad were in bed, but Linda heard Mom ask if she had a good time. Linda lied and said she did. By the time Linda was in her bedroom, the tears were running full force. Linda didn't want to wake Belinda, so she tried to undress, wash her face, brush her teeth, and get into her nightgown in the dark. She was only partially successful since Belinda was lying in wait for Linda to come home. It was only a little after midnight and Belinda was not ready for the tears and now the sobbing. As Linda came out of the bathroom, the tears were running, and Linda was sobbing quietly. Belinda got out of the bed to meet her sister and give her a hug. Belinda knew something was amiss and Linda needed comforting.

The girls sat on Belinda's bed. Linda, with her head down and her chin on her chest, tears streaming down her face, she fiddled with the lace on her nightgown. Belinda was the first to speak. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed facing Linda when she asked what was the matter.

Linda started to tell her sister of the events of the evening. She told of the ride to the grocery store for the gum and rubbers, and continued, not missing even the smallest detail. When Linda was finished, Belinda had gotten so wrapped up in her sister's story that her pussy was a little moist, and a warm feeling was racing through her body. She reached to hold Linda and comfort her in this low point of her life. Belinda held Linda's face in her hands, and so doing, her forearms came in contact with Linda's tits. Belinda felt the nipples as hard as rocks through the cotton nightgown. Linda did not pull away, but rather arched her back a little, forcing her tits out further. At the same time, Linda began to sway from side to side, rubbing her nipples across Belinda's forearms. With out thinking, Linda advanced her face toward Belinda, and before either girl knew what was happening, their lips met. They had kissed before, but this was different. For a brief moment they stayed locked in each other's arms, lips planted on lips, tits and hard nipples on tits and hard nipples. They broke from the kiss, stared at each other and lip locked again, this time with tongues darting.

Belinda, almost by instinct, slipped the straps of Linda's nightgown over her shoulders, and the nightie slipped down to where bare tits were pressed to bare tits. Belinda slid her right hand over Linda's shoulder and managed to cup Linda's tit in her palm. This broke them apart enough for the nightgown to crumple around Linda's waist, and exposing both of her hard nipples. Belinda was busy rubbing her palm over Linda's breasts, feeling their roundness and fullness. Linda, in the meantime, was caressing Belinda's back and the top of the cheeks of her ass, running her finger down into the crack as far as it would go. At this point, they lay down on the bed, Linda with her knees bent and her feet almost on the floor. Belinda stretched out with her feet sticking off the end of the bed as she slid her lips from Linda's mouth, down her neck and onto her breast. She was cupping her left tit with her right hand, when her lips started up the beginning of her mound. Once her lips reached the nipple, Blinder's right hand slid down over Linda's tummy, and headed for the bush. Through the nightgown Belinda could feel where the hair and she stroked that area for a moment.

Linda then started to sit up. Propping herself up on her right elbow, she told Belinda to hold on for a second. Linda stood up, letting the nightgown fall to the floor. Linda walked into her closet and emerged within seconds with a hobnailed candle. It was ten inches or so long, about as big around as a fifty cent piece. Linda told her she bought the candle about six months ago and after making some modifications, shaping the head with a knife and then melting it smooth, she has used it a couple of times when Belinda was gone. Linda retrieved a small bottle of Vaseline and proceeded to apply a little dab to the candle. She lay back down on the bed next to Belinda who was sitting up cross-legged. Linda proceeded to take the candle and move it about her pussy up and down, back and forth. Linda's eyes were closing and there was a slight moan from deep in her chest. Belinda put her hand on Linda's hand and for a moment and they were both guiding the candle. Belinda laid down in the opposite direction as Linda. Belinda was lying on her right side with her head resting on Linda's right leg. Belinda was driving the candle between the lips of Linda's pussy, and Linda loved it. Gradually, Belinda introduced the candle into the depths of Linda's womanhood. Each movement inward resulted in Linda's legs spreading wider and wider apart. With Linda's legs as far as they would go, Belinda slid the candle into the dark reaches of Linda's pussy. As she moved the candle in and out, slowly at first, then more rapidly, Linda began to thrust in time with Blinder's movements. Belinda, too was thrusting her hips in time with the candle, and was getting a bit carried away herself when she felt a warm hand slid up the inside of her leg. Instantly her legs spread apart as the hand neared her waiting pussy. Belinda felt her nightgown being tugged off and she lifted up to help. Belinda was now kissing Linda's hip and removed the candle. By sliding her right arm under Linda's legs, she was able to turn Linda so that her pussy was in her face. Belinda began to explore with her tongue the area the candle traveled. Almost no time passed until Belinda had her face buried in Linda's warm cunt. Linda at the other end was exploring Belinda with her fingers. She was running her fingers in and around her pussy and around her ass as well. Not too much later, Linda had her tongue in Belinda's pussy, and her middle finger us her ass.

Belinda was the first to cum. She felt the warm glow start in her toes and work its way through her legs, and explode in her pussy. At the height, Linda started to thrust her hips violently into Blinder's face. Linda was moaning louder than ever, and threw her legs around Blinder's head and squeezed for what seemed to be ten minutes. Both girls now lay on their backs, drained, but satisfied.

Linda was the first to get up. She rolled over and kissed Belinda. Neither girl uttered a word as Belinda kissed her back.

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