SISTERS (Chapter 2)

By Jay Chennell

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Linda was in the shower Saturday night about seven getting ready to go to the drive-in with Jack. Linda didn't exactly tell Mom and Dad that they were going to the drive-in since they never asked. They were off to the movies and that was that. Linda chose a blue tube top, baggy white shorts, sandals and a bright blue ribbon in her ponytail. She was smiling to herself as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She was very pleased at what she saw. Belinda sat on her bed, watching her big sister fuss, primp and preen. Belinda asked her why she was smiling so weirdly. Linda just smiled, kissed her on the cheek and told her to behave. Belinda was headed for peewee golf with some of the neighborhood kids and their parents.

Jack parked his family's station wagon at the curb and rang the doorbell. Linda opened it with a smile, ushering Jack in the living room where Dad was half reading the paper, and half-watching ESPN. He stood and greeted Jack. They chatted for a moment while Linda said goodbye to Mom who was in the dining room sewing a dress. Jack and Linda drove off, headed for the drive-in movie. On the way, Linda asked Jack to stop at the grocery store so she gets some gum. Jack waited in the car while Linda went in and bought some gum and a three pack of Trojans. She was scared to death, but pressed on. Offering Jack a stick of Doublemint they continued to the drive-in.

About an hour into the first feature, Jack went to get some popcorn and soda. He returned with a big sack of popcorn and two drinks. He entered the passenger door as Linda was seated very close to him in the driver's seat, so there was only a little adjustment needed. The drinks fit on the dashboard and the popcorn was in Jack's lap. Toward the end of the popcorn, Linda felt Jacks leg as she gathered up the kernels. This continued until there was no popcorn left in the bag, but Linda's hand was searching. What she found was not popcorn. In just a flash, she realized what she was stroking Jack's cock, and removed her hand from the bag. Jack had his left hand just on the top edge on the tube top and was working his way under the fabric. Linda took a deep breath and raised her chest, allowing Jacks hand to rest on her left tit. They turned to face each other and soon were locked in a kiss.

During the kiss, Jack's left hand caressed her neck, and his right hand held her left shoulder. They broke for a moment, and kissed again. Jacks right hand was sliding down the front of Linda's tube top. He stopped with his fingers at her nipple. He kneaded her suppleness for a moment and then gently curled his fingers under the fabric and tugged ever so slightly. Tugging a little harder, he felt the tube top start to give way. Further and further he slid it down until a beautiful nipple shown in the night-light. Cupping her tit and massaging it brought a slight moan from Linda. They were now locked in teeth grinding, spit swapping, kiss. Linda's head is by the steering wheel and Jack is fully on top of her grinding away. They come up for air just as the main feature is ending. They both sit up while Linda replaces the tube top.

Jack is the first to speak. He asks if she wants to stay for the second feature. Linda shakes her head, no. Jack suggests they head for the back of the grade school out on River Road where it is quiet and very secluded. The back of the school opens out to a wooded area next to the river. The school is about a hundred feet off the main road, and surrounded by huge trees. Linda agrees, and finishes the soda. Jack gets out and returns to the driver's side. Tossing all the rubbish out the window they head off into the night.

As soon as they exited the drive-in, Linda slid over as close to Jack as she could and still allow Jack to drive the car, whereupon Jack put his right arm around Linda's shoulder where his fingers touched lightly upon Linda's right boob. Linda wiggled just a bit, insuring Jack's hand was firmly in contact with her tit. She then raised her left hand and covered Jacks hand, forcing his hand firmer on her now heaving breast. Jacks fingers started again to knead Linda's tit. Even through the fabric of the tube top he thought he could feel her nipple get a little harder. He thought again and figured that was just wishful thinking. Little did he realize that Linda was fighting the urge to dive her hands into his crotch and fondle his dick and balls.

They were turning off the main road into the school drive and making their way to the back away from any prying eyes when Jack parked the car in a small clearing about fifty yards from the building. He opened the back window and lowered the tailgate. He crawled into the back and with a swift movement, lowered the rear seat, flattening out a large area. He then opened a compartment and took out a blanket, and spread it in the back of the wagon. Linda was, by now, out of the car and standing not too far from the tailgate and watching this transformation. Jack sat on the tailgate and looked up at the stars. Linda sat next to him and together they identified many of the stars, the dippers and bears. It was while Linda was looking in the sky when Jack moved her face toward his and they kissed. They kissed for a long time. During the kiss, Jack was busy trying to remove the tube top without releasing from the kiss. Finally, Linda moved away from Jack just far enough to raise her arms while Jack slid the tube top off and dropped in on the tailgate. His eyes were as big as dinner plates, for in the subdued light of the moon, Linda's tits shown like beacons. They were round, smooth, and stood out straight. They did not sag like his fat aunt's did. What a sight, he thought as he watched her massage her breast as her young nipples shown in the moonlight. Her nipples were erect and pinkish in the moonlight. He then quickly removed his tee shirt, put his arms around Linda and held her naked tits against his naked chest.

They were kissing again and as they laid together, his hands slid down Linda's back until each hand was holding a cheek of her cute little ass. Jack then rolled her over on top of him and Linda started to move back and forth, up and down until Jack's hardened cock was squarely against her pussy. Linda began to rotate up and down, back and forth, and around and around. The feeling was euphoric, for Jack, and for Linda.

Jack then moved his hands to the top of Linda's shorts. Putting his hands under the elastic of the white shorts, without too much trouble, they were soon around Linda's ankles. With a quick flip of her foot, they ended up not too far from her tube top. Linda was now working on Jacks belt and soon had it loose. With amazing deftness, she managed to loosen the snap of Jacks pants. While she was working the zipper, her hand brushed against the rock hard dick still in Jack's shorts. This too was a bit of a thrill ... for both of them. There they were, both in only their underwear, kissing, hugging and now feeling. Jack slipped his hand into the front of Linda's panties, and felt the beginning of the bush. He moved his hand to her hip where he slid off her panties. His hand returned to the area where the pubic hair starts and began to massage the area from her belly button to the top of the hair. Linda's hand was in the small of his back as she moved it to his hip. Jack rolled over on his back, and Linda's hand was resting on his throbbing prick. Linda started to fish her hand through the little trap door arrangement of his men's shorts.

Jack took over and whipped off the jockeys in a heartbeat. Linda placed her hand on Jack's hard-on delicately and gently. While slowly moving her hand up and down, she felt a glow starting in her groin. A very pleasant sensation, not at all unlike the feeling she got when she masturbated. She didn't know what she was doing, but if felt real good. Jack was now covering her pussy with his hand. An occasional moan of contentment broke the stillness of the warm evening.

Linda was the first to speak. She asked if Jack had any protection, and he produced a foil package from the pocket of his pants. Good, Linda thought, I was not sure how I was going to whip out a condom if he didn't have any. The tinfoil pack gave way to Jack's trembling fingers, and after a little struggle, Jack lay back down again and began to kiss Linda on the neck. Soon, Jacks mouth and tongue were nearing the tips of Linda's tits. Linda placed both hands behind Jacks head and guided him to the nipple of her left tit. My God, she thought there goes that warm feeling again. She noticed that Jack was rubbing his cock on her knee as he was sucking on her tit. His rubbing grew more intense until he froze, pushing as hard as he could against her leg. Linda felt his dick throb several times, and then grow limp within seconds.

Jack relaxed his hold on Linda's leg, removed his lips from Linda's tit, and rolled over on his back. Linda was shocked when she realized what had happened. She was mad as hell, disappointed, felt cheated, felt sorry for Jack and felt sorry for herself. She was very confused. How was she supposed to handle this embarrassing situation?

Linda relied on instinct. She leaned over, kissed Jack and said something to the effect that it was OK, she understood, and not to feel bad about anything. Linda scooted out of the wagon, retrieved her clothes, dressed and started to straighten her pony tail. Jack was dressed and over next to a tree removing the rubber, and wiping himself with a tissue.

The ride home seemed to take forever. There was no conversation until they turned on Linda's street. Then, almost as if it were scripted, they both started to speak at the same time. They chuckled and decided that Linda would go first. She said again that she was sorry the way things turned out.

Jack added he was sorry also, and maybe they might see each other next week. He promised that this would never happen again. Linda answered with a non-committal, uh-uh.

In front of the house, Linda kissed Jack on the cheek, waved goodbye and made her way to the door, holding back her tears.

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