My Best Friend's Sister

By Bill Bryant

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I was about thirteen when Ashley was born. She was my best friend's new baby sister and he was about as proud of her as any brother could be. We spent so much time around her that I felt like she was my sister as well. We babysat her every chance we got and were constantly amazed at the different stages she went through as she grew up.

Jeff and I went off to college together when Ashley was just turning five so we lost touch with her for a while. I still remember how she clung to my leg, crying, as Jeff and I left for school. It seemed like she grew a foot every time we saw her and her personality grew with her. She was always outspoken, even before she could speak, and growing up didn't diminish it at all.

After college, Jeff and I went our separate ways. We stayed in touch but his job required that he move about two hundred miles away from our hometown. I, on the other hand, started my own graphics business only three blocks from my house. Ashley occasionally stops by the shop after school and virtually lives there on Saturdays. I'm still amazed at how she's still growing. Now, however, she's turning into an attractive young woman. I couldn't believe she is already fifteen.

Her dark hair and eyes instantly draw attention wherever she happens to be. My male customers can't keep their eyes off her when she's behind the counter with me. Her young body is perfectly proportioned from the rigorous gymnastics training she loves so much. Whenever she learns a new move, she has to demonstrate it for me. I applaud and she runs over to give me a big hug. Lately, I've noticed her embraces growing longer in duration and as her body continues to develop, I can't help but feel her new, firm breasts pressing against me.

Last Saturday, I left her in charge of the shop for a few minutes while I ran home to pick up some paperwork I'd forgotten. She was playing some game or other on the computer when I left and she told me not to worry, that she had business under control.

While I was home, Jeff called and I got to talk to him. Turned out he was coming home the next day for a few days and wanted to get together and do something. We chatted for a while before I remembered I'd left Ashley by herself. I rushed back to the shop and was totally blown away by what greeted me.

Ashley was sitting at my desk massaging her bare pussy and pinching her nipples. On the screen were several pics I'd downloaded and thought I had hidden well in the depths of my hard drive. All these images were of young girls who bore a striking resemblance to Ashley and were performing all manners of sexual acts.

I was torn between shock, shame, and lust from being discovered and at the sight of her near-nakedness.

"A ..., A ...," I stammered.

"I like these. They look like me", she crooned, spreading her muscular thighs wider to expose more of her young cunt to me. "Do you think about me while you look at these?" Her fingers paralleled her bulging clitoris and she gasped.

"I ... uh ...," was all I could manage. My eyes were glued to her young tender body.

"Take out your cock for me. Touch it for me so I can see." She raised her fingers and licked her juices from their tips. "Mmmmm, I've seen how you look at me. Why do you think I spend so much time here on weekends?" My cock was twitching in my slacks and I unconsciously brushed my hand over the length.

"C'mon, don't be shy. I've had a thing for you for a long time; I had to do something about it. Fingering myself at night just isn't enough anymore." I unzipped my fly slowly, talking myself into it. Then I remembered the door!

I ran up front, locked the door and closed the blinds. Customers would just have to wonder why I was shut down on a Saturday. The movement and my erection convinced me that I needed to fuck this teenager.

When I returned to my cubicle, Ashley had completely removed her top and skirt. I stood transfixed for a minute, just drinking in her beauty. The confines of the cubicle made her scent more obvious and my cock grew rock hard. "I'm not going to wait all day!" she declared and rolled over to bury her face between my legs. Her hands nimbly worked my belt and, in an instant, my pants were around my ankles and my cock was free and standing proudly. She caressed the length, groaning as she cupped my balls in her palm.

"It's just like I imagined it would be!" she smiled up at me. "I've wanted you since I first knew what fucking was. Did you know that?"

Before I could answer, my cock was deep in her throat and her groans were radiating into my balls. Her tongue nimbly bathed the bottom of my shaft while her full lips gently sucked. I ran my fingers up and down her back, loving the feel of her smooth skin. My hips pumped my cock into her throat while her hands massaged my sac, priming me for orgasm.

The sucking noises emanating from between my legs were driving me crazy. I heard her let loose a little grunt and, suddenly, her nose was nuzzling my pubic hair, my cock completely engulfed in her throat. I could feel her muscles milking my shaft and knew I was going to blow my load any second.

Ashley knew it, too, and sucked harder. Her hands left my balls to grasp my ass cheeks and pull me hard against her face. I couldn't stand anymore. With a shout, my cock heaved and shot a heavy load of come into her convulsing throat. Ashley moaned and fucked my cock with her mouth, pistoning her head back and forth along my spasming shaft, swallowing me, withdrawing, sucking all my come out of my nuts.

As my orgasm subsided, Ashley lovingly cleaned my genitals with her tongue, finding every stray drop of semen and noisily retrieving it. My knees were wobbly so we changed places, me in the chair, her kneeling before me bathing my cock.

Finally, she lay her head on my thigh and looked up at me, smiling. "Damn, you can come hard!" she laughed.

"Damn, you can give head!" I mocked her.

"You don't know how hard I've practiced, pretending it was you," she told me, suddenly serious.

I didn't know what to say. I'd jerked off countless times thinking of her embrace, of the times her bare pussy flashed at me while she performed some gymnast's maneuver. I felt guilty, liked I'd just let my sister go down on me or something. But at the same time, that was the best blowjob I'd ever had.

"Shit!" she cried. "Look at the time, I've got to run. I have to meet Jessica to help her pick out her prom dress!"

She scrambled for her clothes, then paused.

"I'm home alone tomorrow, why don't you come by?" she asked with a sly smile.


"Damn, Jeff's coming in tomorrow! I forgot!"

"OK, come by tonight then. I'll be waiting."

Before I knew it, she was dressed and gone.

I walked around in a daze the rest of the afternoon. Go, don't go, go, don't go.

She's too young. Bet she fucks like a racehorse. What if somebody finds out? They won't. My cock remembered how it felt to be deep inside her talented throat. I had more erections in that afternoon than I'd had in 6 months.

At eight that night, I found myself walking through Jeff's backyard. I stood at the door for a minute then rang the bell. Ashley answered wearing a white sheer camisole, white garters, and white nylons. All had pink highlights and served to accentuate her deep tan and every luscious curve of her tight body. My cock was instantly hard. She knew it, too, because as soon as I was inside her hands were working on my clothes. She led me, half-naked, up the stairs into her bedroom. She sprawled across her bed, opening her legs wide.

"C'mere," she ordered.

I finished ripping off my clothes and knelt on the floor at her bedside. Her sweet cunt was only inches from my face.

"My turn now," I thought to myself.

Using my fingertips, I spread her tender slit wide to expose the nub of her clitoris. I lowered my mouth and gently flicked my tongue back and forth across her slick little bud. Ashley squealed with delight. I pressed my tongue flat and traversed the length of her sweet gash, relishing the taste of her young pussy. Her hips bucked against my face and she moaned her fingers tangled themselves painfully in my hair.

"Oh, fuck, I'm coming already!" she groaned. "Fuck me with your tongue. Make me come harder!"

I complied, ramming my tongue deeply into her silky channel. I reached up and pinched her erect nipples roughly, eliciting another excited moan.

"Oh, fuck, I want your cock in me. I want you to fuck me goddamn hard!" She pushed my face away and rolled onto her stomach, raising her ass high.

I stood and positioned my pulsating cock head at the drenched entrance to her under aged pussy. I decided to tease her for a second by just slipping the tip inside. I did it as much for me as for her. Despite the intensity of my orgasm earlier, I felt like I would come again at any second just looking at her gorgeous body and tasting her cunt on my tongue. Ashley was having none of that.

"The hell you say!" she barked, and shoved herself back onto my cock. I popped inside her tight channel and almost swooned.

"Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me hard. I'm still coming! Gimme that cock!!"

I looked down as my cock pistoned in and out of her dripping canal. Her tiny asshole winked at me with each stroke. Her hands played with her breasts as I pounded into her and I could feel her strong pussy walls strangling and milking my cock.

"Oh, yeaahh," she moaned. "This is the best! C'mon, fuck me, fuck me! I'm coming so fucking hard! Come with me!"

I didn't have much choice. Her hot cunt sucked at my sensitive glands as I slammed into her, coaxing the come up from my balls. With one last thrust, I buried my meat deep inside her and let go. Squishing sounds rose upwards as I flooded her with my semen. It oozed from her gash and I smeared it across her asshole as I pounded my juice into her. She moaned gutturally as I invaded her anus and cried that she was coming again. I could feel her cunt milking my shaft as another orgasm swept over her. I continued to thrust weakly into her as our cum subsided. Finally, we collapsed side by side on her bed. My cock slipped out of her with a mushy sound.

She rolled over to plant a kiss on my mouth, her hand began stroking my flaccid organ.

"Want to go again or take a break?" she asked mischievously.

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