SISTERS (Chapter 1)

By Jay Chennell

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CAUTION: This story contains explicit sexual contact between males and females that are related, and have not yet reached the magic age of 18. If this may bother, upset, befuddle, annoy, anger, irritate, or in any way be deemed by you as offensive, please leave now.

There were two little girls born eleven months apart. The first born was named Linda. The second little girl was named Belinda. If there were any more girls, they would have been named Celinda, Delinda, Elinda, Felinda, and so forth. You get the picture. In theory there could have been twenty-six girls all named after the Grandmother, all with different names.

As the girls grew up together, they were the best of friends, the closest of friends, and devoted to each other. There was no secret withheld. They could and did talk about anything.

Not long after the girls started in school, Mom and Dad decided that the two bedroom home they owned was no longer large enough for them so they added on to the back of the house. They had the two average sized bedrooms made into one with built in closets, vanities, full bathroom with tub and shower, dressing rooms and all the amenities for the girls.

In the rear of the house, the add on, was the new master bedroom complete with sauna, whirlpool and French doors leading to a covered patio next to the pool and the hot tub. The sleeping quarters were well above the standard, and much appreciated. Mom and Dad were happily sequestered in their new, very private, room while the girls were snug in theirs at the other end of the house.

Dad was a successful salesman in the furniture industry. His job was to visit the stores and promote his brand of sofas and chairs. He covered a three-state area and was on the road one week out of the month. Mom was a substitute teacher in the district where the girls went to school. All in all, they had a very comfortable "CURRIER AND IVES" type of existence.

Mom's family had all passed away and she was an only child. There were some distant cousins three of four times removed that lived in Nebraska but contact with them was lost when Mom's father died when the girls were seven. Dad, on the other hand came from a very large, close knit, clan that liked to get together and whoop it up every couple of weeks. Luckily, they all moved to Florida to retire, so they are rare visitors, but they are treated like royalty when they visit.

The girls grew up relying on each other, as sisters that are close in age can do. When School started, Linda would relate in detail the happenings of her day in kindergarten. Belinda sat in awe of her big sister. Later, when physical changes started, Linda and Belinda again confided in each other. At eleven Linda started to acquire boobs. Belinda was very interested in this. The girls have for years explored each other in quite some detail, and this new event was treated just like any other event in their lives. Belinda and Linda explore each and every facet of Linda's latest acquisition, her tits. Several months later, Belinda noticed a swelling and sure enough, they both were getting breasts.

The next milestone in the girls' lives happened right around Belinda's twelfth birthday. Linda was in the bathroom taking a shower when she let out a scream that could have been heard around the block. Belinda ran to the bathroom to find Linda, soaking wet with a little trickle of blood running down the inside of her thigh. Mom had told the girls about this, but it came as such a shock. The girls had discussed this impending event, but had decided that it should wait until much later in life. They were not quite ready for it, but there it was, and sure as night follows day, Belinda followed in several months.

High School was a rare time for the girls. Linda, being the oldest was the taller of the two. She sported an enviable figure, beautiful skin and natural blonde hair that framed her oval face like a work of art. She was a, in a word, "knockout". Her outgoing personality matched her attractiveness. It is easy to see why she was so popular, not only with the boys, but with other girls as well. She was an excellent student, and her parents are rightfully proud of her. Linda could not date until her sixteenth birthday, which fell in the late summer before her junior year. During the summer, she had been on many outings with boys and girls to the beach and to movies in a group, but was not allowed to go without the crowd, and not always with the crowd. Mom or Dad had to know where, who, when, how, why, and all the rest before she could participate. Toward the middle of her sixteenth summer, she met Jack. Jack was tall good looking, a good student, and a member of the swimming team and a varsity football player. He was starting his senior year, and had plans to go to the State University and take up Veterinary Medicine.

Naturally, Belinda just starting high school lived every moment of her sisters life, as did Linda live every moment of Belinda's. They were still the best of friends and told each other everything.

Linda was really taken by Jack. He was one of the most popular boys in the school, and Linda was proud to be part of his life. They had done a little petting at the beach one day in August, but that never got in the way of their continuing friendship.

Although the girls had played around a bit, teasing each other and playing little girl games, they had never had a sexual relationship. The best, or worst, thing they would do is show their tits or pinch the other's breasts on occasion.

When school started and Linda was sixteen she and Jack went out almost every weekend to a movie, a concert, a party or somewhere there were a lot of people. Mom and Dad trusted Linda, and they really liked Jack. They thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. During the first month or so of school, the petting became more and more frequent, and more enjoyable to, of all people, Linda.

Now, it goes with out saying, that Jack wanted to fuck Linda. Hell, he would fuck a snake if someone would hold it for him. This is true of every high school aged boy in the world. This should be no revelation. High school boys think about fucking more often than they do about any other subject on earth and most of them continue thinking about fucking well beyond those years. Linda, too, was toying with the idea of how it would feel, to have a stiff hot prick in her twat. She and Belinda have discussed this on several occasions, and each time, they both ended up masturbating. This was the first thing that they did not share, although each knew what the other was doing.

Belinda had a guy named Bob from grade school, and they were both good students. During their freshman year they formed a study group of several students in their grade level, and they met every week or so at Bob's house. There, they had use of the upstairs den that occupied the area between three bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms had private bath and showers and the guestroom had one in the hallway. This was a good place for the group to meet as it was quiet, away from the rest of the house, the TV's and other distractions. The group had meet for three of four times when Bob began to make some moves toward Belinda. She found herself staying after the group had left to help Bob with a tough problem in algebra, or so she thought. There was a problem that they worked on, and finished in three minutes. Bob then turned his attention to Belinda. Bobs advances were met with very little resistance's she always liked Bob, and they were very close in a lot of ways. They were in several classes together, they were both in the band, and lived only a block away from each other.

The kissing and groping session lasted only half an hour but Bob managed to feel Belinda's tits through her clothing, and swap a bit of spit. There were noises coming from downstairs, and it seemed like a good time to call a halt. Belinda, again, was not putting up too many blocks for Bob to navigate. They exchanged sheepish smiles, Belinda straightened her clothes and headed for the stairs. Bob followed right behind and walked her to the door. Belinda shouted her goodbye to Bob's mother who was in the kitchen. She responded by poking her head out of the kitchen and saying goodbye to Belinda. On the walk home, Belinda's feet hardly touched the ground.

Three days later, Thursday to be exact, the study group was to meet at Bobs at four in the afternoon.

By four -thirty, the studying was progressing, and the group was discussing the Philosophy assignment. Belinda's mind was elsewhere, as was Bob's. At six, the group started to dwindle. Belinda turned to Bob and asked for some help in their Current Affairs assignment. They were studying the North American migration from the early days of the pioneers, and Belinda was having a hard time picturing the directions the pioneers were taking. As bright as she was, she could not read a map to save her life. Bob said he made up a game to help remember directions. They were on the couch, and before long were kissing.

Bob said, to start the game, Belinda had to think of her holding up a map of the United States and picture her left shoulder as New York, her right shoulder as Seattle, her left hip as Atlanta, and her right hip as Los Angeles. They were laying side by side on the couch and Bob was on his left side, and Belinda was against the back of the couch on her back kind of propped up on her right side. As he assigned her body parts he placed his right hand on the corresponding areas. The game part was for Belinda to tell Bob whether to go North, South, East, or West, and he would move his hand to that location. He identified her left tit as the Smokey Mountains, her right tit as The Rockys, again emphasizing these areas with his hand. taking a bold move, he identified the area between her legs as the Gulf of Mexico, and proceeded to place his hand, ever so gently, on Belinda's pussy. There was no admonition from Belinda to stop. Sliding his hand up on Belinda's tummy, he identified that as the great mid-west, and his hand was under her sweater.

Bob waited for a moment, then asked Belinda for a direction. She said North and Bob slowly slip his hand up her tummy to the area between her tits. At this point his fingers were under the pretty little pink bow that was attached to Belinda's bra. Belinda said South, and Bob responded back to the Mid-west. The next order was North and again Bob's fingers were under the front of her bra, but a little further North this time. In fact so far North did he go that his palm was between her tits and his fingers were close to her throat. Belinda's next command was, "Go West Young Man, Go West. Bob obeyed and carefully slid his hand over her left tit. His palm was resting on the nipple as he slowly lowered his hand to caress the nipple with his fingers. At this point he had the world's largest hard-on. He could hear Belinda breathe a little faster and feel her nipple start to swell under his touch. With his left arm, he reached under Belinda and located the contraption that held her bra, and was successful in unsnapping it. Belinda then ordered a visit to the Smokey's. Bob obeyed and soon found his fingers on the right tit, finding it just as marvelous as the left one. In fact he spent several moments going from one to the other, squeezing, kneading, and fondling.

Bob then told Belinda that it was time for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico, and he started the slow descent toward her pussy. His fingers went over the belly button and under the stretch waistband of the baggy pants and to the waistband of the panties. Pausing there for just a moment, Bob slid his finger under the elastic of the panties and proceeded South. Upon reaching the pubic hair, he ran his fingers from side to side just at the top of the bush. He was trying to figure how he could manipulate Belinda's hand to his cock, when they heard Bob's dad pull in the driveway.

Hastily they repaired themselves. Belinda re-snapped her bra and tucked in her sweater. Bob pulled himself together, as Dad was heading in the front door. Bob followed Belinda out the front door and, in the darkness of the porch, they held each other and kissed. Belinda positioned herself so as not to feel Bob's rock hard dick against her body. Her pussy was moist, and she had a strange tingle zoom up and down her back. As soon as the door closed behind him, Bob bounded up the stairs and headed for his bathroom.

By the time he was in the bathroom, he had his pants down, his dick in his hand and was stroking his prick for all he was worth.

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