By Alison & Alan Adair

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My name is Alison. My brother, Alan, and I have always been close. We consider ourselves to be best friends. Growing up in a rural area of Montana forced us to be friends since the closest neighbor to us was almost two miles away. I am writing this story with Alan's permission as we now live together, as best friends. We are now much older and enjoy the narratives we have read on various websites, and so we decided to share our story as well. If you like it, please let us know, and perhaps we can go into further details in the future.

Being rural country folk, Alan and I grew up taking our baths together twice a week. Our water was heated using a propane tank and hot water was always at a premium. We, of course, thought nothing about bathing together. Out of pure curiosity, we checked out each other's plumbing, but didn't really register the difference in equipment until we were older. This went on for most of our childhood until I started developing bumps on my chest and mom decided it was no longer decent for us to do so. I think I was about age 10, and Alan was 8.

Still, on Sunday nights, after both our baths, Alan and I would snuggle up next to each other under my comforter to watch TV. Alan still liked to suck his thumb and would curl up on my shoulder and we would cuddle together. He liked the feel of my silky nightgowns and would rub my nightgown with the remaining fingers of his hand that were not in his mouth. My mom was very prim and proper, but she always liked to dress me in nice things. Where her little girl was concerned, mom didn't like the coarse feel of cotton underwear or pajamas, so she always bought or made me things of silky, nylon type materials.

One evening when I was 11 and Alan was 9, we were settled into our familiar routine. While he was rubbing my nightgown, he started to inadvertently move the material across my left nipple. I began to realize that it was a pleasurable experience, and very quickly, both my nipples became hard. I wasn't certain what was happening, but I realized that I was enjoying it. Nothing much more happened that night, but it really made me think about how good it felt.

The next week, when we again settled into our TV watching positions, I couldn't concentrate on the program. I moved Alan's other hand over my left breast and asked him to rub the material slowly over my nipple. While he didn't really understand what I was asking him to do, he obeyed my instructions and was curiously watching my reaction. I wasn't even certain what my reaction was going to be, but it really felt good to me. Before I knew what was happening, I was experiencing a warm feeling between my legs, and I could feel myself growing moist. At first I thought I had wet my panties, but I knew that wasn't the case. I remember that it was a nice, warm feeling that I really liked.

We repeated this for several weeks until one Sunday evening when I moved my own hand down to my panties covering my mound. While Alan played with my nipple through my nightgown, I found out how pleasant it felt to rub myself through my panties. I had begun to develop soft, fuzzy down around my pussy lips by this time, which I believe signified my beginning to mature into a young woman. My rubbing started feeling better and better until I felt myself going rigid and stars started shining brightly in my head. I had what I realized later in life was a mini-orgasm. All I remember about then was that I really loved it.

After several weeks of this, it reached the point where I couldn't wait for Sunday nights to arrive. I was full of anticipation. During one of these fondling sessions I realized that Alan had a little tent in his pajamas. I reached over to him with my free hand and began to explore the tent. I slowly grasped his little tent-pole in two fingers through the fabric. I started to move my fingers up and down when he let out a groan. At first I thought I had hurt him and stopped, but he quickly let me know that he was enjoying it and asked me to do it some more. I guess this was our first true evening of mutual masturbation, although, again we didn't come to know it until much later.

The weeks quickly went by and the routine settled in. I occasionally had my mini-orgasms, but Alan never experienced one until I was 13 and he was 11. While I was rubbing him through his pajamas, he asked me if I would use my silky nightgown on his pee pee (as he called it). I pulled his penis out of the fly on his pajamas and wrapped my nightgown around it. I hadn't stroked it very long before he let out a big groan and his body went rigid. He sucked in a deep breath and I discovered that my nightgown had a bunch of sticky stuff on it. By now we had both learned what really felt good to us.

Over the next few weeks, I began using a pair of my panties on his penis so my nightgowns wouldn't get soiled. Alan said they felt just as good. By this time I had Alan rubbing his hand over my panties instead of using my own hand. We were both in seventh heaven until one night when mom came in and discovered us. Although she didn't actually catch us in the act, we must have both looked awfully guilty of something, because she put an end to our after-bath cuddling.

We went for weeks without touching each other. I had discovered that I could sometimes bring myself over by rubbing my own nipples through my nightgown with one hand while my other hand busied itself in my crotch. Alan contented himself with using my panties (almost every day) with my consent. Mom never did figure out why I had so many pairs of panties in the wash every week. I had started to do most of my own wash anyway, so I let Alan use them whenever he wanted.

When Alan was 12, he began to grow fearful about the size of his penis. He didn't know if it would ever get to be as long as daddy's. Although I had never seen daddy's, I tried to assure Alan that it would get bigger as he got older. About every two weeks, he would have me sneak into his room so I could measure it with a ruler. It did grow slowly from about two and a half inches to three then four, ultimately getting up to six inches much later in life. It was really cool to watch his cock go from being very tiny to stretching itself out when I touched it to put it on the ruler. His pubic hair had finally started growing in, and soft hair began to cover his prick and balls.

Alan and I would sneak off on hot days to go swimming in the pond, which was well away from the house. As soon as we got there, we would lay down next to each other and almost immediately begin fondling each other. We were very comfortable exploring each other's body, and knew what pleased each of us. My breasts were well developed by now and seemed to have a mind of their own. As soon as Alan and I would lie down on the grass, my nipples would grow hard and my puss would get very wet. I know I had the same reaction on Alan as his tent would start to grow almost as quickly. I always made certain to bring a pair of my panties with me in order to assist Alan. I didn't need anything myself, as Alan had discovered my little love button and knew just what to do with it. We spent many pleasant summer afternoons this way. My orgasms seemed to get bigger and wilder each day, and I know that Alan was spurting out much more cum.

I almost hate to write what happened next because it almost sounds awful, but we both decided we would write the whole story, so here goes. One afternoon, Alan went into town with dad and I was left at home with mom. It was a hot afternoon and I had on a skirt and tank top. I had been out playing with our dog, Rags, and was throwing a stick for him, which he would dutifully fetch and bring back to me. We ended up down by the pond and I sat down cross-legged under the shade of a tree. Rags was tired out by this time and sat down in front of me with his head on my legs. My skirt was up over my thighs, and Rags started sniffing at my crotch. I started giggling but Rags didn't mind. Slowly he started nuzzling at my panties and I soon felt myself getting moist again.

I realized that Rags was tickling me in a unique way and that it felt good. I reached down with one hand and pulled aside my panties. Rags began using his tongue on my pussy lips. The rough feel of his licking soon had me in ecstasy. It was the best thing I had ever felt down there. I reached a hand inside my tank top and started playing with my nipple. The longer Rags licked, the hotter and wetter I got. I was soon totally over the edge. Rags certainly enjoyed the taste of my pussy, because he never gave up until I made him stop.

When I looked down at Rags, I discovered that he had also become just as excited as I had. The raw, red tip of his penis was extending itself from his sheath. I reached down to him and tried stroking the sides of it to see if I could make him cum, but he didn't seem to be all that interested. He did put his head down and lick his own penis. I don't know if dogs get off that way or not, but he didn't seem to mind not getting to squirt anything out.

Rags always seemed to know when I was having my period, and seemed to enjoy trying to nuzzle between my legs. He would begin to get excited and his pointy penis head would move in and out of it's casing. He would then stop to lick himself. I guess he was trying to get himself over. Sometimes at the dinner table, I had to forcibly move him away from between my legs. Two days after my mini-affair with Rags, Alan and I went down to the pond together and started fondling each other, as had become our custom. I shyly asked him if he would use his tongue on me there. He thought about it for about a minute and I had almost given up hope, but he said he would do it, if I would put my mouth on him. I thought that turnabout was fair play so I quickly agreed. Alan turned around so his feet were at my head, and his face was even with my puss. I slid off my bikini bottom and spread my legs. Alan started to put his tongue down there, but had to stop to get some of my pubic hair out of the way. When he first started, he wasn't certain what to do. I quickly directed him to find my button. He was glad to oblige and my clit was hard as a rock when he first touched it with his tongue. It took no time at all until I was totally over the top. My juices seemed to pour out forever, and I knew that I preferred Alan's tongue to Rag's since Alan was much more in control.

It was my turn to reciprocate and Alan said he wanted to stand up and have me kneel down so he could watch what I was doing. As he stood up, the front of his suit was standing out in front of him. I put my tongue in his navel first and started slowly pulling down the front of his trunks, kissing his body as I went. When I pulled the front of his trunks over his cock, it sprang loose and I thought he was going to knock out my eye. He was stiff as a board and I took him in my mouth. He held his hands on my head and forced himself deeper into my mouth, groaning aloud the whole time. I found I couldn't take him all the way into my throat without choking. I have since learned the relaxation techniques that help me to do it. It didn't take much back and forth movement on my part before he shot a full load of warm liquid into the inside of my mouth. Much of it ran down my chin and I choked a lot, but I did swallow some of it. I found it had a unique taste that I now have a fondness for. Alan said my mouth felt even better than my panties did.

Although we were able to get in many mutual masturbation sessions during our years, we both grew up and got married. I have been married twice and Alan once. None of our marriages have worked and we subsequently moved in with each other. I now have two daughters and Alan has a son. Many people may view what we have done together as incestuous, but we have never fucked each other. Somehow that seems to make it okay in our minds. We are very content with mutual masturbation and have realized that neither of us needs more in our lives.

We are hopeful that our children can grow up to be best friends. I am very careful to make certain that my girls are always dressed in nice, silky panties and nightclothes. We let the kids take their baths together, and they all seem to have a healthy attitude about their bodies. Alan and I will watch them as their sexual awareness develops, and will deal with the situations as they come up.

Alan still loves the feel of women's panties on his prick and would be interested in hearing from others that may feel the same way. Please let us know via email at if you liked our story. If not, please don't write.

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