The Show Rolls On

By TJ & Lee Star

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It has gotten really strange with my wife's new found lack of inhibitions ... or should I say contempt ... Wonderfully strange. I just read her addition to this site ... unbelievable. I'm sitting here trying to write a sequel, but I'm horney as hell.

About a year ago you wouldn't think this was possible. If you ever saw her on the way to work in her suit you'd never guess how she rocks.

I love the image of her on the beach ... and men, she looked great on vacation. She works out constantly and it shows. She's got those really muscular but feminine thighs and a solid ass. When she flexes you can see her AB muscles. She had tanned naked so she was bronze all over and when she shaved for her bikini line she left just this little tuft of cunt hair. Her blonde hair, bob length, short trim is cut so she can look professional at work.

Last night we were on the internet and she told me to check the Blowout site. I wasn't sure what was up until I saw her ... The Star Of the Show ... contribution. She stood over the monitor as I read the story. I began to get excited and noticed that she let her bathrobe fall to the ground and she stood before me, nude. She said, "Honey in the top drawer of the desk is my dildo, will you hand it to me so I can fuck myself while you read. I used it to get off, over and over, while you were out. It must still smell like me. Here, will you check", she giggled, holding the vibrator under my nose. Her understatement was deliberate and added to the kinkiness of the situation. Sure enough the unmistakenable smell of her pussy was still lingering.

As I read on, right to the left and above the monitor she squated and pushed the rubber cock into her pussy. She leaned against the wall and started to pump her cunt with the nine inch dildo. "Take your cock out .. you know you want to ... I know how powerful my cunt is over you ... TAKE TIYR COCK OUT ... I SAID ... NOW!" She was yelling. "STROKE IT HARD", she yelled, "YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE YOUR CUM. I WANT TO SEE YOU CUM NOW!"

This was not an act, she gets so turned between the raunchiness of fucking herself with the dildo, so brazenly in front of me, and becoming sexually demanding that she was losing it.

"GIVE ME THAT COCK ... I NEED IT IN MY MOUTH ... DOWN MY THROAT ... I LOVE COCK!", she yelled dropping to her knees and swallowing all of it right away. Then, to keep it hard, she began to bob up and down on it. When she stopped she wrapped her hand around it and pumped it verociously. "I WANT YOUR CUM ALL IN MY FACE", she growled and continued to pump.

There was no way I could hold off and I did as ordered. I blew a load that seemed like a cup of cum and Lee kept pumping to get every last drop and she rubbed all of it in her face and licked it off her fingers. "You like me as a slut ... don't you ... ?", she said coyly.

"I feel like dancing she said ... you rest ... and get your strength back", she joked. I had no idea what she was doing. Totally naked she began to dance a slow groove to the jazz on the stereo. Fingering herself, slowly and with much sensuality, she glided across the room. My cock started getting hard again almost instantly.

I stroked my cock as she turned her back to me and slowly, ever so slowly, and bent all the way down. She was staight legged and then she slid a hand all the way down her ass to her ankle. Her wet, pink cunt was clearly visible and she pulled the lips apart with the other hand while she bent over. Then she grabbed her tight ass and pulled her cheeks apart to show a beautiful tight little asshole. While doing this she let her tongue slowly lick her lips.

"I got two holes, baby, and you only got one cock. What's a girl to do?", she whimpered as she picked up her dildo and slid it back into her wet cunt and slowly began to fuck herself. "Only, one hole open now ... any ideas, baby..?" She had never let me do her ass and now she was begging for it!

"You want to fuck me in the ass? Don't you, Baby?", she said coyly. "I want your cock to fill me up ... FUCK MY ASS ... NOW!", she commanded as she lowered herself her knees, sticking her ass in the air as an invitation. I got on my knees on our beautiful Scottish plad rug and slid my meat slowly in her asshole. She winced, then yelled, "GIVE IT TO ME. FUCK MY ASSHOLE. I WANT YOUR COCK!,"

I finally got the head of my cock all the way inside her ass. She was so fucking tight. It felt so fucking good. Just like fucking a virgin.

I started to power fuck her ass ... jamming my cock in and out of her as she miracleously continued to fuck herself with the dildo. She supported herself with one hand on the wall. "DO MY TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE ... DO ME ... FUCK ME ... GIVE ME THAT HARD COCK ... YOU FUCKER", Sshe yelled as I drove deep into her gut. "AHHH ... AHHH", she yelled as I felt the orgasm shutter through her entire body. That was enough for my cock as I came hard in her asshole. The cum spilled out and dripped down her thighs. My hand held her cunt lips as we slowly collapsed to the floor. She gently stroked her cunt and her hand cupped my balls, holding me deep in her asshole as the cum continued to drip. As I looked up to my desk I noticed the internet was still on Blowout and I chuckled a little to myself ........

What a difference a few months make ........

Unbelievable .....

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