By Jean Paul

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So, you've never had a shave with a straight edge razor? Well, come on into my private room, and I will give you one, that you will never forget ...

You follow me to the private room, in the back of the barbershop, and I close the door and lock it behind us. The music is playing softly in the room . I ask you to be seated, in the old fashion barber chair. It is made of porcelain, and has leather seat, and back .... very masculine. I tip the chair back, so that your head is resting on the headrest, and your legs are elevated. Starting to feel comfortable, you decide that you will enjoy this!

I notice you watching my every move. Your eyes following me around the room, as I gather the items needed to shave you. I am wearing a tight red scooped neck T-shirt, a very short black skirt and heels. I prepare the towel by wetting it in very hot water before I wring it out. I come towards you and wrap the hot towel on your face. The last thing you see, before you close your eyes, are my heaving breasts bulging from my shirt, as I bend to wrap the towel on your face.

The only part of your face exposed is your nose and you can smell my sweet perfume as I move around you. I wait a few minutes for your beard to soften and I remove your towel. I see the smile on your face as I go to get the hot lather. My hands are full of shaving cream. It is white, hot , creamy shaving cream. I apply this to your face and rub in circular motions, until your face is covered. Now I reach for my razor.

"Please don't be afraid", I say, "I have shaved many faces!" With razor in hand I walk around in front of you to your right side. I reach up to your face, and tilt your face to the right, so I can begin shaving on your left side. I hope that you don't mind, my full breasts against you, as I have to lean against you a bit, to reach your face. I start at the side burns, I lay the blade down, and pull the razor towards me. With one clean sweep, down your cheek, and across your chin I bring the blade. I can feel your eyes gazing upon my breasts, as I shave you! I will try and not get nervous. I would not want to cut you!

Now, I need to do the other side. I turn your face away from me, start at the side burns, and down the cheek, and across the chin. I wipe the blade clean from all the lather, and walk behind you, to shave your neck. I tip your head back just a bit more, giving you get the full view of my breasts. They're right there, in your face!!! You feel like you've almost died, and went to heaven! So close, yet untouchable! If you could only touch the two babies!

By this time I'm finished shaving your neck, and walk back to the front and the only thing left to do is your upper lip. I lean in very close as I begin to shave your lip. Our eyes lock, and I feel your right hand slide up under my skirt, underneath my soaking wet panties, up into my dripping hot pussy! I try not to squirm while I quickly try and finish your lip. Not minding at all what you are doing to me, I just stand there, and enjoy the feel of your hand as it is reaching around to my butt, and down the back of my leg. I tell you I have to wipe the little bits of shaving cream from your face, and turn to get another towel. When I return, Our eyes meet again. This time we never look away. I come towards you to clean off your face, and again your hand finds my butt. This time you pull me close. I stumble, almost falling on you! Our eyes still locked I move towards your face and ever so lightly kiss you on the lips.

I try to pull away to see your reaction, and you pull me back to kiss you again, but this time our lips part and our tongues begin to explore. You put your hand back on my butt, and lift me onto your lap. We begin to kiss hard, and deep as your hands are grabbing my ass, and you pull me tightly against you. I can feel your hard erect cock pressing against me! This excites me, and it shows in the way I respond to your kiss. Your hands move up my back to my shirt, where you pull it out from my skirt, and slide your hands up my back. You run your fingers up my spine, and back down again. I slide myself up, straddle you with my legs. I sit up and remove my shirt as you reach up and grab hold of my breasts, pinching the nipples. My breasts are large and firm and my erect nipples stick out as you pinch. I can feel your swollen cock twitching beneath me. I slide forward a bit and you put my breast to your mouth. You take my nipple in, and suck and nibble on it, while the other hand caresses my other breast. I begin to moan at the feeling you are giving me. With every bite I moan with delight and you realize it's time to move to the other breast, giving equal attention.

I am very excited now and I slide back down your lap and sit right on the edge of your knees. I begin to unbuckle and unzip your pants. I stand up, to pull them down just far enough to expose your huge throbbing cock which lies beneath your briefs. Your under pants must also go so I remove myself completely from the chair to remove your shoes. I slide your pants down, first one leg, and then the other. There you are before me, naked, erect, and handsome as ever.

I unbutton my skirt and let it fall to the floor in a heap with the other clothes. I remove my panties and I am also completely nude. You can not take your eyes from me as I stand before you and watch your face while you watch me rub my tits. You watch as my hand slides its way down my stomach, down to my pubic hair and into my hot wet pussy.

My eyes still locked into yours while I begin to rub my clit, as I stand in front of you. I tell you to stroke your cock, as you watch me. I begin to move my hips and I enjoy you watching me, very much! I begin to moan as my fingers begin to move more quickly, circling my clit, round and round. My rising clit feels like a rock as I reach down father and pull on my pussy lips, stretching the two pink layers of skin, as far as I can until I moan with delight. I see you enjoying your own touch, as you watch me squirm before you. I step towards you and place my fingers into your mouth, to give you a taste of my cum. With my fingers still in your mouth, sucking and tasting my juices from them, I begin to kiss you. Down your neck, chest, and stomach, only to find your hard cock throbbing before me.

I flick the drops of pre-cum from your swollen cock with my hot tongue and swallow the juice. God, how good your pre-cum tastes. I have to have more! Not being able to resist I begin to kiss the head of your cock ever so lightly at first. I slide my tongue down your shaft, and back up the other side. I can not wait any longer. I have to take you into my mouth. I take in just your head so I can lick all around and underneath the ridge. This drives you mad with desire and I feel your cock throbbing and twitching in my mouth. I take you in all the way. I look up to see you watching me as I take your hard throbbing cock into my mouth, as far as it can go ... deep ... deep.

My mouth touches your balls as I suck and lick you while your hips gently move your cock in and out of my mouth. I taste little salty drops of cum on my tongue as I feel you twitch within my hot wet mouth.

I begin to kiss you up your stomach chest , and to your mouth, where I kiss you long and hard. Without taking my mouth from yours, I slip my wet cunt onto your cock that is waiting beneath me. I begin to ride you gently as I feel your balls hitting my ass. We move together. You reach up and pinch my nipples. We stop moving and I bend to kiss you on the mouth, and you can feel me contract my muscles on your swollen cock. I start to stand, very slowly I ease your cock from my juicy pussy, and all of my cunt muscles are still contracting right to the end. I stand and turn myself around so my ass is to you. You lift and plunge your cock back into me. I am facing the mirror, and I watch the reflection as my breasts begin to bounce as I ride your cock. You grab a hold of my hips and guide me as I really begin to ride you faster, and faster. Your hand reaches down to my clit and begins to rub it faster, and faster as I am keeping up with of our movements.

I watch the mirror, seeing it all happen before me. You behind me, your your cock disappearing inside of me, I moan as and the excitement intensified. I feel your cock swelling even bigger within me, ready to burst. Waves of excitement jerk my body with spasms as I cum uncontrollably. I feel you explode inside me, your cock jerking and spraying like a fountain.

I have spasm, after spasm!!!

Spent, without taking your cock from me, I lay back and you hold me in your arms until we catch our breath. Slowly, you ease your cock from me, and I can feel our juices flow from me and run down my thighs. The juice drips back onto you, covering your balls. You get up and place me in the big leather chair and drop to your knees in front of me with a huge smile on your face. Lifting my legs onto your shoulders with your strong arms, you start licking up all of our cum juices from my soaking wet pussy. My juices keep flowing from me. It seems that you can never get enough nectar!

No man has ever done this to me before! I grab the back of your head with my hands and grind my pussy into your face. You ream the inside of my pussy with your tongue, seeking out more of my sweet love nectar. I start convulsing as you suck my lips and clit with your tongue and the sweet spasm of another climax starts washing over and over me until I pass out from the pleasures. You have given me such pleasure.

When I awake, all rested and satisfied, we start making love all over again as only two lover's should.

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