Sexual Vacation

By Mystic Soul (Candace)

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We had no idea as to what time my flight would be arriving and I didn't want you to miss any classes by waiting for me. It was finals week and I was coming down to visit over Christmas break. You hid a key to your house for me and told me that when I got in to just make myself at home.

I arrived at your house mid-afternoon and you arrive home from a long day of classes and your mind is drifting. You go to unlock the door when you suddenly realize it is already part way open. You smile and enter but then you freeze in the doorway and the greeting dies on your lips as you gaze about you in stunned amazement. The house is brightly lit by flickering candlelight and a light, but delicious, fragrance of vanilla and spices floats in the air. There is a single red rose in vases throughout the house. Once again you smile as you walk from room to room wondering what I have planned for you. You finally walk into the bedroom and there I am lying, sprawled on your bed reading a book. Your mind does not focus on the book, instead your eyes stray to my scantily clad body. You can see my perky breasts outlined by the sheer red button shirt that I'm wearing. Your eyes wander lower, finally resting on my long, muscular legs that seem to go on forever. Then you notice something that causes you to smile. My toenails are painted in a shimmery silver color that glistens in the candlelight.

I finally realize that you are in the room and I look up from my book to smile. I set the book down on the dresser and languidly rise from the bed. I raise my arms above my head and stretch, arching my back like a kitten waking up from a long nap, but you know that this is one kitten who hides a mischievous side beneath her cuteness.

I walk over to where you're standing and lead you over by the bed. You begin to speak, but I silence you with a kiss and tell you that tonight there will be no words between spoken. We will let our bodies and souls speak for us tonight. I place my hand behind your head and guide your lips to meet mine in a sweet and gentle kiss that quickly grows harder and more demanding. You taste a sweetness on my lips that is undefinable, but tantalizing all the same. I run my tongue over your lips, then I place caressing kisses over your cheeks and down your neck. My tongue traces your collarbone and plays gently with the thin golden chain you always wear. My fingers deftly undo the buttons of your shirt and I slide it off of your body and let it fall to the floor. I place tiny, nibbling kisses all over your chest and when I reach your nipples my tongue circles them as I nip lightly at them with my teeth, urging them into hardened peaks as your arousal grows beneath me teasing mouth. My tongue traces a path down your muscular chest and runs lightly, teasingly over your stomach, stopping only to flick at your belly button. I pause, then I stand up to kiss you warmly and insistently on your luscious mouth. I then kneel at your feet on the carpet and unbutton your jeans, which I slide slowly down your thighs. Caressing your skin as it is revealed to me.

Your jeans fall to the floor and you stand before me as you were meant to be. I look up into your eyes and we stay like that for endless minutes saying so much without emitting a word. Finally I stand up and take your hand in mine and lead you towards the bathroom. After a long day of classes you need a warm bath to relax you.

The tub is filled with a relaxing combination of soothing hot water and aromotherapy oils. You realize that in the background the soft sounds of Celtic music has been playing all this time. I urge you to step into the jacuzzi-sized bathtub and I sit on the edge and begin to rub the sponge over your shoulders and down your back, massaging your tight muscles as I do so. Then my hands stray to your chest and I massage that area, gradually moving lower and lower. During this time your head has fallen back and your breathing slows into the calm, deep rhythm of relaxation. I kneel beside the tub and lean over to run the sponge over your thighs and down to your calves. After a long while you are finally calm, relaxed and almost every inch of your body has been massaged. I have given you the complete attention that it deserves.

I help you out of the tub and take a large, fluffy towel and, beginning at your shoulders, I dry you off. When I get to your chest you grab my arms and pull me close to kiss me deeply. I allow you to kiss me for a minute returning your passion with the fire of my lips. Then I pull away and smile at you shaking my head slowly. "The time for that will come soon enough", I think as I consider the pleasure which is waiting. I kneel on the floor to run the towel over your legs. I see the evidence of your desire for me as I lightly kiss your stiff cock.

I lay some pillows on the floor and guide you down to lay among them on your stomach. Once I make sure you are comfortable I bring out the vanilla scented massage oils and straddle your body. I cover my hands lightly with the oil and, starting at your shoulders, with smooth, firm strokes I begin to massage the tenseness out of your body. At first you are amazed at the strength in my hand, but as I knead your tired body and work my way slowly down your back, all thoughts flee your mind and you let yourself go. You are floating on a sea of peacefulness and my hands are traveling steadily downward. Once your back has been thoroughly taken care of my hands move down to your buttocks. At first I just cup them softly then I knead them with a gentle forcefulness, admiring their shape and feel. I have always loved your ass ... the way it moves when you walk ... the way it's outlined in those tight jeans ... the fullness of your crotch.

I slide my body down so that I can massage your muscular legs. My hands stroke the inside of your thighs lightly, fleetingly, then moving back around to firmly rub your quads and then your calves. Finally I urge you to roll over and then starting at your chest I repeat the same routine. Taking great care with your chest and hamstrings I work my way down your body once again. When I'm finished you are in a complete state of relaxation and your body is warm and slippery with the oil. You smell sweetly of vanilla.

I lay on top of you and slide my body back and forth over yours, coating my soft skin liberally with the oil. When I slide over your body, my shaved pussy passes teasingly against your hard cock. Your hands run over my breasts then cup my hips as you slide me over your body, back and forth. Positioning me so that my pussy brushes against your cock I shiver in delightful anticipation each time we touch. The feel of the oil against my skin is a real turn on for me. My pussy is hot and wet ... my clit is swollen with my desire ... my tits are hard and my nipples pert ... I am wanting.

I rise up and look into your eyes as I slide my pussy down over your hard cock ever so slightly. You gasp and arch your back up trying to push yourself further into my warmth, but I pull away from amazing cock. I lean down and lick the head of your prick, tasting the sweetness of the two of us mingled together. I lower my head and lick at your balls then I take first one and then the other into my mouth. I lick them and suck on them, rolling them gently in my mouth as your cock-head rests on your flat stomach. You jump in surprise when you feel me take both of your balls into my mouth at once, but then you relax and let the pleasure overcome you.

After a while I raise myself up and while looking into your eyes I run my tongue all round your cock, but never touching the stiffness until I flick my tongue over the head lightly, teasingly. I move up to your chest where I circle your nipples with my tongue and nibble lightly at them. You shiver ever so slightly as I rub myself against your now-sensitive nipples, biting them tenderly before I kiss you hard and deep on the lips, darting my tongue quickly in and out of your mouth. We both moan with the desire that is building within us, hardly able to withstand much more playing. I place light kisses along your neck then I draw your earlobe gently into my mouth sucking on it ever so softly, nibbling on the edge.

Finally I slide down your body once again and take your rock-hard cock deep into my mouth. Your eyes widen in surprise and pleasure and you watch me intently as I pull you deeper and harder into my throat only to withdraw after only a moment of hard sucking. I look up into your eyes whenever I draw back and run my tongue over the head of your cock, licking the pre-cum off of the head. My tongue lingering on your most sensitive spots as I pull your stiff prick back into my mouth sucking even harder then before. You begin to moan and I encourage you by deep throating your cock and sucking it harder. My tongue wrapping around as you reach down and place your hands on the back of my head. I don't know whether you are trying to hold me there or just looking for support, but I love the feel of your hands going through my hair. I can feel your body tense and your cock swell in my mouth as you are about to cum. Still sucking on your cock, I raise up ever so slightly and our eyes meet as you start to cum. I swallow most of your rich juice, delighting in taste of you. I allow just a little bit of your cum to slide down my chin and onto my breasts.

I lay beside you and you watch me as you try to catch your breath. My hands are wandering all over my supple skin ... caressing ... squeezing ... scratching ... playing and lightly pinching certain delicate places.

One of my hands squeezes my breast and teases my nipples to hard points as my other hand slides down to my cunt and begins to run my swollen clit. You reach over and start to fondle my breasts so that both of my hands are now free to play with my wet pussy. I use just my nails to caress my clit, teasing the swollen skin ever so gently while I press the two fingers into my tight, hot pussy. At first they move slowly in and out as I look right into your eyes as I play with myself, urging you to watch me and see the pleasure which I'm experiencing. You squeeze my breasts harder as my hands start moving faster ... matching my tempo ... urging me on ... I begin to moan ever so softly then gradually I get louder and louder ... soon my whole body begins to shake ... I toss my head back ... I scream loudly ... I cum ... you kiss me hard biting off my scream ... my arms wrap around your neck ... my legs encircle your waist ... I hold onto you tightly ... my body trembles with the aftershock of my quaking orgasm.

We lay there holding each other, our hands wandering over each other's bodies leaving no area untouched. Amazingly, you are already hard again ... I look at you in amazement and you give me a rueful little smile. I grin at you and quickly roll over so that once again I am straddling your body. I stroke your cock with my tongue and realize that you are ready for me. I raise myself up and slide my dripping pussy slowly down over your stiff cock, letting out a gasp of pleasure as I feel all of you filling my insides.

I hadn't realized how big you were, but the feel of you inside me, stretching me, filling me, brings more pleasure than words can express. My eyes lock onto yours as I begin to move slowly up and down on your cock. I want to see every expression that comes over you. You moan softly every time I come down on your hard prick, drawing you deeper inside of me every time. I lean back slightly and thrust myself hard against you as my pace quickens. You place your hands on my hips and pull me against you harder and faster urging me on. Already I can you feel you begin to swell ... my body begins too tremble ... your body thrusts ... then I stop.

You look at me in confusion as I get up off the bed and reach down for your hand. I lead you over to the dresser where I bend over with my back to you. My hands are on the dresser as I stand in front of the mirror ... there is also a mirror directly behind us. You smile, shaking your head in amazement. You are never quite sure of what I'll come up with next, but it isn't long before you understand what I want. I reach down with my hands and spread my cheeks as you thrust your cock deep into my ass. I throw back my head and scream with intense pleasure. You grab my hips and begin thrusting against me hard and fast ... then slowing ... pulling out so that just the head of your cock is in my hole ... then ... plunging your stiff prick deep to the hilt in my butt. . I look into the mirror and I can see you fucking my ass ... pounding into my cheeks ... you too are watching us in the mirror ... your eyes are focused on my face ... every time I moan your eyes close ... you toss back your head ... you too let out sounds of pleasure.

Finally you begin fucking me harder and faster then ever before. I can tell that you are about to cum ... my body is shaking all over ... I want you to cum ... now ... "CUM NOW", I scream as I reach back and pull you deeper into my ass hole. "PLEASE ... CUM!."

I want to feel your hot cum sliding over me ... one final thrust ... you pull your cock out OF MY ASS ... shooting your cum all over my ass ... letting your juice slide down onto my pussy ... my body tenses ... I scream as I cum again and again.

After a moment you pick me in your arms and carry me into the living room where we lay by the fire trying to calm our racing hearts. I lay my head on your chest and just stare into the fire as we lay there holding each other ... taking pleasure in each other's presence.

I drift off to sleep only to be awakened by a shiver born by intense pleasure coursing through my body. My eyes fly open only to see your head bent down by my hips. Suddenly a jolt of electric pleasure passes over my body. You are rapidly flicking your tongue back and forth across my clit causing me to shudder. I arch my hips towards your mouth urging you on. You thrust your tongue into my pussy fucking me with your mouth ... pushing your tongue deep ... in and out. Your fingers caress find my ass as you suck on my clit ... pulling gently with your teeth ... pushing your fingers into my cum soaked ass hole ... sucking on my clit harder ... harder ... pushing into my ass ... deeper ... until my whole body shudders as I cum ... my sweet juices filling your mouth.

You lay beside me and allow me to curl up against your warm body as you kiss me deeply allowing me to savor my own sweetness that still lies on your lips. We lay there by the fire cuddled together and fall sleep in each other arms.

After a while I awake to find you carrying me gentle into the bedroom where we huddled under the blankets together talking of our plans for the next two weeks.

It promises to be a Sexual Vacation in paradise.

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