Sexual Desserts

By Annie Mohre

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I walked into the really posh restaurant with my Sweetie and another couple. Plush deep rose carpet covered the floor and steps leading down into the main dining room. Elegant crystal chandeliers adorned the slightly vaulted ceiling, which was also edged with a rim of tiny spotlights. Rose draperies and valences were swept back to reveal lovely views of perfectly manicured gardens. White linen tablecloths cloaked a hundred dining tables of different sizes. Sterling silver gleamed and lead crystal sparkled, magnifying the great selection of fine wines. The steady subdued tinkle of music graced our ears. The civilized and cordial hum of the diners greeted us as we waited our turn with the matre'de.

"Reservations for Four", my gentleman friend was informed, and we were escorted into a world where fashion was only exceeded by literal good taste. My "Silver Fox", as I secretly called him, firmly, but gently, took my arm as we descended three steps into the "swankiest joint" I'd ever walked into!

Our companions, friends of Stephen's followed us down and forward. We were all "dressed to the nines" for this special outing. It was my Fox's birthday, and I had talked him into doing something extra special. It was sort of a trade-off. If we went out to eat someplace fancy, then he could eat me out later! I felt like a Princess in my floor length, black silk gown that swished as I walked and I could feel the breeze as I wore nothing on underneith. Stephen certainly looked Princely in black slacks, a black turtle neck sweater, a black velvet dinner jacket and a heavy silver and Turquoise neckless. Just looking at him made my heart race!

We were expecting an exquisite meal, and we weren't disappointed. An excellent bottle of Chateau Haut Brion Blanc was served first and the waiter opened a bottle of Chateau Montros, '71, to let it "breath" as he said. Soon our appetizers appeared, as if by magic, and were assortments of Salmon and clams to go with the white Bordeaux. Stephen order Oysters for us since he knows that I love the slippery feel as they slide down my throat and my Fox enjoys the after effects. I counted three different people who served us various choices. The menus were in French, with English underneath, and I wished that I were fluent in the language. It was all I could do to read some of it, having only a high school background to help. I needn't have worried, because Stephen ordered for me. He chose a rare Rack of Lamb with garnets of carrots and beans in a crystallized sugar-spice glaze. The main course went just wonderful with the red Bordeaux.

During the meal I noticed that a small red menu insert in the middle of the big menu, and it was unmarked. I opened it up and read:

Desserts Are Optional.*

I thought this was rather odd, and it was the only thing printed on the first page. I turned to the next page, to see an incredible dessert menu, with flambeau this and liquored that. My mouth watered and I had to push the word calories, forcibly, from my mind. It was the third page, which took my breath away! I turned to it and there, in bold red script, it read:


I gasped, and blinked at the words, thinking I might be seeing things ... but I wasn't! I looked straight at Stephen and tilted my menu so he could see. He merely smiled, winked at me and continued his conversation with the other couple. I was certainly intrigued, but before I could say a word, our meal was being served in the most refined manner imaginable. With the sight of the delicacies I forgot about the novelty of page 3.

After a delectable repast, the men smoked their cigars and we ladies sipped a glass of Port. I assumed we were waiting for the cheque, but I was wrong. When our waiter appeared he asked if we would like to view the Dessert menu as he handed each of us the little red menus. I was again confronted with the exquisite cuisine, but, my mind jumped to those two interesting words as I flipped to page three. There it was as bold as before:


I stole a glance at my Fox and he was studying me with a raised brow. He motioned for me to turn to a fourth page, one that had not been there earlier.

I turned the page and gasped. This is what it said:


Penis ala Mode
Tits 'n' Spritz
Whipped Cream Cheeks
Hot Toddy Titties
Black Forrest Pussy
Cream Horn (Twat or Tush)
Texas-sized Twat
Texas-sized Tits
Rings n Things
Suck a Sundae (Penis or Pussy)
Chocolate Pheasant under Ass
Cock de Jour
Bon Soi Suck
Virgin Cherries Jubilee

I could feel myself blushing, both with embarrassment and excitement. I was getting wet, just reading the list of glorious delights! Soft laughter interrupted my gaze, and I looked up to see the twinkle in Stephen's eyes. The waiter returned. I couldn't look at him, and Stephen acknowledged my interest as the waiter instructed our table to follow him toward the back of inside. Before us was a solid oak door with a beautiful brass lock, which the waiter opened with a key. There was only a lock and no doorknob. The door opened we were quickly ushered inside. The door shut behind us with the waiter on the outside. At first, I thought we had merely entered a private dining room. Then, my senses told me, just how private it really was!


Because the room was quite crowded, it was not possible for us to sit together as a foursome. Our companions went one way, while Stephen led me in another direction. I could hardly walk as I looked around in complete shock and disbelief.

Stephen and I were escorted to a table in a small raised alcove with a perfect view of the room. We sat down at the round linen-covered table and made ourselves comfortable, while watching and listening to the sights and sounds in front of us. To the table just down and to the right a man lay on his back and a beautiful brunette with turned up tits and a red velvet cape rode his cock as if she were sitting on a post. Here arms were back and the man's giant cock thrust in and out of her shaved pussy. I felt that my mouth was dropping open, but, I couldn't help myself. I had never seen anything like this in my life!

The waiters were dressed, or lacked dress, similar to the Chippendale's men, except that their ties and pants were rich blown, not black. Most of them had obvious erections. Some of the men had their cocks out and would perform different functions upon request.

The waitresses were all topless and they wore rich brown high-heels, brown vinyl skin-tight pants which were cut out to show their cunts, some had small white aprons and suspenders which left their tits exposed. The men and women servers sometimes brought desserts and sometimes they simply brought administered the sexual pleasure. Some of the waiters/waitresses delivered drinks, but most of them were actively participating in sex, either with or in front of the customers!

Stephen signaled for a waitress and she approached quietly. She had shoulder length curly dark brown hair and bright green eyes. But, that wasn't what kept my attention. Her large, adequate, breasts bounced slightly, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her round rosy nipples. It was obvious that neither could my Fox ... Stephen! Her nips stood out, as if beckoning us. She must have noticed my hungry expression, because she looked directly at me while asking if we had any desires. I gulped, looking at the little red menu while my head was swimming. Finally, I mumbled, pointing at her "roses",

"I ... I'd ... would like to start with those!"

The waitress nodded, as if it were just another dessert order, and looked at Stephen.

"Tits n Spritz!", he said, nodding at her boobs. I was getting hot and cold flashes as my cunt felt decidedly soppy! I wondered if my Fox's cock was hard, so I reached under the table for a feel. My hand covered his stiffness, and his hand tickled my fur as he continued talking to the waitress.

"Do you have a 'Black Forrest Pussy', my dear?", Stephen asked.

She smiled at him, and flipped up her apron to reveal her jet-black curls. I dropped the menu and stuck my free hand on Stephen's, pushing his fingers into my hot pussy. I was almost shaking with lust, but it couldn't be helped, since all around us there was a lot of sucking and fucking going on!

Moans, groans, cries of pain with delight, howls, squeals, whistles and warbles all assembled in the air like one great Sexual Chorus! Penis's shot their wads over chocolate mousse or over beautiful tits. Couples suckled waitresses nipples, asses were flashed, ass holes were being fucked, twats were being sucked and the slurping noise alone was tremendous! All the while the patrons of this luscious establishment were acting as if they were simply enjoying a scrumptious after dinner snack. They acted as if they were sitting at Brahms Concert or the Ballet!

Even my Stephen was licking his chops and dreaming about me ... or our waitress. Suddenly, she hopped up and placed her round, pink ass on the white tablecloth in front of us. She snapped her fingers at a passing waiter and the young stud with a giant erection came over. Out servant, as Stephen called her, requested the following:

Two cans of cold whipped cream
Two long-handled parfait spoons
A bowl of hot fudge
A bowl of shaved almonds
Two spritzer bottles of Champagne

The male servant disappeared on his errand and our Pretty Titty whisked off her little apron, revealing herself to us. She had on the same rich brown outfit with the open snatch and she stood quietly in front of Stephen as he pulled the straps from her shoulders. He removed the upper part of the outfit and our servant stood naked except for the skin tight vinyl leggings, which contrasted beautifully with her soft skin. She took a seat in front of my Stephen and placed her legs up over his shoulders. He took of his velvet jacket and jewelery and she tied her apron around Fox's neck like a bib, so as not to soil the rest of his outfit. I wondered why I didn't get a bib but I was too turned on to be annoyed for long.

"And what shall we call you,", My Fox asked the servant, flashing his wonderful grin.

"My name is Katherine, Sir, but you may address me in any way you wish." Looking past my Fox, she nodded at me, too and I thought, that was something.

"A Kat? A Pussy Kat?", he grinned.

"Here, kitty ... kitty ... kitty!", I blurted, giggling.

She smiled at me, and any annoyance I had felt, vanished. Besides, I thought, pretty soon ... I would have my mouth on her clit! Let her try to ignore me then!

"We'll call you Kat", Stephen said, reaching out to pinch one of her nipples.

In a bold move for me, I reached over and began playing with her other nipple. Kat took a deep breath, seeming to enjoy my touches. I stroked and rubbed it until it was even more erect, like a hard little knob. I did the same to the other and smiled at her as I began to twist and pinch them both more roughly. Stephen was stroking her thighs and her cum drenched curls covering her pussy glistened in the candlelight. As I rubbed her nipples, our gazes locked as if she were telling me she could take anything I could give. I was saying to myself, Oh yeah? Finally, I could stand it no longer, so I leaned over and had a taste if her naughty nips!

When I sucked her left hard nipple into my mouth, she moaned. Good! Kat was even more sensitive than I'd hoped! I began circling her nipple with my tongue, very fast, until she was moaning noticeably. Then I pulled at it with my teeth as I sucked on the tip. I spanked it with my tongue, and she whimpered, "Oh god!", out loud. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Stephen was performing a similar service to her other nipple and I tried to match my sucking to his. This sent her into a frenzy, as she began giving out little high-pitched, "huh ... huh ... huh", sounds. We could smell her hot cunny, as the mucky juice scent rose from her dripping cunt. Stephen had buried two fingers inside Kat and was jiggling them about. I was doing the same to myself.

It was during all this activity that our dessert order arrived. We forced ourselves to stop, and I saw a flash of consternation on Kat's face, but she hid it well. Her nipples were now as long as baby cocks, and I wish she would fuck me with them! Nothing like a good titty fuck to get a girl wet ... wetter!

While I ate my dessert I watched Kat as she stood silently by Stephen. Glancing around I couldn't help but watch the lady at one of the tables. She had brilliant red hair and huge pink areolas around her nipples. She was standing next to the table and her companion was lying on the white linen. She was sucking his cock and either whipped cream or cum dripped from her mouth as the stiff prick slide deep into her throat. Kat was flushed from her forehead down over her breasts. She was breathing heavily but she managed to hand us our "tools of ablution" with a smile. Stephen handed me one of the Champagne Spritzers and we both sprayed her entire body until her skin was shining and dripping with bubbles. Stephen even spritzed her pussy, which made her jump and squeal as she laughed. Immediately we leaned over again to suck the Champaign off her wet nipples. I could taste the zip of the beverage on her skin as I sucked, long and hard, until she cried out. I looked up at her, flicking my tongue, as if to say, "So There!"

Stephen and I took our long spoons and began covering her cunt with fudge. She squirmed but did not protest as the hot sticky stuff clung to her fur. Kat smiled as she lay prone on the table, lifting her legs still over Stephen's shoulders, giving us more room to work and a better view. The fudge was not hot enough to burn, but hot enough to melt into her curls. My Silver Fox began ladling fudge down into her open hole, until it bubbled up with her juices like a sexual cauldron. The thick smell of hot chocolate and hot sex was intoxicating. I was so glad I didn't wear panties that evening, because my own cunny was receiving a major rubbing I squelched my thighs together as I grabbed the almonds and recklessly poured all of them into her seething cunt.

"Hey, look! A Pussy with Nuts!", I laughed. "How unusual!"

"Not from my point of view!", Stephen quipped, and we both cracked up. Next, we took the cold cans of whipped cream and squired the white foam all over her muff and her tits. Then Stephen handed me a spoon and cried, "Time to dig in!" He looked like a kid in a candy shop as he pushed his spoon into Kat's dripping cunt!


My Fox was eating chocolate cum, as he dripped his long spoon deep inside her cunt, and brought out a mound of cum-fudge. I also dipped in, mixing the chocolate and cream together with her luscious juices. We drove our spoons in and scraped the inside of her love canal, occasionally taking turns at her chocolate covered clit. It was "indescribably delicious", like the saying goes. Soon, fudge, nuts, and cream were all over our faces, and her cheeks.

This gave me another idea. I took the last of the cream and squirted it between her cheeks and directly into her asshole. Our Pussy Kat certainly "meowed" at that, but, she never resisted. I knew how much Stephen loved licking "hole-to-hole", and I wanted him to have an extra treat. He thanked me and put his face down so he could further enjoy himself. I was certainly glad he had the bib on!

I stopped eating long enough to tie my hair back and put a napkin around my own neck. Then I shoved my face into her pussy since I had to taste those sweet chocolate-cum drenched lips! Stephen and I took turns licking her, while she had two orgasms in the process. By this time, my Fox and I were fit to burst to be tied, as the saying goes.

In the excitement and passion I vaguely recall letting my hand travel up to flick Kat's left nipple while seeing my Fox do the same to her right. Her arms were out, hands madly gripping the edges of the table, while she continued humping her pussy in our faces. Suddenly, Stephen stopped, as I looked at him, continuing to lap the swollen lips of her chocolate pie. He took a frozen banana from somewhere, and dipped it into the remaining hot fudge. At the same time, he took his long spoon and began using it to open the passage into her asshole. She grunted and gripped his shoulders with her knees, attempting to raise her ass. I spied a velvet cushion nearby, and quickly shoved it under her ass-cheeks. She sighed, closed her eyes, and moaned as my Fox kept on stroking into her slick hole. Finally, he removed the spoon and inserted the frozen fruit!

A high pitched howl went up from our Kat, but, she wasn't complaining. I found that I was envious, because my own twat was soaked! I didn't know if it was permitted, but I decided to throw caution to the winds. I wanted some ... too!

I hoisted my gown and climbed onto the table with our Pussy Kat. Stephen spread my legs and pushed his fingers into my wet pussy. He spread the lips with one hand and with two fingers of his other hand he massaged my dripping cunt until I could stand it no longer. I straddled Kat's face and slowly settled my ass down until I could feel her hot breath on my cunt. Then in a stern voice, I commanded, "LICK ME, BITCH!"

Immediately, her firebrand tongue began to stroke my pussy. I wiggled a bit, jockeying for the best position over her, and felt her warm breath on my cunt-lips. Chills went through me as her hot whip tongue lashed at my steamy lips! I was already moaning and whimpering with pleasure as I watched my Sweetie Fox continue with his frozen fuck of Kat as he spooned the rest of her chocolate-cum-cream. Stephen had his whole face into her cunt, delving deeply into her love canal! I knew he was searching for the rest of those nuts!

Kat tongue-spanked my clit until it became quite hard. I wondered if her's was the same, as I saw my Fox take her clit in his mouth. In just a few minutes her muffled cries told me she was indeed going to cum! This made me move faster, because I wanted us to cum together. As I felt the hot rush of my own juices, I decided to forget all civility and began pulling up my dress further and further! I could see Stephen's eyes watching me intently as I rode her face, as if daring me to do it! After a small struggle, I got the dress off and flung it to the floor. I was now naked, save for my thigh high boots!

I heard a cheer from the crowd behind us, and knew that we had an audience! This only made me hotter as I was completely unencumbered and uninhibited! It was the sexiest, most delicious feeling I can remember. I leaned forward so that my hard nipples rubbed against Kat's abdomen, and I felt her tits against my warm skin! I wiggled back and forth, up and down, feeling her fuckable nips, and loving it! I had a close-up view now of her dessert-cunt. I wanted more!

My Fox had finished eating her fudge-cunt so I gave him a long French kiss, rewarding him for his efforts. His mouth tasted like Rocky Road Pussy! It gave me an idea, but first, I wanted to give Stephen a distraction to play with! I whispered into his ear, and he looked surprised for a moment. But, I nodded, and he got up and went around behind us, leaving me to fuck Kat with the softening banana. I could hear him unzipping his pants as another cheer went up from the larger crowd now gathered around our table! I assumed, rightly so, that this happened because of his impressive cock!

It wasn't but a moment when I could feel my Fox's hands on the cheeks of my butt and I felt his cock-head rub my asshole. I spread my legs so that he could open my ass and probe it more fully with his fine prick! His hands were very warm on my butt-cheeks, and my heart beat faster as I anticipated his entry! Perhaps it was because her tongue and his cock were shaking my concentration, or, maybe it was just engrossed in pumping the banana into Kat's ass, but all at once, the banana broke in half. I gasped as I looked at my hand seeing half a fruit, knowing that the other half was deep inside Kat's asshole!

"Oh shit!", I cried, covering my mouth with the hand holding the half-fruit. Unconsciously, I took a bite of the banana, feeling the soft texture and tasting Kat's rich cum, I decided that the only thing I could was to eat the other half out of her ass. I gave the piece of banana I was holding to Stephen, who devoured the fruit, and I lowered my lips, covering Kat's asshole. I put my hands on her stomach and pushed, creating pressure and soon the banana eased from her ass into my mouth. It was still cold and a bit mushy on the outside now. It took a long time to eat the banana out of her ass since I had to stop and chew each bite. It was sort of like eating a Banana Split, but with the added muskiness of her ass. When I pulled out the last piece with my tongue, it made a loud squelchy popping sound. But, I wasn't finished quite yet! I looked around and found the second banana and a can of whipped cream. I doused the banana with the white cream and slid it into her ass while the hole was still open. I squirted the rest of the cream over her banana stuffed asshole and her soft cheeks. I wanted to shoot a rest of the can into her cunt, but, damn it, the can emptied before I was finished!

I was about to stick my face between her cheeks when remembered Stephen's cock and felt his prick as he rammed the full length into my slippery asshole until his balls slapped my butt-cheeks! My Fox's Titanic-Cock hit me like an Iceberg, rubbing the sides inside my ass!

Our Pussy-Kat was still making heavenly sounds as she licked my snatch. It seemed her never tiring tongue would stroke me into melted bliss! She found my special place below my clit, just above Stephen's ass-cock and she created tingles of rapture, which shot through my ass and down my thighs!

My Fox may be Silver, but with age he has gained a lustful, more experienced, manner with me. Stephen is a sweet, sassy, experienced lover, and he always makes sure that his lady is truly satisfied, IN THE END, as the saying goes ... and where he happened be have his cock, if you know what I mean!

The Silver Fox's Fucking Cock pulsed and moved, in and out, ramming my begging ass like an oil well pump searching for black gold. I could feel his burning balls against my soft cool cheeks as they flapped against my butt with each stroke. I strained my tongue, pushing deeper inside Kat's ass, licking all the warm sweet cream. My fingers searched through her lusty lips, and further inside her river-tunnel, for more cream to wipe around my tongue. The two of us bucked against one another, and it was almost as if the Silver Fox was fucking both of us at one time!

I wailed into her hole as I felt my climax beginning, and then heard an echo from her, as her cum bubbled, washing up and over my hand, my throat, my tits ... My Fox, in a slow controlled rhythm, increased his obvious pleasure, as he moved steady in and out of my asshole. I reached under my dripping cunt , grabbing my Fox's balls, as he shook with orgasmic desire and rammed his cock home like a torpedo hitting my ass! I bucked to meet him, also feeling my own gush of cum fall onto Kat's face, like a small Niagara!!

Unfortunately ... all good Things must Cum to an End.

Stephen's cock started to shrink in my asshole and Kat's pussy stopped moving as I sucked the last bit of cum from her hole and I lay limp as she licked my sore pussy-lips. Sadly ... our all-good things were also cumming to an end. As Stephen removed his cock from my ass and Kat and I sat up on the table, we realized that we had all reached sexual fulfillments. I reached behind Kat's neck and drew her to me, parting her lips with my tongue and passionately kissing her cum soaked mouth. I gazed at Stephen as if to ask if we could take Kat home with us, but, I knew the answer without asking. She sat there, all wet and flushed, her nipples still hard as nails. Without a word, she reached over and pulled Stephen close to the table, lowered her head toward his dripping penis, pulled his toward her and pushed her lips around his shrinking cock. My Fox rammed his semi-soft cock deep into her throat, then, pulled the cock-head from her mouth. Again he rammed her, and again, as his prick got stiff.

I played with myself for a few minutes as I watched him fuck Kat's mouth as if he were possessed. I removed my fingers and sucked my rich cum until my Fox shot his last drop is cum deep into Kat's throat and when she finally finished, she let his cock drop from her lips and he let out a long sigh of satisfaction.

Obviously finished with our Sexual Desserts and Stephen motioned to a male servant, who came to the table with a trey of hot towels. Kat took the towels, one at a time, wiping my tits, ass, cunt, thighs with the warm towels. She then cleaned Stephen's cock and ass. When my Fox and I were clean we put on out clothes and another male servant set a bowl of Cherry's Jubilee on the table and lit the Brandy, which burst into flames. I whispered to Stephen, asking if we could take Kat home, but he shook his head, saying that she belonged to the house, but he would see if he could work out some arrangement. I then asked if I could clip Kat and Stephen snapped his fingers at a male servant who approached carrying a box. he opened the lid and Stephen took a pair of clothes clips and handed them to me. I kissed Kat softly, one last time, as she stood by the table, her pussy covered in cream and cum, with the flickering light from the flaming dessert danced over her naked body. I whispered to her that I would love to take her home for another dinner but she only looked down and did not reply. I fastened one clip to her right nipple and heard a soft his as she sucked her breath through her teeth. I fastened the other to her left nip and she clinched but said nothing. Stephen and I finished out second desert while Kat stood silently watching.

I looked around to see that about a third of the people room had been watching our show. I felt so good that I wasn't even embarrassed. I smiled at the onlookers and said, "Sorry ... y'all ... the show's over for tonight!"

Some guy toward the back yelled, "We can make other arrangements, Sweet Ass", and with that Stephen motioned and a couple of huge male servants took the guy and threw him out. Everyone laughed as the Ass Hole was eighty-sixed, and for the first time I realized just how powerful my Fox, Stephen, was. The crowd dispersed as I took a warm towel and wiped Katherine's soft skin. Stephen kissed Kat on her red lips, and thanked her for a lovely dessert. I held her hand, hesitating to make any move, but she would have none of it. Kat leaned over and French kissed me, long and hard.

Her eyes sparkled as she moved her hand, pressing on my warm cunt through the soft gown. She softly whispered, "Thanks for the tip!"


Stephen and I walked out of the Dessert Room and through the main dining room as we exited the restaurant. It was very late but the dining area was still full. I whispered into Stephen's ear, asking how many people knew about the special dessert we had just had. Stephen winked at me and said it was a very exclusive club. I guess the couple that came with up had already left since the chauffeur brought the limousine to the front and Stephen and I got in alone.

"So ... ", I quipped, sitting in the back of the limousine listening to soft music, "Do you take all your girlfriends for Dessert?"

"Only the ones who taste like You!", he winked, squeezing my hand.

"Do any really taste as good as I do", I whispered?

"None!", answered my Fox, softly toughing my mouth with his lips.

"Um", I whispered, " ... are you too tired for a Midnight Snack?"

Stephen simply smiled, leaned back into the soft cushions and held me softly. My hand was resting in his lap and I felt a slight movement in his pants. I settled back in his arms for the nice ride home.

"After all, it was only 11:30."

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