(S)EX HUSBANDS ( Part 2 )

By Alison & Alan Adair

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Wow! What great responses we have gotten from many of you regarding our adventures. We really appreciate hearing from you and are glad you are reading our stories. I especially enjoy hearing how many of you are able to cum while reading. Keep those titillating messages coming. This time I promise to try to stick to the subject and get all the way through.

When last I wrote, Rick and I had conceived our daughter, Rochelle, in our first night of love and passion. We were married during the next week in a small civil ceremony and began our new life together filled with undying love and fidelity for each other.

During the first six months of my pregnancy, we couldn't get enough of each other's body. We managed to fuck and suck each other in every conceivable orifice and manner. Rick was the first man ever to put his cock up my ass, and I loved every inch of it. I couldn't get enough of his cock and cum and used every available means to ensure that I got every ounce of semen from the base of his root. Many times he could hardly walk in the mornings, nor could I.

As we approached my seventh month of pregnancy, Rick seemed to be less willing or enthusiastic to use my body the way it wanted to be used. Where he used to delight in watching me undress, or join me in the shower, he reached the point where he would leave the room when I changed clothes. .

He was always still rock-hard when we were in bed and eagerly awaited my tongue being wrapped around his dick, but grew reluctant to take my clothes off, or to fuck me the way I wanted to be fucked. My only pleasure from him was when he would reach over and massage my clit under my nightgown. Not wanting to hurt his feelings or start a fight, I chalked it off as being due to the sight of the enormous belly and huge tits I had acquired.

After Rochelle was born, our sex life returned to being very much what it had been when we were first married. We were again fucking like rabbits and my puss was getting all the workout it could handle. I quickly lost my maternity weight and with vigorous exercise in addition to the gymnastics being performed in our bedroom, I was soon back to my pre-pregnancy self. I had very slight stretch marks that were not unsightly.

A year and a few months after Rochelle was born, I discovered that I had again become pregnant. I was very excited, but Rick was less enthusiastic. We both had to work to make ends meet, and I had to hire a babysitter to take care of Rochelle. Rick was working an eight to five shift at the lumberyard, but I was working a noon to eight shift as a waitress. I had hired a seventeen year old high school girl named Tina, who was getting early release from school during her senior year. She needed the money to save for college and worked from eleven in the morning until Rick got home shortly after five. She was great with Rochelle, and took very good care of her.

Again in the sixth month of my pregnancy, I noticed a sharp decline in the quality and quantity of sex between Rick and me. This time, he didn't even seem to want to touch me, or for me to touch him. I was extremely frustrated but felt it would pass after the baby was born.

On Saturday mornings, I used to love to awaken Rick by taking his flaccid, uncircumcised cock fully into my mouth, then slowly move my lips up and down until his tall soldier came to attention. I would teasingly hold the top of his foreskin closed with my teeth, until the tip of his penis begged to be released. Rick loved this wake-up ritual, or at least he used to. Now he would move my head away and roll over, telling me he wanted to sleep.

One afternoon while at work, I became very nauseous, and felt extremely tired. Because business was slow, my very understanding boss told me to go ahead and head for home to get some rest. I arrived home at about 4:45 and was surprised to see Rick's truck was already in the driveway.

As I walked in, the house seemed incredibly quiet. I had not said anything to announce my presence, but moved down the hallway towards the bedrooms. I looked in Rochelle's room and was surprised to find her taking a nap. I heard noises from farther down the hall emanating from the master bedroom.

As I opened the door, Rick was naked, standing in the middle of the room in front of the mirror. Tina's body was covering up his nudity, as he was holding her upside down. His cock was completely inside her mouth and about as far down her throat as he could get it. She had one hand cradling his low-hanging balls, and was playing with one of her own nipples, which protruded, over the top of her bra.

Rick hadn't even noticed I was there, as he was so intent on sucking her juicy pussy through her panties. Correction - I shouldn't have said her panties. Her clothes were all piled neatly on a chair, and she was wearing the lavender bra and panty set that had been my present from Rick before our first fuck together.

I was beside myself with anger and was ready to kill them both. Rick dropped Tina in a heap when he realized I was there, and started sputtering some bullshit explanation that was supposed to make things better. Believe it or not, he tried to tell me that the two of them had never fucked, as though that was supposed to make everything better. Tina was even nitwit enough to suggest that I take my clothes off and try a threesome, as she wanted to suck on a pussy while she stroked Rick's cock.

I picked up the pile of Tina's clothes and raced to the front door and threw them as far out into the street as I could. When I got back to the bedroom, Rick had his pants on, but Tina just sat there with a baffled look on her face. I grabbed as many of Rick's clothes as I could and ran and threw them out after Tina's. Then I ordered them both out of the house and told them never to come back. I think they were both afraid of what I would do next as I went and retrieved Rick's pistol from his nightstand. Tina made a mad dash to the street in my underwear to get something to cover herself with. Rick left with Tina in the truck and needless to say, became ex-husband number one.

Three months later, I gave birth to daughter number two, Jamie, and decided that I would be the best single mom I could be. I moved back to my own hometown and rented a small house close to my parents. Mom was a godsend and willingly agreed to baby-sit her granddaughters until I could get on my feet and make other arrangements. Rick was somewhat decent about the divorce and sent meager child support payments on a regular basis.

I was able to use the office skills I had acquired in my earlier work and got myself a pretty good job working in a finance company. My girls were getting bigger and I had worked my way into the position of office manager, without having to fuck or suck anyone to get the job, although I often thought about it.

I was getting very hot and horny, and certainly didn't plan to give up my sex-life forever. One night, my girlfriend, Kate, suggested that we make a night of it, and go out on the town. This was a small town and there was only one nightclub, so you couldn't be choosy. I told Kate that I was more than willing, and was horny enough to look towards snagging a sack partner for the evening. We arranged for Kate to pick me up at eight, and I left the kids with my mom for overnight.

I started with a nice, warm, luxurious bubble bath and ended by using a strawberry flavored douche. I selected my outfit very carefully, and began with a pink, lacy, satin thong panty, together with a matching half-bra that snapped in the front. My dark aureoles surrounding my nipples were clearly visible through the satiny material. Over the top of my underwear, I wore a skin-tight pair of white slacks with a pink satin tank top, which displayed my cleavage to best advantage. In the right light, the slacks were almost see-through which I felt could be helpful in the right circumstances. I must admit that I felt extremely sexy in this outfit, and in my hot condition, knew I would be attractive bait to some unsuspecting stud.

When Kate and I entered The Pinnacle, all eyes seemed to turn toward us. Kate was wearing an outfit as seductive as mine, and together we felt we could own the place. Dancing had already started, but we found a table close to the dance floor and ordered margaritas. The drinks hadn't even been served yet, when I saw a man leave his friend at the bar and head in our direction.

He introduced himself as Tony, made the usual small talk about not seeing us in there before, etc. etc., then finally asked me to dance. As he led the way through the crowd to the floor, I almost drooled over how tight his butt looked in his Levis. He was wearing a maroon, silky shirt buttoned only about one button above his navel, and a gold necklace with a cross hanging from it. He was a distinctly Latin-lover type and I was looking forward to seeing his moves on the dance floor. He was definitely a man on the make.

As I expected, Tony proved to be a fantastic dancer, straight out of "Saturday Night Fever". All he was missing was the white sport coat. He was very hot looking, and my frequent glances at the bulge in the front of his pants told me that I had found what I was looking for to comfort me during the night.

Tony's friend, Ken, had moved over to our table and was dancing with Kate. I could tell she was also lustfully enamored with Ken. The four of us got along very cordially and danced almost every dance. We had several more drinks, which the guys obligingly paid for and were beginning to feel really good. Kate and I went to the ladies room together, where I admitted to her that I was ready to head for home and have my brains fucked out. Kate readily agreed, and suggested that we go to my house to continue getting to know the guys better.

The guys were very receptive and I rode home with Tony while Kate took Ken in her car. While we were in the car, Tony lit up a joint and asked if I would like some. I had never tried it before, but was in the mood to try anything. When we arrived at my house, I found out the same thing had happened in Ken's car, although Kate admitted that this wasn't her first time.

I made drinks for everyone and turned on the music. Tony and Ken passed around another two joints that really mellowed everyone out. Although I hadn't started the evening with any inhibitions anyway, what few I might have had were long gone. Tony and I started dancing to a slow song, and about thirty seconds after we started dancing, I was crushed against the front of him, and his hands were exploring every part of my butt. I was certainly turned on and began exploring his butt on my own. I could feel his bulge growing in front while his hands continued to roam, and he slowly began nuzzling my neck, then kissing me with his tongue continuing further exploration as it sought to mate with my tongue.

My tits were rock-hard and wanted to feel Tony's tongue all over them. To say my pussy was moist would be an understatement. Ken and Kate were also dancing and engaged in the same type of activity. I took Tony by the hand and led him off to my bedroom without Ken or Kate even taking notice. The minute we were in the room, I stripped out of my tank top, and pulled Tony's face to my breasts. I think he would have preferred to stare at them for a while, but I needed his tongue to touch them. His long wet tongue began flicking the nipples hidden just below the top of my bra. As his tongue tried to get deeper into the cup, his chin deftly provided the pressure to undo the front snaps, allowing both tits their freedom.

His lips began sucking my left nipple while the right one awaited attention as well. I began rubbing the right one while wishing that God had given Tony two mouths. As he continued to suck, moving gently from one nipple to the other, I had my first screaming climax in almost a year and a half. Tony hadn't even touched my pussy yet, but I was already totally over the top.

I was now standing there in just my slacks with my bare chest exposed. I decided that turnabout was fair play and unbuttoned and removed Tony's shirt. His chest was matted with sparse, black hair, and I moved down to suck on his nipples, which were as erect as mine.

I could tell that that wasn't the only thing that was erect, and knew that I wanted every inch of his cock, both to taste and to have buried deep in my wet pussy. My hand quickly undid his belt and the button to his pants. As I moved my hand down into his waistband, his fly slid all the way open. I was somewhat surprised to find that he wasn't wearing the standard men's underwear, but was, in fact, wearing a jock strap. I was somewhat mystified about his choice of underwear until I pulled down on the strap and was staring at what was the longest cock I had ever seen, before or since. This was a ten-inch long hunk of meat that was throbbing with a pulse of its own in one vein, which ran the full length. The tip of his penis was obviously engorged with as much blood as it could hold, and the skin looked like it was ready to burst at any minute.

He quickly slipped out of his pants as I dropped down onto my knees and stared in astonishment. Tony pulled my head away so he could look at me and said, "It's all yours, baby. You can have the whole thing." I eagerly approached it with my lips open, and slowly ingested as much of it as I could. Before I could even get seven inches of it down my throat, I experienced my second climax of the evening, without even having touched my tits or my pussy lips. When I climaxed, my throat and lips automatically closed down on Tony's prick. I could tell that he was enjoying every minute of it. He obviously wanted to cum, but also didn't want it to be over so quickly.

I was totally amazed at Tony's staying power as I slurped my way up and down his shaft for several minutes. My one hand reached under for his sack and softly gripped two gonads that were the size of golf balls. They were both hard as rocks, and tightly stretched the skin of his scrotum. I took a few seconds off from enjoying his cock to slip each one of his balls gently into my mouth. I kissed them each eagerly and went back to enjoying his ruler.

By this time I knew that I very much wanted to have Tony's cock in three places at once ... my pussy, my mouth and my ass. Knowing that I couldn't have all three, I was willing him to cum in my mouth first. I wanted so badly to taste his juices, but figured I would probably have my oral cavity filled to overflowing.

Tony had other things in mind and gently extricated his Lucas dick from my lips and throat. Softly, he lifted me up with his hands on the sides of my head. I still had my slacks on as Tony laid me down on the bed. My back was on the mattress, but my legs were still on the floor. There was a wet spot about six inches wide on the front of my slacks. Thong underwear doesn't do a very good job of soaking up pussy juice. Tony lay on top of me holding my hands over my head. His dangling cross felt cold and sensuous as it tickled my tits. Gently he offered tender kisses all over my face working his way down to passionate kisses on my lips, flicking bits of his tongue into my mouth to meet with mine.

He worked his way down with kisses on my neck, finally getting back to my tits. Both nipples were swollen and ready. I can't describe the tenderness with which he ministered to each of them. While he tried to see that he paid complete attention to both left and right, his hands worked their way down and were slowly pulling down my slacks. He was very careful not to include my panties, but wanted me lying there, on my back, in just my satin thong. He kissed my stomach, and teased my navel with his tongue. His cross-touched my hard clit and I could feel it through my panties. He moved his head down over my material covered mound, teasingly kissing and licking as he went. Before I knew what was happening, Tony rolled me up onto my right side.

I was curious as to his intent, but was delighted to find that he was finally removing my panties - using nothing but his mouth. My whole body trembled as his lips explored the crack of my ass, while he struggled to get the back of my thong into his teeth. I was a trembling wreck when he finally managed it and pulled downward with his jaw. When he was satisfied that he had it down far enough , he rolled me onto my back again and sought to get a good grip on the skimpy panty material in the front. I thought my cunt would explode before he finally accomplished his mission.

By this time, I was so ready for him, I begged him, "Please put it in me. Fuck my cunt! I want you deep within me. I want all of it in me". Tony partially obliged me by lifting my legs off the floor and draping them on the tops of his shoulders. Using one hand, he put just the tip of his penis into my soaking wet labial lips, then moved slowly, ever so slowly, in and out, in and out, in and out. This slow motion fuck brought on climax number three in a slow, building crescendo. My body began to shake with the exhilaration. Still, Tony had not cum. I don't know how he had the willpower.

Now I began again to beg him to put it all the way in. I wanted to feel how deep inside of me it could get. He answered this request, all the time showing concern and tenderness. "Ram that thing in", I begged. "I want to have it all", I pleaded. Finally I felt his giant balls slapping against my ass. His hands were firmly on my hips, pulling me towards him as he continued to stand. He spent three full minutes, ramming that thick hunk of delicious meat into my pussy lips. At the start of climax number four I asked Tony to marry me. I just had to have this wonderful cock for the rest of my life. Tony still had not cum, and I was beginning to wonder if there was something the matter with me.

Tony pulled out of me and turned me over so I was kneeling on the edge of the mattress. He was still standing behind me with his huge cock dripping from my juices. His prick was so large that it did not point upwards, because of its sheer weight. Tony grabbed his penis with one hand, and spread the cheeks of my ass with the other. My greatest desire was about to come true. What started in my mouth, had continued to my pussy, and was now finally going to be in my ass. I wasn't certain if he could get the whole thing in, and my sphincter began to pucker at the thought of it. Tony urged me to relax a little, and pushed just the head in. The feeling was heavenly, and Tony continued to work his cock in, a little further with each thrust. I couldn't see if he managed to get all of it in, but what was there was certainly enjoyable. He continued to ride me this way for another two or three minutes, but he still hadn't cum.

When he finally pulled out, I ran into the bathroom and got a soapy washcloth, towel, and some moisturizing lotion. After cleaning him off, I again knelt down in front of him and spread lotion on my hands. I was bound and determined that he was going to have at least one gigantic orgasm, caused by me. I began using both hands on his massive cock, making certain that my grip was tight. I drew my hands slowly down the length of his dick, starting at the base and pinching gently but firmly at the tip. Tony's eyes rolled back in his head and I could tell that he was finally close to cumming. I reached under his balls and shoved my lubricated middle finger as far up his ass as I could get it. This certainly seemed to do the trick, because as I begin to wiggle my finger, I could feel his juice begin its way up his shaft.

Tony cried out, "Oh fuck!", at full volume knowing his release was in sight. I barely closed my eyes in time to avoid getting warm, sticky semen in them. Tony seemed to pump it out in gallons. The first stream hit me right between the eyes and ran down my face, some into my mouth, and much of it down my chin and onto my tits.

Tony picked me up and we lay together on the bed in each other's arms. I couldn't believe how incredible the night had been. All I knew was that I wanted that cock for the rest of my life. I again asked Tony to marry me, and we sought out the Justice of the Peace the next day. Just as men are often admonished not to think with their pricks, neither should women let their pussies rule their emotions. The evening did not end there, but developed into a foursome. I'll save that story for later telling.

Within a week of our marriage, Tony began asking me if I would mind being filmed while we fucked. He kept telling me how incredible I was, and how much money we could make if we sold the films. It turned out that Tony made his living as a porno film star. That explained his magnificent staying power. He was used to staying hard for several hours at a time, while fucking women in every imaginable way. During our week of marriage, Tony managed to fuck me in a lot of different positions. I must admit that, although I miss that massive cock of his, I didn't want to explain to my children or my parents what Tony did for a living. My parents never even knew I got married for the second time.

Tony didn't like having the kids around and we parted amicably. I agreed to fuck him whenever he came to town. We got together several times for incredible sex sessions, but I finally moved again to be with Alan, and conveniently forgot to tell Tony where I was moving to. As far as I know, he has never made any effort to locate me. If you ever see any of Tony's fuck films, you'll know him because he always wears his cross. It's his trademark. You can also tell it's him by the ten-inch piece of dangling meat I fell in love with. It was incredibly hard for me to watch videotapes of Tony fucking other women.

Thus ends the story of my two marriages. Again, I hope you enjoyed them. I found writing these to be very erotic, and often had to take time out to enjoy myself before I could continue. If you would like to hear more, please contact Alison , or you can contact Alan . Thanks again for reading our stories.

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