By Alison & Alan Adair

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Many thanks to those of you that wrote to Alan and I regarding "Siblings". Your words were very encouraging and have convinced us to go further in our saga. In our relationship, I draft up the basics and Alan does the editing. He is the English major in the family.

In writing my story, I am reminded of the old joke that "...she swallowed a pin when she was 12 and didn't feel the prick until she was 16." In my case, that is true. My very first experience at actually getting fucked took place when I was a junior in high school. My previous experiences with Alan taught me a lot about both my body, and the male anatomy. I wasn't quite prepared for my first experience however.

I wasn't the best looking girl in my high school, but I wasn't considered a dog either. Although it was a small high school, we had about 100 members of each class. When I was a junior, I was on the cheerleading squad. I was madly in love with the star receiver for our football team. His name was Jason. Of course, my adoration for him was always from a distance. I didn't even think he knew who I was until one day after school on game day, he came up to me at my locker and asked if he could take me home. I was wearing my rally outfit that we always wore on game days. I almost melted right on the spot, as my girlfriends were standing around waiting to see what I would say. Of course I said yes. I had to be cool.

Jason had a tricked-out van that was about the neatest thing you would ever see. As I later found out, it had a futon in the back which made into a comfortable little bed. After leaving the school, Jason asked if I had to get right home. I said no, and he offered to take me for a drive so we could talk. I readily agreed because I really wanted to get to know him better. He was very entertaining while we drove and I found myself falling more and more in love with him. We ended up at Viewpoint Park, supposedly to talk.

Jason crawled into the back, then asked me if I wanted to come back and get a soft drink from the cooler he kept there. While I moved between the seats, Jason snapped on an overhead light. As I surveyed the supply of soft drinks, Jason leaned over and kissed me. His kiss somewhat surprised me, but also delighted me. I kept thinking, "he really likes me". His kisses grew more passionate, and I responded in kind. Before I knew it, his tongue and mine were wrapped around each other and I began to breathe heavily. I could feel both of my nipples standing at attention, and my pussyy begin to get moist.

I have to admit that I was enjoying Jason's advances, and before I knew it he had his hands under my cheerleading sweater, and was massaging my breasts. Although this was proceeding a lot faster than I ever anticipated, I was highly turned on by Jason's actions. He lightly brushed the tips of my nipples with his fingers, and managed to lift my sports bra up so that both breasts were exposed. His lips moved from my lips, to my neck, then down to where he could kiss each nipple separately. I remember moaning softly with my eyes closed and rolled back in my head. When he started sucking my tits, I knew I was fighting a losing battle against my own emotions, but I wanted him to love me so badly.

I began massaging his rock-hard erection through his jeans, while enjoying his lips on my tits. It seemed to be pulsing within his pants. Finally, he rose to his knees and asked me to undo his belt.. I willingly did this, thinking that I would love to taste his cock, the same way I had done Alan so many times. In my own mind I began to wonder if it would taste differently - if his cum would have a different flavor to it.

Throughout all this, I kept noticing a bright flash of light every few minutes. Jason told me that he had a short circuit in one of his lights that kept arcing, but there was nothing to worry about. He encouraged me to sit back and relax and enjoy the moment.

I got his belt undone and his fly down, and his cock was ready to burst from the front of his bikini briefs. It was the most gorgeous looking cock I had ever seen (of course the only other one I had seen in person was Alan's). The front of his underwear was already wet from his pre-cum. As soon as I freed it from his underwear, I took the whole thing into my mouth. I was in heaven, and began seeing more of the bright flashes.

Jason moved over the top of me so he could be in the 69 position. My rally skirt was over my hips, but my panty briefs were still on. He began kissing the inside of my thighs, and moved his mouth up over my pussyy. I was still sucking on his big, strong, dick while playing with his balls that were bouncing over my eyes. I started rubbing one finger along the ridge of his asshole, while moving my pussyy up and down towards his mouth. He pulled the edges of my panties aside, enough to get his tongue partially in my clit. I kept thinking that this was the most wonderful thing in the world. I still kept seeing flashes.

Finally, Jason started sliding my panties and skirt off. I thought that now I would get a good tongue lashing. I was really excited about it, but at the last minute, Jason whirled around and plunged his seven inch cock all the way into my pussyy all at one time. Let me tell you, it hurt like hell. I was still a virgin. If my pussyy hadn't been worked up and juicy, I don't think I could have taken it. As I tried to push him off me, he pinned me down. It only took about three strokes before I felt his cum gushing forth deep in my vagina.

Let me tell you, I was scared shitless. I certainly hadn't intended to get myself fucked in this way. I thought I was in love, but it turned out that Jason was simply in lust. I began crying and told Jason to take me home. He kept yelling at me not to tell anyone or he would get kicked off the team. That seemed to be all that mattered to him. He never said he was sorry or anything. When I got home I went right into the bathroom and did about six deep, deep douches. I was so scared I was going to get pregnant. I wasn't really too steamed about being raped, because I probably would have let him do it anyway, if he had been nicer about it. I was pretty fucking horny by the time he got my panties off anyway.

I managed to get through the game that night, but Jason came up again and said I better not tell anyone, or I'd be sorry. The next day at school, in my locker were pictures of me with Jason's cock in my mouth, me with my bare tits, me with my bare pussyy, but nothing with Jason's face in them. A note had been stuffed in with them, saying these could get around if I wasn't careful. This cock sucker had rigged a camera in the back of his van. He wasn't really interested in me, only in the pictures. What a true asshole he was. It turns out that he had done the same thing with some of the other girls, but they weren't upset because they wanted to be fucked by him.

That's how I learned the difference between love and lust. Over the years, I have been in love several times, and I have been in lust several times. I have been married twice.

My first husband, Rick, I met when I worked in a lumberyard office. Rick was the warehouse foreman. I was nineteen at the time and Rick was twenty. He was one gorgeous hunk of a man, and he started courting me just about the day I was hired. We hit it off real well, and he was always a true gentleman. We had dated about six times and Rick began to talk about sex. I was ready to give in to him, but didn't want to appear too easy.

We went to have a special dinner one night when Rick gave me a present. I opened the box to find that he had bought me a lavender bra and bikini panty set. He told me that he would really like to see me in it. I suggested that he come to my house, and I would be pleased to model it for him. The trip home went very fast, as Rick was doing well over the speed limit.

I went to change while Rick mixed drinks. When I came out wearing a silk kimono over my new lingerie, the lights were down low and Rick was standing there. I could already see a big bulge that he didn't seem to be too embarrassed about. We kissed very deeply and passionately. Rick's lips began moving down my face and neck while he played with my hair with one hand. As I tilted my head up to give him more neck to kiss, I felt his other hand free the belt of the kimono.

He stood away slightly so he could see how well his present fit. I must admit he did a fine job of picking as everything fit just about right. The bra was a half-bra and barely held all of my tits. The material did cover the nipples though. Rick reached out and held my tits in his hands. He continued to kiss me deeply as I reached down and rubbed him.

I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands down his hairy chest. I stopped and plucked at his nipples with my fingers, while he continued massaging my tits. This was the most perfect, most romantic, moment I had ever imagined in my life.

I knelt down in front of him and began to undo his belt. Then I undid the button on top of the fly, then the fly itself. Rick's hands were on top of my head as I began to pull the fly down one or two little clicks at a time. I hadn't seen his cock before, and I wanted to be certain I would remember every minute of it. I stopped prolonging his agony and pulled the fly all the way down. I pulled off his jeans and left him standing there with the top of his cock protruding from the top of his underwear.

When I pulled down the waistband of his briefs, I was very pleased to see that his cock was proportional to the rest of his body. It was one gorgeous hunk of meat. Eight inches easily of round, uncircumcised cock. The tip was angry red and gorged with blood. I moved my lips over the tip and sucked it as far into my mouth as I could. Thank God for all those sucking lessons from Alan. I knew exactly what to do to please a man.

Rick kept his hands on my head and began fucking my lips by thrusting his hips hard at me while pulling my head towards him. I was in total ecstasy. I sucked him deeply into my throat for about two minutes before I pulled away. As much as I wanted to taste his load of cum, I also wanted him to enjoy me.

He knelt down beside me and laid me down carefully on the thick carpet. He reached behind and undid my bra, to free my tits for further pleasures. He began sucking violently on each nipple, occasionally grabbing each one in his teeth and stretching it out slightly. Always being very gentle but passionate.

By this time there was a very large purple stain on the front of my lavender panties. Rick's hand moved down between my legs and he began caressing me through the material. It was my turn to grab his head and guide it down from my tits to my pussy. In anticipation of this evening, I had taken time to trim my pubic hairs, so there were no loose pubies to get in his mouth. He slowly pulled down my panties while gently kissing all around my pleasure mound. Flicking reaches of his tongue began to hit their target. I thought to myself, "It doesn't get any better than this." I begged him to suck on my clit. He willingly agreed to my request. My pussyy was putting out juice so freely, that some was actually dripping off Rick's chin.

I was more than ready for him to plunge his cock deep into me. I got him on top of me and put both my legs on his shoulders. I wanted him to be deep inside of me. His cock felt so great, sliding in and out rhythmically, in and out gently, gently. Now with a greater passion, he stuck it in as far as it would go while his balls crashed against my bare ass. I felt his load dump deep within me as his body shook with the climax. I had gone over the top myself, just moments before.

We both lay there, panting heavily, trying to get our breathing back under control. Rick's dick had gone limp, and was now hanging to one side, back to about his normal five inches. I moved my head down his chest and began gently licking him. I wanted so badly to know what I tasted like from the juices on his cock. Although the angry, red tip had drawn back into its skin sheath, as I licked I saw it start to peek through again. At first Rick started to protest, but then thought better of it and lay back down to enjoy it. I breathed new life into his cock and began moving my head up and down. There were still small bits of his cum left on the head that I lapped up immediately.

I worked my head up and down for several minutes, trying to help him work up a fresh set of cum for me to taste. He moaned softly as I continued to minister to him. I could tell that his cock still had something left, but wasn't going to part with it easily. As I continued to move my head up and down his shaft, I reached behind him and slightly spread his ass cheeks with two fingers. I moistened my middle finger on one hand with saliva and thrust it violently up his ass. He responded the way I thought he would and I was soon sucking on a raging hard-on.

My finger continued to work in unison with my mouth and Rick didn't stand a chance. I could feel the large wad of cum as it came up his shaft. I was ready for it and took every bit of it into my mouth. The taste was incredible. I loved every ounce of it.

We spent the rest of the night in each other's arms, and professed our incredible love for each other. Rick asked me to marry him and I quickly agreed. Little did we know at that time that we had conceived our first child in this night of passion. Our beautiful baby girl, Rochelle, was born nine months later.

This story has gotten much too long. I had intended to deal with the subject of both my ex-husbands and how they got to be ex's. Perhaps the next installment of the saga will be shorter. If you would like to hear more, please contact Alison , or you can contact Alan . Thanks again for reading our stories.

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