Seventh Year Anniversary

By John C.
Loving Husband of Sally C.

We just celebrated our seventh year anniversary. It was that day, that I got the material to write this story.

Sally is a great wife. We have always enjoyed a very active sex life. We get along so well. We share many things in life together. As much as I really enjoy our normal married life with her. I must admit our sex life is what really makes our marriage work.

When it comes to sex. Sally is the best ever. In fact, Sally even let me get her involved in a weekend three-way affair with another woman I had met on a business trip. She wants it and takes it anyway that our imagination can think it up. She enjoys sucking me off whenever I need it. I can use her mouth, pussy or asshole at the drop of my pants. Regardless of where we are. (well at least not in our own hometown area) Many an innocent bystander has watched us as I crammed my oversized cock into one of her open holes. She enjoys having other men and women watch us. We have learned, from the comments we receive, that most voyeurs enjoy watching me finish her off, by filling her mouth with my cock and then my cum. She has a face and mouth that is just absolutely sexy when she is spreading her painted lips around my cock.

Many men have begged a woman two or us to allow them to join in our little twists,. Sally enjoyed the woman I brought home for her that one time. But she has never expressed a desire to have another mans cock filling her up. Not that she needs another man to satisfy her. My cock measures just less than nine inches long, and it is almost as thick as a beer bottle. I am always horny. And I am always ready to do what ever it takes to satisfy her desires. So she has always turned down their offers. In all fairness, after all that she has done for me, if she requested to allow another man to join us for a sexual encounter. I would have to say okay. I must admit, I have at times fantasized about watching some huge black stud abusing Sally's pussy and ass with a huge black dick.

And the picture I vision of her pretty white face, sucking down a black cock is something that I would like to have a real picture of. She enjoys everything I do to her, even when I get a little rough. Rough anal sex is her favorite. She goes nuts when I place her on all fours and order her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks wide. Then I ram my cock deep into her asshole while squeezing her tits and nipples real hard. I love using her boobs as handles for leverage to drive my cock deeper. She also loves it. As much as she really enjoys a good and hard ass reaming. She goes ballistic when I spank her ass and slap her tit's while I am cramming my cock into her back hole.

Sometimes I make her lube her asshole for me as well as ordering her to use a vibrator to get her ass ready for a good fucking. There are times that I get so horny watching her fuck her own asshole. That I end up jacking off and spewing my cum all over her ass. When that happens, I will finish her off with the vibrator and my tongue.

Sally stands at five foot five and she has brunette hair. And a fantastic body. Her tits are a very full and healthy C cup. Her ass is disproportionately large for her frame. Her measurements are thirty-four, twenty, thirty-six! I have always been an ass-man. It was her large, well-rounded and very firm ass that first attracted me to her back in college.

Recently we started to experiment with bondage. It started off very simple. While I was slamming her from behind, I would grab her wrists and hold on to them while I rammed her face into the sheets. Then we progressed into more advanced levels. Using my silk ties to fasten her hands to the bedpost. It was Sally that recommended that I tie her legs back, up to her wrist so that she was spread wide open on her back and ready for anything. Now she loves to be tied up in any position that exposes her pussy and asshole to anything I want to do to her.

I tried plastic clothespins on her nips, she loved it. I put them on her pussy lips. She begged for more.

Don't get me wrong, we still enjoy our gentler love making moments. But the kinkier I get with her, the more she wants it.

On her own, she started going to the adult toy store in a nearby community and would buy things. First it was real nipple clamps, then padded handcuffs, then kinky dildos and vibrators. All, which we use when I have her, tied up into some kinky position. She even ordered a spreader bar. She went so nuts the first time we used it that she bent it in half. I made her a heavy duty one, and gave it to her on my last birthday. She even bought magazines depicting women bound and being used by their masters.

We are lucky enough to be white-collar professionals. Else the expenses for all the things she was buying would have sent our house into forfeiture.

We have even set up a P.O. box to receive things we have ordered. It would be rather embarrassing for our postman to deliver items from suppliers of adult and S&M products.

By the way, to see us on the street. As co-workers or even friends you would never guess that we have the kinky sex life that we do. We are both high-ranking executives for large companies. We always dress for success, even in our casual attire. Sally works for a large international computer firm. And I work for a well-known medical research company. We are well known in our community as professional people.

We have attended many a VIP dinner. When in our hotel room, just before dinner I reamed her ass out good. That is her favorite way to go to these functions. With me just having fucked her asshole hard, cuming in her and then letting her finish getting dressed. While she is mingling, my cum leaks out of her ass, down her thighs and gets soaked up into her thigh high stockings. She has even gone out to these engagements with a vibrating butt plug stuffed in her asshole.

Several months ago I had to attend a conference in Dallas. Sally decided to come with me and enjoy playing tourist while I was busy giving lectures. On the second day of shopping and sight seeing. She came back to our suite to show me, much to my surprise, as well as delight. That she had gotten both of her nipples pierced.

Although, we had to be gentle with them during the healing period, her pierced nipples have been apart of many nights of very kinky sex. For her last birthday I bought her double diamond-studded posts for her nips. She is seriously considering getting her pussy lips pierced.

All of this gets me to the real reason I am writing this story.

Our seventh anniversary was approaching. I had decided that this was going to be a very special day for us to celebrate. I planned months in advance. I purchased many items. I even arranged for the woman, Jacky, that she and I shared a few years ago to come to town.

Although we haven't seen her since that one weekend, we kept in touch. Knowing that someday we would share an experience again. She was totally excited about my plans and agreed to come for the weekend. My wife didn't have a clue. All I would tell her was that we would have a very nice evening together. I think she expected a weekend at a nice resort hotel, or even a nice expensive weekend out on the town. She would not get either.

Jacky and I even worked out a script. We choreographed just about every move we would make. We even decided in advance, as to how hard we would use our crops on Sally's various body parts at different times. My e-mail was XXX rated for months leading up to the event.

Our anniversary fell on a Saturday this year. Perfect for my plan. Saturday also happens to be our favorite day to go to the gym and work out. I gave her my credit card as a ruse for a present, and told her to leave early. Buy herself something special and join me at home later. Since we belong to separate gyms. She would not know that I had no intention of going to work out this day.

I belong to a gentleman's club that does not allow women. Her club is just as exclusive allowing women only.

Instead of going to my club I prepared for her return. She would come home from the gym and find that the garage door would not open as she approached it. I could imagine her cursing at the door for not opening at her command. I had unplugged the door opener. I could not let her open it and drive in.

That is where I prepared things for our special night. I had converted the garage. It was no longer a place to park a car. Now it was a chamber designed for sexual domination. You see the garage allowed for the perfect area for what I had in store for her.

From the rafters I attached hooks with chains for hanging. I drilled holes in the floor and anchored hooks into the holes. I set up one of those padded horses the gymnast use to do their routines on. I adjusted the height perfectly for what I had in mind for Sally. I even purchased a table built for bondage and sex. It allows for a woman to be strapped down with her legs spread allowing access to her pussy and ass for fucking. It has stirrups like you would find on a gynecologist examining table. Only these stirrups are padded for comport and have straps on them. An adjustable headboard that allows a woman's head to be strapped down and then angled just to the right positioned for sucking a cock. It has a middle section that can be removed. So that if you strapped a woman down on her belly. Her tits would hang down free for easy access.

On two tripods, I set up video cameras to capture all the angles of the events that were about to take place.

I had parked my Land Rover at the Hotel that I put Jacky up at. She and I took her rental back to our house. I had Jacky park down the street. All to give the appearance that Sally was coming home to an empty house. Jacky helped me with the final touches. We finished setting things up just as Sally came home. Jacky hid in the garage while I went to greet my loving bride at the door.

As Sally entered the front door she encountered me standing in the foyer wearing only a pair of black boxers and holding a riding crop in my hand. Her mouth dropped open, then turned into a coy smile. She asked what I was up to. I ordered her to shut up, turn around, and put her hands up against the wall. Being the good, obedient wife that she is, with an open mind ready for adventure, especially of the sexual type. She immediately obeyed. Her well-rounded ass clad in tight pink spandex looked good enough to eat. I walked up behind her and started rubbing my engorged cock up against her luscious ass. Reaching up around her I started fondling her warm tits. Squeezing the nipples until they stood out with excitement. I whispered in her ear that I loved her, and that she was about to receive her anniversary present. With that I stepped back. I slapped her inner thighs with the crop and ordered her to spread her legs. She did. I brought the crop down hard on her ass cheek. It landed with a sharp crack. She let out a yelp, and her ass quivered. Again I gave her the crop on her other cheek. Then I brought the crop up and landed it on her pussy. She moaned with pleasure.

I then ordered her to go take a shower, shave her pussy, and then get dressed in the outfit I had laid out for her on the bed. I then instructed her that when she was finished. She was to wait, sitting on the edge of bed, until I came to get her. As she started to walk away, I slapped her big round ass again with the crop. She jumped and trotted off to the bedroom.

While Sally was in the shower I went into the garage to wait with Jacky.

Jacky was absolutely crazy with anticipation. She started rubbing my hard cock through my boxers. I fondled her ample white breast and sucked her pale nipples deep into my mouth. Jacky is a gorgeous woman. 5'6" true redhead, 36D tits, taught tummy and a nice round ass. She offered to suck me off in order to release some of my tension. I told her I would like that. But I felt that holding off would heighten my excitement with Sally. But I did return her offer for oral satisfaction. She gladly accepted and jumped up onto the table. She grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide and high in the air. Jacky has these incredible pussy lips. Actually they are more like flaps. You can spread them a full five inches across. I know, Sally and I measured them. Grabbing a hold of her lips I spread them out wide and drove my face into her sweet honey pot and licked her ripe and already very moist slit until she was satiated.

Since Sally and I started getting serious with each other back in college. I had not been with another woman. At least not until I met Jacky. I had always intended to remain very faithful to my very loving wife. Sally did however, on a few occasions throughout our beginning years, tell me that if I had ever decided that I wanted to be with another woman. That it would have to be an experience that we would share together. While this did not set me out on a quest. I did keep an open mind, and eye.

I met Jacky at a medical conference. And we hit it off right away. As we were both in town for the same lectures and we were going to be there for a few days. We made plans to enjoy the city and sites with each other. On our last night together she confided that she was lusting over me. I told her that I felt the same, but that my marriage really meant allot to me. And that I would not have an affair. She pouted a little but said she understood. She also said she admired my dedication to Sally. I then told her what Sally had said about sharing another woman together. She perked up immediately. I had shown her a couple of pictures of Sally that I keep on my laptop. She had said that she found Sally gorgeous and sexy. Then she admitted that she has always had an inner desire to experience another woman. And that this opportunity would be perfect. She would have me and my gorgeous wife.

I told Sally of this when I returned from my trip. She said that the idea of it excited her. So we made plans with Jacky to have her come to our house and stay a weekend. We had so many different kinds and styles of kinky three-way and two-way sex that weekend. Jacky had Sally doing things that she never had thought of doing before. Sucking her that way, fucking her this way. Jacky was amazing. As they say "the rest is history".

By now we figured Sally was probably close to being ready. My face was covered with Jacky's juices. We left the garage and I washed off at the kitchen sink. I called out to Sally. She replied that she needed a few more minutes to complete putting on her outfit. She still had no idea that Jacky was here or what we had in store for her.

It was understandable that she needed some time to get dressed. I had purchased a very special set of attire for her to wear on this very special evening. Her special outfit consisted of a red leather harness belt, complete with hooks and rings for bondage. Red fishnet stockings to accentuate her shapely legs and her well-rounded ass. As well as a pair of oversized nipple rings. But the best part of the outfit was a red leather harness bra. It is especially made for sex. It looks mostly like a normal bra. Except that the boob area is open so that the breasts are not supported by normal cup. Instead they are confined with leather sleeves that can be synched up to make the boobs protrude outward. Absolutely perfect for titty torture.

I had to have this piece especially made for Sally's measurements. My imagination was going nuts thinking about what her perfect boobs would look like in that state. Of course I had other items that Jacky and I would attach to her once we had her in the garage. A few minutes later she called out that she was ready. The time had come. All our careful planing was about to come to a head. This was it, there was nothing else we could do except to go through with it and hope for the best.

As we entered the bedroom Sally looked up and saw that Jacky with me. There she was, my beautiful wife. I had fascinated how she would look in her outfit. My imagination did not do her justice. She looked like a high price whore ready for a night of deviate sex, a true slut, and she loved it.

She jumped off the bed and started to come towards us. Jacky reached out with her riding crop and pressed it against Sally's chest to stop her from approaching. Then she whipped the crop up and quickly brought it down upon Sally's left nipple, as Sally started to raise her hand to comfort her sting., Jacky flipped the crop again and caught most of Sally's right boob with a sharp crack. Sally stood motionless with her mouth open. "Sit back down you slut!" I barked at her. Sally backed up to the bed and sat down.

Sally could tell by the look in our eyes that we where serious about our mission. She knew that she was to obey our commands. We had many nasty things in store for her this night. Our first test of her willingness to blindly obey went very well.

At this point I should probably describe the outfit that Jacky was wearing. It was similar to Sally's with a few exceptions. She was wearing a leather garter belt. Except it was black. Instead of red fishnet stockings, she had on semi shear black thigh highs. And to top off her outfit, so to speak, she wore a black leather push up half-bra. Her large white boobs were proudly displayed in an upward position. They flowed over the top of the bra. Actually it is hard to describe, how sexy she looked.

Jacky and I walked up to Sally together. She looked up at us and asked, "What are you two up to?" Immediately and simultaneously, I used my riding crop on Sally's left tit and Jacky's crop landed on the right. I commanded her to shut up. I then explained that she was too not to say a word, unless instructed to. She was not to move, even and inch, unless told to do so. She was not to question anything. Or to expect punishment if she did. She was totally under our control. Jacky then told her to stand up. Sally made the mistake of saying OK. For this mistake she received two sharp smacks of the crop across her ringed nipples. Jacky then explained, why she received those particular whips.

First of all, Jacky explained, she was to be referred to as "My Feminine Master" With a yes or no to accompany the reply. She then, with another sharp crack of the crop, requested confirmation to this order. Sally replied, "Yes My Feminine Master". Jacky then attached 6oz nipple weights to the rings in Sally's nipples. The weight pulled and stretched her nips downward in a perverse way. I approached and ordered Sally to bow her head. When she lowered her head I brought my crop up and slapped her bald pussy with it. I then informed her that when I order her to do something, she was to confirm my order with the reply of "Yes My Masculine Master" I then placed a red leather hood over Sally's head. She was now blinded to what we were up too.

Jacky and I stood back and admired our sex slave. We embraced in a sexy wet kiss. I reached up and squeezed her large boobs. She grabbed my balls through my shorts and squeezed them hard. We were ready. We knew that Sally was ready as well.

We approached Sally, Jacky reached up and took a hold of one of the nipple rings and gave it a tug. I ordered Sally to follow Jacky. She started to walk as Jacky pulled. I brought my crop down hard on Sally's ass cheek. I informed her of her lack of proper response to my command. "Yes, My Masculine Master" was her reply. This was good.

We made it into the garage. Jacky positioned Sally under the chains hanging down from the rafters. We ordered her to lift her arms up. She responded and complied properly. We placed padded leather cuffs on her wrist. Then attached her arms over her head to the chains. I then slapped the inside if her thighs to make her spread her legs. We then attached leather ankle cuffs and snapped them onto the rings anchored into the floor.

We had her. She was now completely under our control. We could do to her anything we wanted. And believe me, we intended to.

I started the video cameras and positioned them to catch the best, most revealing angles. Jacky and I then started to circle our capture.

With our crops we started to delicacy torture her body. I especially enjoy slapping her nice round ass until it has turned a nice dark shade of pink. But I let Jacky have her turn as well.

It was upon Jack's suggestion that, on the weekend we spent together, that Sally first shaved her pussy. Jacky fell in love with Sally's bald pussy. She claimed that Sally's shaven pussy was the most sexy and desirable thing she had ever seen.

And she proved it by spending as much time with it as possible. She cared for it like it was her most prized possession. Sally has been shaving it on occasion ever since.

So you could imagine that Sally's freshly shaven, lightly oiled pussy received allot of attention from Jacky's crop. As we both love Sally's luscious tits we shared them. Each time a crop would land on them the weights would bounce around, twisting and pulling on Sally's nipples.

We stopped administering our beating when we felt that Sally's soft skin was just tingling enough that even the slightest touch would make her jump. We came together in front of her. And we engaged in a deep and wet kiss. When we broke free, she slowly lowered down to her knees. She was going to give me that blowjob after all. But this BJ was in the script.

Jacky pulled my boxers down and started to slowly lick my thick hard cock from the head to my balls. Gently she took my cock head and sucked it into her mouth. The inside of her mouth felt like warm silk. She took me deep and slowly pulled back. Just when the tip of my cock was at the lips of her mouth she plunged her face onto it. She went most of the way down. Then slowly backed off again.

She then proceeded to suck on my balls as she got a hold of one ball and sucked it into her mouth. (Jacky must have remembered that I liked to have my balls sucked and squeezed real hard. I get off the erotic pain it causes.) Because that's is what she started to do. She then got a hold of my other ball and sucked on it real hard.

She also remembered that I enjoy having both of them sucked on at the same time. My balls, much like my cock are rather large. So it is not very easy for Jacky to get both of them into her mouth at the same time. And despite Sally's ability to suck most of my cock into her mouth, it is very difficult for her to do it. Since they are so large. The pressure put on both of them at the same time hurts like hell. And it drives me crazy with animal lust. Occasionally she would reach up and slap Sally's pussy, or lean over and give it a few good licks.

Meanwhile I am going nuts on Sally's tits. Sucking, twisting, pulling and squeezing them hard. The first time I felt both my nuts being sucked together it was Jacky that did it. I had never felt that kind of pleasure before. I went crazy. I started grabbing tits. Slapping asses and pulling hair. I loved it. I fucked both of them like a mad man for 30 minutes after that. I realized that I got off on the pain it caused. I guess it was from that experience that Sally and I really started enjoying this newfound area for us to explore.

From the way I was telling Jacky to "suck on them" and roughing up Sally's tits, I am sure Sally knew what was happening. She knew that Jacky was sucking on both of my balls at the same time. Something she witnessed another woman do to me years ago for the first time. Since then Sally makes sure I really feel it when she sucks my balls. I think she is a little jealous of Jacky's talent.

When Jacky was satisfied that she had me sufficiently worked up she went back to sucking my cock deep into her warm, moist mouth. The feeling of her Jacky's mouth around my cock calmed me a little. I as I got into it more. My rough handling of my wife's tits turned to gentle yet firm squeezing and pulling.

Jacky reached around and grabbed a hold of my ass cheeks. She held them firm as she pulled her mouth onto my cock. She was fucking her own mouth with my cock. She stuck her long middle finger into my ass. I love getting my asshole fingered while my cock is getting sucked on. Jacky must have remembered this as well. I let her have total control over what she was doing. She impaled her wide-open mouth deeper and deeper onto my cock until she was taking it all the way down to my balls.

She wasn't getting what she wanted. She was taking it. I could hold out no longer. I pulled Sally's head back to open her mouth wide. I drove my tongue deep into her mouth. Just as I exploded my cum into Jacky's mouth. I felt like my entire body was exploding. All of the pent up sexual anxiety was now being released. And right into Jacky's mouth.

We stayed that way for a few minutes. Me kissing Sally. And Jacky holding my still hard cock in her mouth. When we pulled free. Jacky stood up and then planted a deep kiss on Sally's wide-open mouth. Jacky lifted her mouth up and away from Sally's. My white cum was dripping from Jacky's mouth into Sally's.

Jacky used her tongue to spread my cum around inside of Sally's mouth. When Sally had greedily sucked down all the cum that Jacky could offer her. Jacky backed away. Sally's head came down forward. Her lips and mouth were covered with my cum. What a sight she was, what a slut. I loved her even more. I then broke out the baby oil and started spreading it over Sally's abused ass, pussy and tits. The cold oil against her hot skin sent her over the edge. The sharp contrast in temperature was enough to cause a tremendous orgasm.

I stopped the cameras and we got ready for the next set. It was time to put Sally on the horse. Actually it was not Sally's first time on one of these gymnast horses. We had stayed at a resort in the off season a few years ago. The hotel had a VIP fitness center. We had a night alone in there. So we took advantage of the opportunity to explore different positions using the various exercise devices available. Our favorite was the horse. Although we were alone in the room, we noticed a few of the Bellhops watching us through a window. Of course this made Sally perform all the more. Then again things were different then. Sally wasn't helplessly shackled to it.

Jacky and I both released Sally's wrists. We hooked her cuffs to the belt. And allowed her to rest her arms at her side and nothing else. She properly thanked us and obeyed. Next we released the bounds that held her ankles. And allowed her to stand up straight She did not move. She was alone in silence and darkness. We allowed her to stand like that for a few minutes.

With a quick and sharp crack, Jacky brought her crop down hard on Sally's ass. I thought Sally was going to have a heart attack the way she screamed and jumped. With that we moved her to the horse. Jacky got behind her, I was in front, spreading her legs. She hooked the ankle cuffs to the wide-open and outstretched legs of the horse. Once Jacky had her securely fastened. I released the handcuffs from the belt and bent Sally down and over the horse. I spread her arms out and shackled them to her ankles.

Once again we had her at our mercy. From the front all I could see was the back of her head, hair fallen to the floor. Her naked back. The firm muscles and bones of her back and rib gage showing To top this little picture off, was the top of a perfectly shaped heart. Two large round half globes. The crease in the middle coming down and stopping right at her asshole!

Jacky, from the backside had a much more interesting view. And she was enjoying watching every bit of it as she slipped into a strap on dildo harness. Once she had the black leather straps in position she inserted an 8" black rubber dildo into the harness and synched it up tight. She sported a fine looking phallus. I judged it to be just under my own, on the scale of length and girth. It was going to be a treat watching her impale Sally with it.

I came around the backside of Sally to see if I could help Jacky get her harness strapped on tight enough. She told me to check out her cock, to see if it was secure enough. I felt a little funny doing it, but what the heck. I grabbed a hold of Jacky's cock and pulled on it. I even pumped it up and down a few times. Yes it was very secure, nice and tight.

I looked down to see what has to be one of the sexiest sights in the world. A shapely woman, bent over, legs spread wide. Exposing her puss and asshole for the whole world to see. It was so unfuckably unbelievably how wide and available Sally was to us, totally open, and, totally helpless to stop us. Her ass was still shaded a very nice pink from the abuse I had bestowed upon it.

I then proceeded to get Sally ready for her first fucking of the evening. Baby oil is fine for average sexual activities. You can even digest it if you swallow it. But let's face it. For extended, unusual, or anal sex, KY-Jelly is the best lubricant around. I grabbed a tube of KY and inserted the open tip into Sally's pussy and squeezed. I was lubing her from the inside out. I inserted my fingers into her pussy and spread the jelly around. I love lubing Sally's pussy up for a good hard fucking.

Knowing that her pussy was ready, I walked around the front of Sally. Holding on to her cock Jacky stepped up behind Sally. She spanked Sally's upturned ass. Jacky lubed up the tip of her cock by rubbing it up and down Sally's slit. I even grabbed the head of it and helped her. I then guided the tip towards Sally's hole.

This was going to be an enjoyable site watching Jacky fuck my wife. I remembered with vivid images of the two of them fucking each other. Although Sally liked fucking Jacky with her strap-on cock. Jacky really got off on fucking Sally. Jacky slowly pushed it forward into Sally's pussy. Sally let out a deep groan as the thick cock sunk deep into her pussy.

When the cock was almost all the way in, Jacky stopped and slowly backed it out. Then grabbing a hold of Sally ass, she slammed the whole thing as deep as it could go in one powerful thrust. Sally arched up straining at her bonds and let out a scream. I spanked her ass hard, she dropped back down.

Jacky again backed her cock out and slowly reinserted it. In and out, sometimes slow and easy, sometimes fast and hard, but always all the way, as deep as it could go. For every few completed cycles of insertion. I would spank one of Sally's ass cheeks or thighs. I love the red hand imprint that a firm spank makes on an ass or thigh. Deep moans of pleasure could be heard from Sally bellow us.

It was time for me to get Sally asshole ready for a good fucking. I inserted the tube of KY into Sally asshole. I got about in inch or two in then started squeezing the tube again. Only this time I kept squeezing until the jelly started to squirt out from around the tube. She was lubed, but not quite prepared enough. I picked up a large vibrating butt plug and slowly inserted it into Sally's wide-open asshole. I fucked it in and out as Jacky was fucking Sally with her cock. As the cock went in I would pull the plug out. As the cock was being withdrawn I pushed the plug back in.

I could tell from the tone of Sally's moans that she was close to exploding. A few more thrusts later, and her ass started to convulse and she let out a long scream. Jacky kept pumping her cock in and out of Sally's pussy. Sally's orgasm lasted at least three minutes. Every time we pumped her deep. It would set Sally off again. Finally Jacky slowly pulled back, and let the head of her cock slip out of Sally's pussy. I let the butt plug stay in. Sally really loves it when I use a vibrator in her ass to get it ready for fucking.

Sally was so worked up, I swear we could hear her heart pounding. We decided to allow her to calm down a little. Of course leaving the butt plug still vibrating away deep inside her asshole keeping her edge.

Jacky stood back, stroking her cock, staring at Sally's asshole. Yes, she was going to enjoy ass fucking her capture. With a hard slap from my hand on Sally's ass, we got her attention again. Jacky stepped forward as I pulled the plug from Sally's asshole. I took hold of her cock and positioned it at Sally's dark back hole.

Jacky shoved her hips forward and sunk her black cock deep into Sally. Driving it all the way in, in one movement. Sally let out a deep moan. Her back arched up again in a vain attempt to pull away from the impaling her ass was getting. I brought my crop down hard on her ass cheek. This dropped her back down. Jacky pulled back, then shoved her large black hard cock in deep again. Again, Sally attempted to rear up, again, she felt the sharp sting of my crop on her ass. A few more deep hard thrust and Jacky pulled her cock all the way out. Stopping briefly before shoving it back in. With each deep hard thrust, Sally would let out a moan and receive a smack from my crop.

I was beginning to see a dark side of Jacky that I had not seen before. She was enjoying not only forcefully pounding Sally's asshole. She was also enjoying watching her subject endure pain, from my crop.

Again and again Jacky pounded her cock into Sally's asshole. Pulling it out and shoving it deep. After fucking Sally's ass for many years I know she can take it as hard as anybody can give it to her. And I know she loved every second of it. I could also tell that she was getting very close to exploding with a tremendous orgasm. Within a few more minutes her entire body started to convulse. She was shaking from her head to her toes.

Jacky continued thrusting her cock deep into Sally's ass until her convulsions subsided then slowed to a stop. She then withdrew her cock.

Sally's asshole remained wide open for a few seconds before slowly closing up. Of course, it would be opened up again shortly. And it was my turn! We all needed a little break. I turned off the cameras and set them up around the table for the final act. We unhooked Sally from the horse and moved her over to the table, and placed her down on her back. Not wanting to dull the mood. We immediately strapped her down. First her arms, then her legs up on the stirrups. And then her head.

Our Slave was ready for the next round.

While Jacky fed some much needed water to Sally. I went to the freezer and got some ice. After crushing it, I brought it out to the garage. I knew Sally would find the cold to be an extreme shock. But I figured it would be good for her in the long run. I placed my handful of the ice on her abused puss and asshole. She screamed like a banshee when she felt the cold touch her hot her sensitive skin.

Jacky giggled at this.

I held the ice there until most of it melted it in my hand.

Jacky apparently having a moment of sensitivity went to the kitchen a got a hand towel. After soaking it with warm water she came back to the garage and used the towel to warm Sally up again.

Our break took about twenty minutes. Jacky and I decided we were ready to proceed with the next and last session. Jacky moved around to the head of the table. The headboard was positioned so that Sally's head was tilted down.

She walked up to Sally's face and straddled her head. As she covered Sally's mouth with her pussy. She ordered Sally to start licking. Sally mumbled, what we assumed the proper response and started licking and sucking on Jacky's gorgeous puss.

Since that first weekend with Jacky, Sally had often mentioned how much she enjoyed oral sex with Jacky. She took to the task with extra effort.

I let Jacky have the stage to herself and stood back to watch Sally sucking on Jacky's huge pussy lips. Jacky really enjoyed having her puss sucked on by Sally.

She started grinding her puss all over Sally's mouth. Up and down, back and forth she smashed her puss as deep onto Sally's mouth as she could. Sally sucked every bit of Jacky's puss into her mouth as she could. Occasionally Jacky would pull slightly away, with her lips being sucked deep into Sally's mouth, Jacky's lips stretched out until they popped out of Sally's mouth. The whole scene was a total turn on.

My raging hard-on needed to feel the silky smoothness of Sally's pussy. I stepped up to bat at Sally's open pussy. Since the ice and towel, I figured more lube was called for. I shoved the tube of KY into her puss and squeezed a generous portion into her.

I grabbed my cock and slowly slid it into Sally. It seemed like hours before I finally had my cock as deep as I could drive it into her hot pussy. I savored every second of it. It was the best it ever felt. I stopped there with my cock buried deep and watched the sight that lay before me.

It was a sight like I have never seen before, my gorgeous wife strapped down. Sucking a pussy, of an equally sexy woman. People would pay a lot of money to see this. Jacky started to have an orgasm. She was grabbing her own tits and squeezing them hard. Pulling and twisting on her nipples. She started to shriek and let out a deep long groan, and then the final screams of pleasure. I stayed motionless watching her. As Jacky settled down I could see Sally's face covered with Jacky's juices.

Jacky regained her composure and settled to the task at hand. Which was of course to bring Sally to ecstasy while inducing the pleasurable pain that she so much enjoyed. She picked up her crop and immediately brought it down on Sally's bald pussy. I took the cue and started fucking Sally's pussy. For every pumped I made. Jacky would smack Sally's pussy or tits. After a bit of this we concentrated on Sally having another orgasm. So I just kept fucking and Jacky kept using her crop on Sally's clit. She removed the nipple rings, and weights. But her nipple torture was not over yet. Jacky picked up a set of nipple clamps and attached them to Sally's nips. Sally responded with a muted groan, it was the best she could do, given that her mouth was still full of pussy lips.

Sally was reaching an orgasm. I could hear her stifled moans as she was subjected to my thrusts and Jacky's crop. She began to shutter, and then she went rigid against her bonds. A deep long groan escaped Jacky's pussy and then Sally went limp. I was extremely close to not being able to hold off my own orgasm any more. So I pulled my cock out Sally's pussy and positioned it at her gaping asshole. With one strong and even thrust I sank my large cock deep into Sally's ass. The sudden shock of having her asshole crammed with a hard cock set her off again.

Sally's entire body was covered with sweat. And from all the smacks of the leather crop, Sally's boobs and pussy were at a state of a deep dark color of red that I have never taken her to before. I was kind of concerned. Jacky didn't care. She didn't let up a bit. She kept whacking Sally's tits and shaven pussy.

For every deep thrust into Sally's asshole, Jacky would smack a part of Sally's body. I was fucking Sally's asshole as hard and as fast as I possibly could. Within minute I could hold out no longer. As per our script I let Jacky know that I was ready to finish off our play. Jacky pulled off of Sally's face and quickly made her way around to the bottom of the table. She dropped to her knees and readied herself.

With a few more deep and hard thrust I pulled my cock out, turned and shoved it into Jacky's mouth. Gobs of hot white cum exploded from my cock into Jacky's mouth. The expert cock sucker that she is, she kept it all contained within her mouth. When I could feed her no more cum. I pulled out of her mouth and shoved my still raging hard-on back into Sally's asshole. And continued pumping my cock deep and hard.

Jacky walked around the table, bent over and placed her mouth over Sally's. Every bit of my cum and Jacky's saliva dribbled into Sally's mouth. What a site. I got so turned on by it that I came again in Sally's asshole. As I pulled my cock out, gobs of cum oozed out of Sally's asshole, dripping onto the floor below. That was it, we were done. We took a few minutes to recover. Then Jacky and I unstraped Sally from the table and removed the clamps on her nipples.

We pulled Sally up off the table and Jacky escorted her towards the door. Jacky took Sally to our shower to undress her, get her cleaned up. And then put her to bed. We also figured that it would be good for Sally if Jacky massaged some skin cream into Sally's abused boobs, ass and pussy.

Meanwhile I stayed in the garage to pick up things. About twenty minutes later, Jacky returned to the garage. She was still dressed in her outfit. Complete with her strap on cock and her crop in her hand. She said that Sally was already asleep. As sexy as Jacky looked in her attire, I turned my efforts to wiping my cum up off the floor.

Then Jacky did something I had not expected. She turned on the cameras. Then walking up behind me and she brought her crop down hard across my ass. I jumped and let out a yelp. Holding on to my ass, I turned around to face her. Before I could even flinch, she brought the crop down onto the head of my cock. Without hesitation, she ordered me to my hands and knees. I started to smile, wondering if she was serious or just kidding around. A sharp crack of the crop on my balls told me she was very serious. I stared her in the eyes as I lowered myself to the floor. She walked around to my backside.

From behind me she flipped her crop back and forth across my balls hanging down between my legs. It was driving me nuts, and she knew it. After a few more cracks across my ass she ordered me to stand. As I rose, she cracked my ass again. She demanded that I respond properly to her commands. I was to refer to as "My Master". I was to be referred to as her "Scum Slave Slut".

She pointed towards the table and ordered me to lie down upon it on my back. I replied, "Yes, My Master". I proceed to the table then hoped my ass on to it, laid back and waited for the next order. She walked up to the table and proceeded to strap my arms down. Then she strapped my head and chin down. Walking around to the foot of the table she ordered me to raise my legs and put them into the stirrups. I started to do as I was ordered. She cracked my balls hard with her crop. I had not properly responded. Yes, she was very serious about what she was doing.

She strapped my feet and legs in. Much like we had my wife before. I was now completely helpless. Jacky stood at the foot of the table looking at me. I knew from the position I was in that my asshole was staring straight at her. Although I could not see her, I was sure she was stroking her cock staring at it. Jacky had me at her mercy. My imagination was going crazy thinking of just what Jacky had in mind for me.

It didn't take long for me to find out. Jacky started calling me her "scum slave slut". And then started to abuse my ass, thighs, cock and balls with her crop. Although her torture was not real hard, it was relentless. Again and again she smacked my cock and balls with the crop and then back and forth on my ass and thighs. She finally stopped when she felt that she could take me no further with her tortures.

She then repeated the same action I had performed on Sally. She inserted the KY tube into my asshole and squeezed it. I could feel the cold jell pumping deep into my ass filling me with its slippery goo. Now I know what Sally feels when I do it to her. I felt the jelly oozing out and around the tube and squeezing out passed my tight sphincter. She then removed the tube and replaced it with the same large butt plug we used on Sally. This was the first time I had ever had anything bigger than a finger in my ass. I had to admit to myself that the feeling was incredible.

Again I was feeling just what Sally feels when I do it to her. No wonder she enjoys it so much. Jacky pumped the plug in and out a few times. My tight muscle spreading open every time the huge neck of the plug passed in an out. It did hurt, yet it was totally enjoyable. Finally pushing it in real deep she stopped and left it there.

She walked slowly around the table, dragging the crop along my skin. She stopped to pinch my nipples, pulling and twisting them. She then put the nipple clamps on them. The pain was just bearable.

Once she made it around to the head of the table I could see that she was stroking her cock. She pointed it straight at my face. I knew what she was going to do to me. I have had a vibrator in my mouth before. But that was just to hold it in place for Sally to fuck herself on my face. I have never had my mouth fucked by one. She moved forward and started rubbing the tip of it around my lips. With my head bent backwards, the chinstrap pulling my mouth open. And the strap holding my head down. I was helpless to stop her from doing what she was doing, or going to do.

But then she turned around. Showing her lovely ass to me as she reached back and spread her cheeks wide, exposing her sexy asshole to me. Then she backed up and positioned her asshole right at my mouth.

She ordered me to start fucking it with my tongue until she said to stop. I stuck my tongue out and she lowered her hole onto my mouth. Her asshole was tight. It tasted dank and musty, but I did I as was ordered. I fucked it as best I could, in and out. I probed her hole as deep as I could. I didn't stop. As she ground her ass against my face, I kept shoving my tongue as deep as possible into her asshole. I knew I was doing a good job. But Jacky would twist around and smack my balls. Ordering me to fuck her asshole deeper and faster. It seemed the harder she forced herself onto my face, the deeper I wanted to get my tongue inside of her.

Finally she lifted her ass away from me. She turned around and began stroking her cock in front of my face again. If this had been a man doing this to me I would be fighting all the way. I know I could not be able to handle the idea of sucking on another mans cock. The idea repulses me.

But this wasn't a real cock, and Jacky is certainly no man. She slowly inserted the rubber phallus into my mouth. Pushing it in ever so slowly. She stopped and slowly pulled it back out completely. Like I said before, Jacky's cock was just slightly smaller than mine. It stretched my lips wide as the huge head came back through them. She stood there stroking it before pushing it back in. She slowly started pumping her cock back and forth in my mouth. Every few strokes she would pull it all the way out, stroke it a few times and then shove it back in.

Telling me what a "good little cock-sucking scum slut slave" I was. She would pull on the nipple clamps. Or smack my cock and balls with the crop. She said she enjoyed watching my lips stretch around her large cock head as it passed through them.

She continued to fuck my mouth for a little while more before finally pulling it out for the last time. She looked down at me and smiled. She said that I was now ready to lose my anal virginity. I knew that was coming. She released the lock on the headboard and raised it so that I was now looking down at my body. She said she wanted me to watch my "Master" fuck me.

The plug was still whirling away inside my ass. The vibrations were relaxing my anal muscle. And vibrating up into my sore balls, soothing them.

Jacky walked back down around the table until she was standing between my legs. Again she whacked my cock with the crop. I could tell by the look on her face that she was really enjoying doing that to me.

Slowly she pulled the butt plug out, twisting it as she pulled. She switched it off and let it drop to the floor. She picked up the tube of KY and squeezed a large amount on it her cock. Slowly she jacked herself off, spreading the jelly evenly around on her cock. Then she grabbed a hold of my cock and lifted up to hers. She held them together in her hands as her fingers just barely able to contain the two of them. Then she started rubbing her cock against mine. Like she was fucking my cock with hers. Not only was I visually turned on, it felt real good.

She let go and backed away a little. She started to rub the tip of her cock around my asshole making sure it was well lubed around the opening. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "This is for Sally, she asked me to show you how much she appreciated you giving her best anniversary present ever." With that said, she pressed her cock against my asshole. The pressure against my sphincter increased. Then I felt the pain that Sally said she always experienced when I entered her back hole.

The pain was sharp, like a knife slicing into me. How could Sally love this that much? It hurt like hell. Jacky kept pushing. As the larger part the head continued to push into my ass, it stretched me beyond what I thought I would be able to take. I was very tempted to beg her to stop.

Just then the head popped into my anal cavity. The sudden relief of pressure on my muscle and the feeling that I was now being filed with her cock was like something I have never felt before. It was incredible. Now I knew why Sally loved it so much! Jacky kept pushing deeper and deeper. When I felt her rubber balls pushing up against my ass, she pulled back. Slowly she changed direction and began to impale me again. With a slow rhythm she fucked my ass. In and out withdrawing just to the head, then back in all the way.

Then she changed pace a little. When she pulled back she didn't stop. She let the large head stretch my ass until it popped out. Without warning she plunged it back in without mercy! It's a good thing the straps on the table are strong leather straps. I felt like she ripped me apart. She pulled out again. And again she plunged it into me. Again out, again in. It felt like she was ripping me a new asshole. She was enjoying watching me strain against my bonds. She knew what it felt like to have an asshole fucked liked this for the first time. After all, I was the one to claim her anal cherry. At Sally's prompting, I had shown Jacky no mercy. Now she was repaying me for that.

After a few minutes of the combination of pain and pleasure, she stopped. Her cock buried as deep in my ass as she could get it.

Again she picked up the tube of KY and she squirted a large amount onto my cock and balls. She rubbed it onto my cock. Slowly spreading it around. Her hand moved down to my balls. She massaged them rubbing the slimy goo everywhere. Of course she squeezed them hard. Making me feel the firmness of her hand rapped around them. She brought her other hand up and closed it around the head of my very hard cock. She slowly started jacking me off. Squeezing my balls and handling my cock. Meanwhile she started fucking my ass again.

I had been enjoying the treatment on my cock so much I had forgotten about the stiff cock buried in my ass. When she picked up the pace of ramming that thing it my ass I was reminded completely. She started matching her strokes. For every plunge into my ass she would stroke my cock down. Every withdrawal was matched equally.

She was tireless in her pounding of my ass, deep, hard and fast. She had no mercy towards my virgin asshole. The non-stop relentless pounding she was giving my asshole seemed liked it went on forever. I felt my cum building up inside me, ready to burst out. The whole time she is pounding my ass, she kept jerking me off.

Finally my cum shot out and sprayed out all over me. The first squirt was so powerful it landed on my face. She kept pumping, both my cock and my ass. I felt a second orgasm building within. Again I began to shoot more cum all over me. My belly and chest were covered with my white goo.

Jacky let go of my cock, it plopped down onto my belly. She then slowly withdrew her cock from my ass. I have to admit, when it was out, I actually felt empty.

She walked around to the side of the table. With her finger she swirled some of my cum around in my chest hair covering her finger with cum. She stuck it in my mouth and ordered me to lick it clean. I responded properly and did as I was told. Then she bent over and rubbed her tits around in the cum. She brought them up to my mouth and ordered me to lick them clean. I did as I was told. After she was satisfied that they were clean. She bent over again and rubbed her lips and face all over my belly. Wiping up the rest of my cum with her face. She licked up a big wad of it with her tongue. She then brought her face up to mine and gave me a deep kiss. I got a real good taste of my own cum. She then ordered me to lick the rest of it off her face. I did it like the good "scum sucking slave" that I was.

It was not the first time I have tasted my own cum. I have licked it out of Sally's pussy many times. She enjoys it so much when I do that. I am rewarded with her having another orgasm filling my mouth with more of her tasty juices. To show my appreciation of her skillful mouth, I usually kiss her after blowing a wad of it into her mouth. I even enjoy licking it off her body after I have shot my load onto her boobs or ass. Getting a nice wad of it in my mouth and then bringing it to her mouth and depositing my cum in her mouth-to-mouth is something Sally really enjoys. I have gotten accustom to the taste of my cum. It is apart of our regular sexual activities.

When I had her face clean she backed away. She turned off the video cameras, removed the nipple clamps, and the released me from my bonds. As I lifted myself from the table I realized that asshole hurt real bad.

It was worth it. Sally was going to enjoy watching this later.

We enjoyed using the dungeon a few more times that weekend. Sally got her turn at fucking both Jacky and me on the table and horse. After watching Jacky dominate me, abuse me, and fuck my asshole in the video. Sally realized that this was something that she could really get into. And she has, in a big way. She has taken to being the Dominate one on a regular basis.

As proud as I am of her being able to take a good hard ass fucking. She is just as proud that I can now take it in my ass as hard as she can.

On occasion we still enjoy using the garage for great deviate sex.

After we had all the tapes edited into one we sent Jacky a copy.

We will never forget our great weekend together.