Senior Year Football

By Robert S. Power

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It had been a long hard practice, and the team was ready to hit the locker room and go home. Coach kept the four senior members of the team on the field for a quick meeting after practice. By the time the meeting was over the rest of the team had left so the coaches told the seniors to make sure the door was locked on their way out.

Scott, the tailback, and Mason, the fullback, were at one end of the locker room changing, while Chris, the tight end, and Greg, the center was at the other end. All four had already removed their shoulder pads and helmet before they came in. Greg had just removed his T-shirt and was taking off his pants. Chris, who was right behind him and was about to take off his briefs. This was abnormal as no one usually striped nude, just changing and go home to shower. Greg didn't notice, and by now had his pants off, but the next thing he knew someone was rubbing his ass. He turned around to see Chris standing there naked with his out stretched hand. He had light brown skin and a six-inch rock hard cock. Greg's own cock started to harden at the sight and before he knew what happened Chris was on his knees, pulling down Greg's briefs exposing his hard cock.

Chris slowly began to rub the piece of meat before him before sucking the hard cock into his mouth. Greg was taken aback and couldn't speak, loving the sensations of his cock but still in shock because of the events. Soon he brought his hands to Chris's head and held it as Chris's tongue swirled around the cock-head while he sucked. Greg had never had any kind of sex before and was ready to explode. Chris sensed this and sucked harder rubbing his balls as he did. Greg, unable to control himself, exploded in a great orgasm, larger than his own hand had ever produced. His legs bucked and Chris supported him, easing him to the floor.

On the floor Greg looked over at Scott and Mason, who were entangled in a sixty-nine with Mason on top sucking Scott's huge eight-inch white cock, while Scoot sucked Mason's stiff prick. Seeing the others, Greg quickly got hard again. Chris realized this and yelled over to the others, "Looks like Greg is in to this."

The other two looked over and cheered, "RIGHT ON", then turned back to each other's prize tool. It wasn't long before they both exploded in each other's mouths at the same time.

As Greg was watching the scene he hadn't realized that Chris had lifted his legs, that is until he inserted his Cock into the virgin ass. Greg yelled out in pain as Chris forced his stiff prick into his ass. As Greg adjusted to the invasion, he realized the pleasure the cock in his ass brought. Soon Chris was ramming his cock in and out of the hot virgin ass. By this time Scot and Mason had recovered and moved so that Greg reached up and grabbed Mason's prick and pulled it to his mouth and engulfed the huge cock, deep throating him with glee.

Not to be left out, Scott moved behind Mason and stuck his cock into Mason's ass and began to fuck him. His motions helped Mason as he fucked Greg's mouth. This was too much for Chris who shot his white-hot load of sperm up Greg's ass. Mason shot his load down the throat of his teammate, followed by Scott cumming in Mason's ass. Chris pulled out of the deflowered ass, as the other two dismounted.

Chris looked at Greg and said, " ... you are still hard, who's ass do you want?"

"Yours", was the quick reply. Secretly, Greg had wanted Chris to fuck him for the last several years. Soon he found himself fucking Chris doggie style and it didn't take long to blow his load up Chris's ass. Scott and Mason cheered the two on before they all took shower together, jacking each other's cocks until they lost another load.

They all decided to do this after each practice. Then went over to Scott's house for a long "study" session.

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