The Seductive Bath

By Wrangler and Miss Divinity

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Spur unbuttons his shirt.. his hands slowly slide down his chest.. down his flat stomach .. teasing the soft hair .. caressing his firm warm skin.

Candice bends to turn off the warm water.. tossing the sponge into the water.. she stands back up.. unhooking the white lace bra.. letting it slip from her body.. and on to the pile of clothes on the floor ... . her hands caress over her soft breasts.. her nipples hard from the cool air in the room ... ... she bends slightly.. lifting a leg up to the side of the tub.. unhooking one thigh high stocking from her garter belt.. rolling it down her long smooth leg ...

His eyes fixed on her sexy body ... admiring all of her luscious curves ... his cock starting to harden ... .pressing against the fabric of his jeans ... .his body beginning to fill with excitement as he watched.

Raising her leg from the side of the tub as she rolls it on down her ankle.. on down her foot ... off her toes.. she lowers that foot back down and then raises the other leg ... unhooking it from her garter belt.. rolling it down her smooth skin.. down over her ankle.. on down her foot as she lifts her foot getting off her toes.. tossing it to the pile of clothes on the floor.. she unhooks her garter belt.. letting it land on the pile of clothes too. Standing by the tub ... easing her white crotch less panties down her body ... over her thighs.. on down her long sexy legs.. on to the floor beside the tub. She slowly steps into the tub ... .

Slowly rubbing his firm muscular stomach ... admiring her beautiful legs as she slowly ... seductively rolled the stockings down her legs ... she removes her garter belt ... discarding it on the pile of clothes..

Taking the soap Latina had tossed her earlier ... she lathers up the sponge.. sitting the soap on the dish, taking the sponge.. rubbing it over her neck and shoulders ... squeezing the sponge.. the lather running down her warm sexy body.

His body filled with passion ... his flesh becoming hotter to his touch ... as he watches the soapy water flows down her warm sexy body ... .the drops of water collecting on the end of her nipples..

Taking the soapy sponge.. caressing it over her soft breasts ... her nipples becoming hard from the caressing of the soft sponge ... "Mmmmmmmmm..oh.." she softly moans..slipping into her own private world.. knowing everyone is watching her but she no longer cared. Her hands cupping her soft breasts.. the cool air hitting her warm flesh..turning her on fire inside. The scent of the candles intoxicating her ... her eyes closed ... her hands gently squeezed her breasts. The pleasure of her own caresses sending waves of excitement through her body.

Watching as Candice ... using the sponge to wash her breast ... the soft mounds of her breast pressed against the sponge as she gently massaged their softness. "Mmmmmmm." he softly moan ... his body becoming hotter with each moment ... his cock becoming harder ... more sensitive.

"Oh.. oh yes..".. her breathing becoming rapid.. thinking of her lover.. how his hands felt on her soft skin ... . how he caressed her breasts.. her warm flesh in his hands.. thinking of her hands being his.. she squeezes her breasts again.. another wave of pleasure hits her making her moan louder this time.. "OH.. oh god.. mmmmmmm.."..she is lost in her memories of pure lust.. her passion beginning to take over. Her head tilts back over the edge of the tub.. her eyes closed.. she takes the sponge.. caressing her breasts.. in between them.. back over them again.. up to her neck.. then back over them again.. her deep breathes telling of the pleasure she is enjoying..

Seeing the pleasure on Candice's beautiful face ... his cock becoming harder ... his skin hot to his touch ... his heart pounding in his chest from the excitement in his body that burnt out of control ... his breath becoming rapid ... .deep down he desired to touch her ... wanting her to touch him..

Candice raises her head ... looking down her body.. taking the sponge down her soft stomach.. over the curves of her side.. she raises one leg.. rubbing the soapy sponge all the way down to her toes.. lowering her leg.. she raises up the other leg.. rubbing the soapy sponge over it.. all the way to her toes.. she lowers it back in the tub too.. easing her body up ... the soapy water running down her body ... she can turn around onto her knees..

Spur lowers his hand to his cock ... gently caressing its hardness through the fabric of his jeans as Candice moves around in the tub ... .caressing her warm wet body. His eyes locked on her beautiful sexy body.. fighting his desires to rush in and take her into his arms.. passionately making love to her. His body burnt deep with desire.. every inch of his flesh screamed with passion to be touching hers.

On her knees ... a grin crosses her face.. she looks at Spur.. watching him watch her ... ... His unbuttoned shirt hanging on him at his shoulders.. his chest so nice ... his body so lean.. muscular. She closes her eyes.. her hand taking the sponge.. rubbing it between her breasts again.. the water dripping back into the tub as it runs down her chest ... she lowers to one hand and her knees in the tub ... .the sponge in one hand.. she takes it and caresses over her womanhood.

"Mmmmmmmmm." Spur softly moans as Candice slides the soapy sponge between her legs ... .using the sponge to tease her sensitive clit.. Spur slowly walks closer to the tub.. his eyes fixed on her soapy wet body.. watching the water trickle down her body.. his cock straining against his jeans.. fighting for its freedom ... . desiring to be touched by her softness.

The soap clinging to her pubic hair.. the water dripping into the tub.. she takes it along the fold of her hot wet pussy ... . the water seeping into her .. when she squeezed the sponge along her fold.. "Oh" ... . she raises her head up.. as the moan escapes her lips ... her eyes still closed.. she brings the sponge down in to the tub again.. getting it full of more water.. then taking it back along her fold.. squeezing the water.. the water dripping from her body. She looks at Spur.. her eyes fixed on his.. she invites him to get comfortable as her hand moves back into the water ... .

Standing at the edge of the tub, Spur gazes down upon her sexy body laying in the soapy water. Looking into her sexy green eyes.. seeing the fire of her passion that burnt deep inside her.. seeing the lust that had taken control of her body. Her hands slowly caressing her body.. teasing her flesh. Candice raises up to her knees.. the lust in her hot body drawing her toward him. She sits up on the side of the tub.. reaching for his belt.. she unbuckles it ... her wet hand caressing over his lean stomach.

"Oh god yes baby ... you know how to tease me" .. he softly whispers.. his eyes closed.. her warm wet hands caressing his muscular body ... his body shakes from the waves of excitement traveling through out his body.. Candice becomes his world.. her touch becoming his breath of life. Nothing else mattered except for their existence at the moment in time. When time stands still except for the passion they feel for each other ... when the body truly feels alive.. feeling the true purpose of life that was designed by our creator.

Her hands reaching up.. slipping his shirt from his lean muscular shoulders.. the garment falling to the floor. She presses her lips to his stomach.. feeling the heat of his skin against her lips as she hungrily kiss his flesh. Her soft hands pulling his jeans open more.. slipping them down to his hips.. on down his thighs.. to his ankles.. his hard cock just inches from her face..

Taking the hard warm shaft into her hand.. she slowly strokes it.. rubbing her thumb over the head of it as she looks up into his piercing blue eyes.. seeing the passion that burnt deep in his lions.. yearning in his body for some release.. She parts her warm moist lips.. sticking out her tongue.. she licks over the head of his throbbing hard cock.

"Oh God .. yes..", he moans loudly ... his body shaking as her warm moist tongue touched the head of his sensitive cock.. He closed eyes tightly .. his cock throbbing with anticipation. Her warm wet hand encircles his cock ... "Oh ... baby.. God .. yes..", he softly whispers. Taking her hand in his hands as she ... "Oh.. God..", he says out loud as Candice's warm moist tongue licks the head of his pulsating cock.. sending jolts of pleasure through his body. "Yes..suck my cock..", he shouts from the excitement as he looks down at her soft lips encircle his cock ... ... "

Taking Spur's throbbing cock into her warm moist mouth.. her tongue teasing the sensitive head .. she slips her hands to his thighs.. one hand caressing his balls.. the other holding his thigh ... .. her lips wrap tightly around his hard shaft.. sliding up and down on it ... . sucking him in more with each stroke.. "Mmmmmm.." she moans as her deep breathe gives away her pleasure.

"Oh ... yes ... yes..", moans Spur as he slowly starts to thrust his hard throbbing cock deeper into Candice's warm wet mouth ... "Yes.. God .. I love it when you play with my balls..", shouts Spur as he tightens the muscles in his ass with each thrust.. the heat in his body becoming unbearable ... the heat in his balls becoming hotter.. "Yes ... Yes ... Yes.." he moans in sexual bliss..

Candice hungrily took him in deeper.. faster. Her lips move up and down on his hot shaft.. her gentle hand rubbing his balls.. feeling their heat.. their firmness.. as they touch her lips. She takes his throbbing cock deeper in her warm moist mouth.. sucking him harder.. faster.. wanting to taste his cum ... her other hand slips around to his firm ass.. caressing it.. pulling him closer ... closer ... as he thrusts deeper into her warm mouth..

Lost in his passion.. he thrusts his cock wildly into her warm moist mouth.. the sucking of her mouth pressing against the hardness of his shaft ... sending an uncontrollable wave of passion through his body. The heat in his balls explodes ... his body stiffens as he drives his cock deeper into her mouth ... his throbbing cock jerks as it spews his hot cum deep into her mouth.. "Oh, God.. Oh.. Oh.. baby.." he shouts as every fiber of his body shaking from his explosive climax ...

"MMMMmmmmmmmm..", she moans as she sucks in his hot cum.. swallowing it as it overflows her warm moist lips. his hands are in her hair.. pulling her mouth tight against him. She slowly sucks him dry.. tasting every drop of his cum. She patiently licks his cock clean as she tries to catcher her breath.

Spur pulls Candice to him.. her wet body pressing against his.. the soft mounds of her breast pressing against his bare chest.. looking into her sexy green eyes ... pressing his lips to hers.. sucking in her warm moist tongue.. tasting traces of his cum as he sucks in her taste.. "Mmmmmmmmmmm.." he softly moans..

"MMmmmmmmm. baby.. Oh, yes. You fell so good against my wet body", says Candice as she wraps her arms around Spur ... running her fingers through his brown hair .. pressing her lips to his. kissing him passionately. "MMMMmmmmmmmm .. baby.."

Wrapping his arms around her body .. giving her a hug .. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. baby .. that was sexy ... "

"Mmmmmmm.. yes.. and you are a sexy man .. baby.. ", said Candice in a soft warm voice.

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