Secretary Please

By: Bart Manning

As a prominent business man, I need to have a helping hand. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that things would turn for the best when my last secretary decided to move on to another job. I was at a point in the business where I need to have that extra help. Since the day I had open the doors to my company things had sky rocketed to the top. Never in my life did I ever think I would be so swamped with everything that had been going on. So when Sue decided to leave, I was devastated to say the least. I called the newspaper and asked to run an ad. Two days later I was in the mist of applications a mile high. I sifted through them and picked out the ones I thought had the right qualifications. A few days later I called a few to set up interviews. I spent the next few days meeting with each and everyone of them. On the third day my last interview I had was a lady by the name of Mellany.

I went to the front reception area and meet her there. When I called her name, she stood, walked forward, and stuck her hand out for me to shake, which I did. I noticed that her hand was trembling. I asked " Is there something wrong?" She answered " No, it's just that I get real nervous around business men." I asked " Why so?" she replied " They turn me on." This grabbed my attention but I had to be professional, so I responded " Don't worry, you are safe here." The word's were still ringing in my ears, as I lead her to my office.

Once in my office, I allowed her to enter as I closed the door behind. I offered her a seat, which she graciously took. I moved around my desk and started to sit down looking in her direction. I was pleased to see her cross her legs giving me a clear view up her stocking clad thighs, to where I could see that she was wearing light blue lace panties. Picking up her resumé, I started reading to take my mind off what I had just seen. Raising up to ask her a question, she uncrossed and crossed her legs again. My mind was racing, as she explained her qualification's. The entire time I was thinking " Just hire her, you will be able to look and maybe get the chance to fuck her anytime you like." After she was finished explaining herself, I looked at the resumé again. This time I heard her moan, anxious to see what she had moaned at, I peered my eyes to the corner of the paper to see her squirming in her chair. I asked " Do you have any physical problems that would hinder you from doing the job?" Explaining there was a lot of bending over to do filing. She answered with a lustful voice " No, my back is fine, I arch it regularly to keep it fit." the implications were horrendous.

I resumed reading and was disturbed by a low sultry moan. When I looked up, what I saw was Mellany with her skirt bunched up and her finger running circles around her panty covered mound, I just about fell on the floor. Leaning back in my chair, I sat there admiring the performance she was giving. Gently I stroked the outline of my cock through my pants, causing pre cum to ooze out the head. She was hot and only getting hotter. I stood and walked to her asking " Would you like some assistance's?" Looking up she was facing my bulging slacks. I moved my hand to where she had been rubbing, and began administering the same treatment. She was rubbing my cock and trying to unzip my slacks to get at my hard dick. Her panties were soaked, turning me on something fierce. Slipping my slacks down, she reached in side my jockeys to find the bulge she had been stroking. I felt her hand guide mine under her panties and into her sex, she was so wet that I sank my finger right into her tight waiting hole. Fishing out my cock she stroked it a few times and sucked the head to the rhythm of my stroking fingers. She was sucking my cock at a maddening pace, as I swirled my fingers in and around her juicy slit. After I had brought her off, all over my hand. I pulled her to her feet and pressed my lips to hers for a fiery kiss that burned away an inhibitions. I kissed around to her neck and whispered " I want to lick your pussy right on top of my desk until you can't stand it any longer." Just the words caused her to shudder in my arms. She bent over to retrieve her purse all the while I fondled her fine ass. Then she walked to the edge of the desk where she sat it down.

I took her into my arms again kissing her feverishly, as our hands worked to disregard our bodies of the clothes that remained. Once she was completely undressed, I stepped back and admired her healthy looking frame. She was a knock out. Her breast were large and standing proud, with two nipples that were dying to be sucked. Her stomach was taut and firm, that lead to a set of hips that were round and inviting. I set her back on the desk, taking a seat myself in my leather chair. I raised her leg and encased her big toe between my lips to suck on it. Gradually, pain stakingly I worked my lips and tongue up one thigh, around her dewy slit and down the other thigh driving her wild. She was short of breath and moaning out loud. I repeated the process again, only to have her pull my face right into her warm waiting pussy. She sighed and said " Eat me, PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAASSEEE!!" Who am I to refuse a lady in distress? I licked up and down her folds, making her moan her approval. Her hips were hopping up and down on the desk, trying to mash my face ever so deeper into her pussy. I loved it and got into a frenzy sucking and licking her all over. She came bucking her hips and holding my head, as I kept right on licking.

Settling down a bit, I heard a buzzing sound. Looking up to investigate I saw that she had taken out a vibrator, apparently from her purse. She stated that she wanted to suck my cock. So I maneuvered her to the side of the desk and allowed her to place my hard cock into her burning mouth. I took the vibrator that she had been stroking her nipples with and raised her leg, sliding the head of it against her swollen clit. This caused her to suck my dick much more enthusiastically. I moved the vibrator back and sank it deep within her. She moaned loudly on my cock and sucked even harder. Twirling the vibrator around and around, caused her to shriek through a gut wrenching orgasm. It was a muffled scream, being that she had her mouth full of my cock.

Enough is enough, I wanted to be inside her. So drawing the vibrator out I slide my cock into the depths of her pussy. She took the vibrator switched it off and began to suck the heavy cream that was clinging to the sides of it. I drew my dick out to the entrance and slowly slide it forward to bury myself once again. Over and over I did this building her to the point of no return. Once I had built her to that point, I pulled out and dropped down, lapping up the all the abundance of cream that was flowing out of her. This only heighten the envietable, she begins to squirm, she was ready to go off like a roman candle on Fourth of July. She was sliding back and forth, polishing more than just my desk.

Pushing me back she sank onto my prick, grinding around and around, while I encased her rock hard nipple in my mouth. Sucking and gracing my teeth around the nip. She moaned loudly, flooding her juice over my balls and pumping wildly. Needing to have it deeper I stood still penetrating her. I let her down sliding out briefly, turning her around I bent her over the desk and slipped back into her, pounding in and out. I watched as her cream built all around my base. I could feel myself getting harder, she knew what was to come. She started howling to me to empty my load in her " Fuck me, please!!! Fill me baby!!" I exploded deep within her, spilling my load all over.

Needless to say she got the job, and has been doing a fabulous job ever since.

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