Fucking in the Sauna

By Lainey "Poopsie" Bonser

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I really enjoy going to the hot tubs and saunas. One evening walked into a sauna wearing only my towel. The steam is so thick; I can hardly see my hand in front of my face. I work my way over to the bench and realize I am the only one there. I lay down on the bench and start to gently touch myself. I am getting really turned on, to the point that I don't even notice that you have come in. As soon as I realize that you have, I pretend to be asleep. I am mortified that anyone saw what I was doing.

After a couple of minute's pass, I feel your hand on my leg. Still unable to believe that anyone saw me fingering myself, I still fake sleep. Slowly your hand starts rubbing my leg ever so gently. I am getting so hot that I can hardly stand it. I still haven't seen your face and the only thing I can sense is your hand. You start to massage your way up my leg and push the towel up towards my back, exposing my ass.

Very tenderly, you spread my legs apart and start to fondle my throbbing pussy. I think I am going to explode when you lean over and kiss my legs. You start at my ankles and working your way up. I spread my thighs enough for you to do your thing. Fired with passion, I still don't want to look at you for fear that it will end, so I keep my eyes closed. Your tongue finds it's way to my clit and you start to tease me, slowly at first then going faster and faster. I grab your head and push it into my steaming cunt. I don't want this to end. Your hand finds its way to my ass and your thumb enters slowly as your fingers find their way into my other hole.

"OH MY GOD!!!!", I moan as I can't stand it anymore and I get down on my knees and start to suck on your hard cock. Making sure to get all of your stiff prick in my mouth, I start to fondle your balls. I think I have found heaven. I suck you until you start to whimper from the pleasurable pain that comes with such a strong blowjob. You will be bruised in the morning, but you don't care.

Then, I let your prick slip from my lips and I recline so I am lying on my back. You turn and find your way into my soaking wet pussy. Overcome with desire, you start slamming your cock into my hot cunt, harder and harder until it feels like your giant prick is going to come out my throat. "OH THE PAIN ... OH THE PLEASURE ... DON'T STOP", I yell as you thrust harder and harder, faster and faster.

Just as you are about to cum, I make you stop. We lay there motionless and you are frustrated that I made you stop.

When you have receded to a point where I don't have to worry that you will cum when you enter me, I roll over. You give find my hole and stick your stiff cock in my ass. What a feeling your prick brings to my emotions. We are so lubed up that your prick sliding in and out on its own. I can feel you getting ready to cum so I push against you and you shoot your wad in my happy ass hole.

I swear that fireworks are going off in the sauna. My back arches and your hands reach out to grab my large tits. You collapse from the exertion and lay your head down on my heaving breasts. The sauna turns off, but we still have plenty of time. Spent, we lay in each other's arms and still quivering, just holding each other.

What a steamy night ...

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