A Saturday Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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Anyone who lives in the Northeast knows that the last few days have been beautiful ... mid 80's ... all sun ... low humidity ... a beautiful spring.

Today, to take advantage of the weather I decided to do some roadwork. On weekends I usually do a five to six mile, but, today I felt good so I set out for an extra long run, maybe eight or even ten miles. Lee was doing housework when I left. Lee's my wife, if you've read our other stories.

I ran through the local college campus ... Man! ... the hard bodies! .... lots of them in bikinis. Young ... eighteen ... tight asses .... the things that go through your head when you run. It's a great time to fantasize. One of the girls even yells ... "Nice Buns!", at me as I pass. When you are in your mid-thirties, this sort of thing is wonderful for your ego. I still like it even though my body is still doing okay ... I'm six foot ... one eighty-five ... still close to my fighting weight ... and a hint of my abs show through a flat mid-section. Just for fun, I stop quickly when they yell and I flash my ass at them ... they are laughing as they applaud.

I think to myself ... I'm getting as bad Lee. I find my showing off to be a little bit of a flash ... a turn on.

As I run, I imagine the two of them ... the ones that called to me. The first a brunette, probably eighteen, tan from Spring Break no doubt, a yellow bikini highlighting her complexion. Her friend, blond, really leggy ... cutoff jeans ... short enough to show some ass.

My pace quickens and I imagine myself running over to their blanket ... as my fantasy runs wild ... the brunette is hungrily pulling my nylon running shorts down and taking my cock in her hand ... she slips it into her mouth and takes my prick all the way down her young throat ... the blond slips out of her obscene cutoffs and fingers her shaved pussy while she watches the show .... I lean over and pull the brunette's bikini bottoms down to lick a sweet ... young ... trimmed ...pussy!

Fantasies like this make running easier and help me pass the time. Before I left, Lee said she was going to go shopping. I hope I can make it home before she leaves. Maybe get a quickie in ... or ... a nice sweaty fuck. She loves to fuck me after a run. One of the many wonderful things about my wife, if you've read the other stories, is that she'll fuck me if I ask, and sometimes if I don't ask! Of course, I do the same for her. There's something really erotic about getting fucked on demand.

One time, she was on her way to a company dinner, where she had to give the after dinner speech. She had on this long black formal dress ... diamond earrings ... conservative but hip enough to still be really hot. I wasn't going with her because it wasn't a "spouse thing". She was just about to leave, make up done ... hair spray ... the whole picture. As she grabbed her car keys she asked "Do I look okay".

Jokingly, I said ... "I'll be jerking off just thinking of you!"

She got that mischievious look in her eye and said "Oh, poor honey ... you don't have to do that ... I still got five minutes .... How about I suck your cock? ... it will help me relax before this damned speech ..." She ordered me to the couch and had me undo my jeans. Very carefully she smoothed the black velvet dress, so it wouldn't wrinkle, as she knelt in front of me. Lee then made sure her hair was pulled back so it wouldn't tangle. "I'm going to make you cum in under 2 minutes ... watch me ... baby!"

With that she let her mouth slide over my prick and slid her hands under my ass. With a hard, firm grasp on my cheeks she let her mouth slip down until my prick was deep into her throat. She sucked, up and down, my cock, firmly exerting pressure from her lips. Using her grip as balance she pumped with her mouth. I was getting ready to blow my load almost immediately when she pulled her mouth away ... just to say ... "Honey, Don't grab my hair ... okay ... and when you cum ... I'm going to swallow every drop ... so don't pull out." After that she went right back to my cock. In about eight more mouth-strokes I came and came and came.

True to her word she swallowed every drop.

When I was sucked dry, she got up carefully, smoothed her dress, patted her hair and whispered, "Wish me Luck! .... and ... I'm going to want you to lick pussy when I get back .... I'll need to unwind ... see ya' ... honey."

Still thinking as I run, I am four blocks from home hoping that Lee hadn't think, as I go into the house. I call for her but she doesn't answer. That usually means that she's on the deck. I go up to the bedroom and there, through the sliding doors, is a sight better than any fantasy I could imagine.

She is lying on the chaise lounge ... her back to the sliding door ... her bikini bottoms around one ankle ... the top of her bikini is pushed down ... her erect nipples point to the sky ... she is covered in sun tan oil ... her right hand is slowly ... really slowly ... sliding her favorite dildo ... in and out of a very wet ... bright pink ... pussy ... as if ... she is teasing herself. I know the look ... when she goes slow it means she's already cum a few times. Her headphones cover her ears ... her head rolling to the music ... tells me she is experiencing herself. Her sunglasses are still on so she doesn't know that I am there.

I slip my hand into my running shorts. My cock is already hard and with a few strokes it was full-grown. As I have said, Lee loves to musk taste of a sweaty prick. I don't rush anything ... for a few minutes ... I just watched that plastic prick vibrate in and out of her wet ... ready ... and now steaming cunt. I love watching her play with herself ... I think that I should just jerk-off behind her ... never letting her know ... but ... I havea better idea.

I slide the door open and gently place my hard cock against her lips. I startle her and she jerks back ... opens her eyes ... laughs real hard ... takes my cock in her mouth ... and sucks.

"The sun is bright today, Lee says, "you know how I get ... in the sun ... looks like it's had the same effect on you ... 'cum here ... baby, give momma her toy ...", she says, giggling as she grabs my ass and pulls my cock deeper into her throat ... greedily. "I'm listening to George Benson ... can I suck your cock to my own private soundtrack?" Lee then sucks my prick as I stand up. She takes her sweet time ... tasting me ... teasing me ... endlessly playing with her lips and throat ... as if she has learned a new trick. Several times she stops and pours oil over my dick and pumps ... stopping instinctively ... not letting me cum.

After twenty minutes in her heaven she lets my oily cock slip from her mouth and walks to the railing of our balcony. She looked back ... kitten thoughts twinkled in her eyes ... she asked ... "fuck me over the railing ... darling .... doggie ... style ...PLEASE ... FUCK ME ... you know it's my favorite ... position ... Please do me now!"

Our neighbor's house faces the other way and the only window in the back is curtained, although, I don't think it matters to Lee as she bends over the rail ... showing me her sweet ... tan ... ass ... while her head sways to the music. Her cunt was so warm ... wet ... and ready ... so I slid into her pussy from behind. She is humming to the music ... to the jazz ... getting close to cumming ... who knows? ... who knows how many orgasms she' had so far?

"Baby ... Give it to me ... Hard! ... Yea! ... oof .... slap my ass! ... YES ... YESS ... I'm coming!", she yells as she bucks wildly against my cock as I ram freely into her oily ... wet ... cum ... soaked ... cunt

She cums and I have my orgasm just after Lee. My knees give out from the emotion and the long run ... I grab for the railing ... my hands miss ... sliding across Lee's back .. my nails leaving long ... red ... welts ... in her soft tan skin ... as ... my head bumps on the deck ... as I fall.

"You'll never see that in a porn video", I say looking up at Lee as she feels the deep scratches on her back. We both laugh as she continues to rub the welts.

"You've never hurt me during sex", she whispers, offering me her hand so that I can get up.

"I'm very sorry ... darling. I slipped .... or my legs gave out .... maybe I ran too far.

Maybe you fucked too hard!", she said.

We both laughed as I got some oil and rubbed it on the scratches which were now bleeding slightly. "I'm very sorry", I whispered, as I massaged the welts, kissing them gently.

"Don't be! I like it. I don't know why ... but ... that's just what I wanted.

While you were out and I was along I imagined that some pervert came out on the porch and fucked me in the ass ... clawing at me like a crazed animal ... I was afraid of my thoughts ... then I wanted it ... I wanted it so bad ... to be abused ... pinched ... scratched ... tied ... fucked ... molested ... GOD ... you are wonderful ... T J. Can we do that again? ... someday?"

"I'm not sure I can do it again. It was an accident!"

"You'll do it if I ask", Lee commanded.

"If you put it that way ..."

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