By Toy Babee

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Settling back into the seat, Ken sighed heavily. The night was a total bust! Not one female could hold his attention for more than a few minutes since all were a bleached blonde, with a bleached brain. Yak ... yak ... boring conversation, fake tits and big asses. "Shit not a fucking thing out here tonight!", he thought as he got into the cab.

"Where to Mister", the Cabby inquired.

"Just drive", snarled Ken. Just as the words were out of his mouth he saw her. Long legs, about six-foot, fire red hair, large green eyes, nice tits spilling out of her tight top, very sexy lips and a great ass. "Oooohhh ... yesss ... ", he thought, " ... someone to play with." Rapping on the heavy plastic partition forcefully he said loudly, " .. turn around!"

"Sure", the driver answered, grinning devilishly as he saw the lady and swung a screeching U-turn,

She saw a cab slowing to a stop in front of her. Yanking the door open she yelled, " What took you so long? I called a fucking cab thirty minutes ago!" She threw her bag onto the seat.

"Ouch", Ken said. "Watch what you're tossing in here!"

She stopped short, her pouty red lips forming a perfect "O", as if she wanted a nice round cock slipped there. "Move your ass over!, or get out", She said as she seated herself in the backseat.

"I think you have that all wrong ... Missy. I was here first. Technically, you're in my cab", he said, scanning her nice features as he noticed the tear-like streaks on her left cheek, wondering if they were from crying or just unusual make-up.

"Fuck!, that's all I need ... a smart-ass", she muttered, turning to face Ken as she gave him her best smile. "I'm sorry. It's just that I've been waiting for half an hour.

"Well, my dear, you can share my cab. My name's Ken. Where too?".

"Hmmmmmm ... ", Sarah thought as she looked at Ken. Damn good looking, thick wavy hair, baby blues, broad shoulders and slim", Sarah thought as she could feel her panties getting wet. "Hi, my name is Sarah", she replied.

"Well, Sarah nice to met you", Ken said, his eyes straying to her breast as he could feel his cock getting hard. "Big tits ... damn", he whispered.

"What", Sarah asked?

"Where to", he answered, covering his utterance.

The driver glancing in the mirror, wondering if he would get a show tonight. Moving closer to Ken, Sarah leaned forward, breasts spilling from her bustier. Ken's breathing was becoming heavier as Sarah took his hand and placed it on her thigh. Smiling, she ran the tip of her tongue around her full red lips. Watching her pink tongue made Ken's prick even harder.

Reaching into her bag she pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Before Ken knew what had happened she snapped them on his wrists. Turning to the driver, she handed him a fifty-dollar bill and said, " ... Just drive, ask no questions." Smiling at Ken, she whispered, "Ooohhhh, Baby, you like what you see?" Unsnapping her top she let her breast spill out onto his face, "Suck", she purred as she stuck her tits in his face and he clamped his mouth on her hard nipples and sucked greedily. Surprised showed on his face as he swallowed her milk, sucking harder he emptied one breast then moved to the other. Ken, bit down hard on her nipple. "Ouch", she squealed. "You want to play rough", she said, taking a small case from her bag. She opened it and withdrew a set of wicked looking nipple clamps. Sarah placed her mouth over his and kissed him hard as she placed the clamps and tightened each clip on his nipples. Pain shot through him as he squirmed but, being unable to say anything, he bit her lower lip drawing blood. Laughing, she said, "Hmmm .. getting a little feisty?"

Ken narrowed his eyes. "Un-cuff me and we will see who can be what", he groaned as she tighten the clamps.

"You love this ... don't you", she whispered. "I can feel your hard cock telling me how much you like it." Bending down she unzipped his pants, pulling his trousers down to his hips. Sarah kissed his chest down to his groin as Ken moaned in pleasure. "Damn ... this woman is something else", he thought, his cock pulsating. It felt as if it wanted to burst from its skin, he had never been this hard before. Her lips closed over his bursting cock, sucking the head hard. Sarah, groaned inwardly, such a big ass cock is just what she needed. The driver adjusted his mirror so he could see what was going on in the back. His own cock was getting hard as he watched Sarah, being half naked and sucking Ken's stiff prick.

"Ok, Ken ... I'll un-cuff you, but only after you taste this", she said, lifting her skirt as she pushed her cunt to his face. Ken almost had an orgasm, seeing that sweet pussy at his mouth. Smelling her odor was driving him wild as he flicked his tongue around her pussy-lips. She pressed closer as her dripping wet, juice ran down her thighs as Ken lapped it up as fast as he could, not wanting any to go to waste. Smelling her pussy was too much for the driver. He pulled over to a side street, jammed on the brakes, leaped out the car, and swung open the back door, just as Ken started sucking on Sarah's clit. The cab driver, cock in hand, rubbed Sarah's bare ass. He licked her ass hole, lubricating the opening as he spread her cheeks and mounted her, unceremoniously, driving his stiff prick into her willing hole.

"Uh", he screamed as his eyes shut he thrust while he thrust hard into her tight ass.

"Oohhhhh ... aaahhhhh", Sarah moaned around Ken's stiff prick as the cabby's throbbing cock pumped in and out of her ass as he grabbed a handful of hair, jerked her head back, as she arched into him.

Sarah was propelled backwards as she un-cuffed Ken, thrusting his pulsating cock deeper into her pouty red lipped, mouth. She began to suck his cock, tipping her head back, letting his prick slide down her throat. Sarah felt Ken's hard cock slide in and out of here mouth as the cabby's stiff member pounded her butt. "Aaaahhhhhh", she screamed. She was sucking Ken's cock so hard, her mouth was like a vacuum.

"Uuhhhhhh! Oooohhhh ... yesss ... baby!! Suck my hard cock", Ken yelled as Sarah took his whole cock in her mouth. She sucked long and hard as she could feel his cock getting harder with each thrust he made into her mouth. Grabbing his hips, she pulled him closer, slipping a wet finger up the crack of his ass. She reamed his hole, feeling the tightness as she slipped her finger up to the knuckle. The cabby slapped her plump butt as he pumped his cock into her tight ass hole. Ken removed the nipple clamps from his sore breast and, reaching down, he grabbed Sarah's tits and squeezed tightly. He placed the clamps on her long nipples and tightened them as his testicles were tightening in orgasmic anticipation.

The cab driver balls were slapping against Sarah's thighs as he drove his hard cock all the way up her tight ass. "Uh! uh! ... ", he groaned as he pulled all the way out and rammed his prick home again, pumping harder as her ass tightened around his cock. With one last push he exploded in her ass, cum shooting from his stiff prick, oozing from her hole and running in streams down her thighs.

"Arrggggggg!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!", Ken yelled as he felt his cum travelling up his cock as he felt the eminent explosion any second. Grabbing Sarah's head, he pushed her face into his groin, pumping feverishly into her mouth. "Aaaaahhhhhhh", he cried as he shoot his load in her throat.

Feeling his hot cum shoot into her mouth, Sarah sucked him harder pulling more cum, draining his cock completely. She had a suction like he never felt before and watching her swallow his cum made him stay hard as he pumped faster into her mouth. Quickly he shot his second load as she looked into his eyes, this time his cum dribbled down the side of her mouth. Her tongue came out and licked her lips, sucking him bone dry.

"Yummy ... fucking good cum", Sarah said."

"Yes ... the best", Ken laughed, bringing his mouth to hers and tasting his rich cum on her pouting lips.

The cabby's cock became limp and he slipped to the ground outside of the cab. "Anytime you need a ride ... call me", he told her.

Ken zipped up his pants, slapped Sarah on the ass.

"You can ride in my taxi anytime." The cabby got up, zipped his pants and got into the front seat. "Where to now", he asked, pulling away from the curb.

Ken looked at Sarah, her flaming red hair a mess and the tear-makeup smeared beyond recognition. "Would you like some solid food for dinner."

"That would be nice", Sarah whispered, softly rubbing his soft cock.

"And ... for dessert?"

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