St. Patrick's Day Fuck

By Dungeonmaster

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When I got back to the office, Monica was sitting at her computer chatting with Nine Inches and Loveslave on blowout Chat wearing a green wig for Patties Day. I smiled, sitting down next to her and interrupting her conversation. I typed a note asking Love to suck my cock to which whe replied on the computer screen, " ... only if I can swallow your cum!. As I finished, Monica planted a wet kiss, sticking her tongue passionately into my mouth and whispering, "Happy Saint Patrick's Day You Old Fucking Prick".

I flicked the pearl pin in her tongue as i ran my hand up her thigh. When she called me an Old Fucking Prick, I knew she was really saying that she was horney.

I pinched her soft skin between my fingernails, the soft lips of her inner thigh where the hair would be if she hadn't just shaved. Monica bit my tongue as I pinched. The harder I squeezed the stronger her bite, until she let go as if to whisper, "Stop", but the words didn't exit her mouth because I looked into her eyes and pinched just a little harder. She knew not to complain, nor whimper.

I wanted to tell Monica of my surprise, but, before I could get the word out of my mouth, she whispered, "I have a surprise for you, Master".

A whisper of a surprise combined with You Old Fucking Prick caused my ass hole to pucker and my eyes water. "What the fuck do you have for me", I asked, pinching her pussy lips again and slipping my fingers into her rings. Her smile grew wider and her pierced tongue darted in and out of her mouth causing the pearl pin to glisten in the soft light. Monica left the chair and sat on the edge of the table between me and the computer. I pushed my hand further up her thighs and pulled on her pussy lip rings, opening her cunt. Monica leaned back, drawing her knees up so that I could reach my other hand and pull the rings on the other side, opening her pussy hole wider.

"I'll tell you, if you suck my cunt, Master", Monica laughed wiggling her ass in the chair. I could smell her rich aroma as my thumbs played with her open pussy as my fingers pulled on the rings as she became slippery and wet. "Please, suck me", she whispered leaning back further and raising her legs onto my shoulders and squeezing my head between her ankles, pulling my nose toward her open wet cunt.

"Is that a bribe, Bitch", I whispered pulling harder on her rings and blowing softly into her hole. "You know better than to threaten!"

"I know better, Master. But ... I ....."

"But ... Shit ... It will be your ass for Patrick if you do! You want Patrick in your ass, Slave?", I said as my head neared her wet cunt and I took a long sniff of her sweet smell. As my tongue licked the drip on her thigh and I pulled her lips wider so that her pussy stretched and I could see her hard clit rising from the crack ... and ... God Damn ... it was green! The bitch had died her clit green. She had stolen my surprise!

"Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Master", Monica said, her laughter echoing through the Blowout Lounge. "Ever sucked a green pussy, Master?"

My tongue touched her lips and licked around the green stub as Monica squirmed in the chair. Damn, I thought as her hand went into my pants and she squeezed hard on my throbbing cock. Damn, I thought again, thinking that I had a real surprise for her and she stole my thunder. I was mad and happy at the same time. She had fucked my mind and stolen the night but it was alright because her cunt tasted so good, smelled so strong and her green clit was like an emerald. I wanted to stick my Patrick Peter up her hole. I wanted to mount her like a dog and fuck her 'til she screamed.

"Ever fuck a green pussy", she asked, squeezing my cock in her warm hand, forcing drops of cum from the end. Monica raised her hand to her mouth, licking my juice from her fingers.

"Ever fuck a green cunt, You Old Fucking Prick", she cried as I pulled her from the chair and threw her on the floor and she backed toward me on her hands and knees, raising her ass in the air like a dog in heat.

"Ever fuck a green one?", she said crawling toward the wall as I removed my pants and followed in hot pursuit. Monica reached the wall and could go no further and my hard cock followed her ass. When she stopped I drove into her delivering my surprise.

"Ever been fucked by a green one", I cried, driving my cock deep into her hole.

"Green ... what?", Monica cried, pushing her head against the wall and bracing herself with her hands.

"Ever been fucked by a green Cock!", I cried, driving my full length into her as she screamed with delight.

"You didn't", Monica cried.

"I did!"

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