Room With A View

By: TDeeZ and Zena

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She was alone in the apartment ... and it was her birthday. Her husband was gone for the weekend, having obviously forgotten the occasion and there had been no phone call ... no card ... no flowers ... nothing

She was beginning to grow impatient with his thoughtlessness ... He never called when he was going to be late ... or when he would bring clients over for dinner. If she had to throw together another dinner at the last minute she would scream. She closed her eyes and felt the draft from the open window cooling her skin. Her silken robe draped loosely from her shoulders ... opened slightly to reveal the swell of her creamy breast. She sighed with pleasure as the breeze caressed her skin like the breath from a tender lover.

A loud honk and the accompanying curse rising from the street below roused her from her self-pity and she turned to re-enter her darkened apartment. But ... the light from the windows of the apartment across the alley caught her attention and she stood rooted to the spot. She held her breath as she saw a couple ... bodies entwined ... standing at the window. She watched as the raven-haired woman slid sinuously down the body of her lover and wrapped her fingers around his erect cock.

The woman looked up at his face ... her long hair falling down her back ... reaching to her hips. She smiled softly. The woman's long pink tongue circled her lips ... wetting them ... as she leaned down and kissed the head of the penis she held in her hands. The women enveloped the swollen head of her lover's cock with her lips as the man jerked his head back ... eyes closed tightly ... mouth open ... head held high. She thought she heard a groan as the man grabbed a handful of the woman's hair and tugged her closer to him, bucking his hips against her mouth ... driving his cock deep into her throat.

As she watched the couple from within her darkened room, she let her hand move between her legs as she caught the rhythm of the raven-haired woman as her mouth slid up and down the large swollen tool of her lover. She licked her lips as she watched him pump his lover, imagining the feel of that silken steel cock in her own mouth ... imagining pressing her tongue against the hot skin ... as it slid inside ... as she sucked the sweet purple head.

Her fingers moved against her own swollen clit ... rubbing lightly ... circling ... then increasing the pressure as she watched the man thrust forward ... urging his lover to take him deeper ... moaning as his woman took his ball sac in one hand and squeezed ... passionately holding his cock with the other hand.

Unable to take her eyes off the couple, she slid her finger into the moistness of her own pussy, stroking her fingers in and out, imagining the stranger's cock filling her tight vagina. Pressing her thumb against her clit she moaned as the man tightened his grasp on the woman's hair ... and began mouth fucking in short desperate strokes.

She watched as the man threw back his head ... appeared to be screaming ... his movements dislodging his cock from the woman's mouth ... his cock began to pulsate ... thick white cum began arching out of the head ... falling on his lover's mouth ... face ... dripping onto her full breasts.

The sight of the woman's tongue licking the cream coating from her face, breasts and her lover's cock sent her over the edge. She held onto the ledge as waves of pleasure pulsed through her cunt ... leaving her weak and wet.

She leaned her head against the glass ... trying to recover her breath ... she opened her eyes ... to find that the man looking directly at her. He smiled ... said something to his lover ... who turned to face the window. The both grinned and waved at her as she leaned her head against the window in pleasant exhaustion.

She leaned back against the windowpane smiling as her couple returned the look ... mortified at being discovered ... while she was excited to think that the display was meant for her. Groaning, she walked back into her room ... only ... to have powerful arms grab her from behind ... holding her close ... forcing a hand between her legs ... stroking the dripping cunt ... fingering her stiff clit.

"Did you like my present, baby", A deep voice asked? "I bought them just for you ... I knew you couldn't resist watching ... You are a born voyeur ... my love.". And as he dipped his fingers into her hot, dripping wet pussy she screamed in orgasmic pleasure as she came for a second time before she fell into her husbands waiting arms.

"By the way, my love... They're coming for dinner!"

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