The Romantic Night

By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Being they live so close to where they work, they always come home and have lunch together. But, on this day, Vince had a meeting and couldn't make it home at noon. So Katie takes the rest of the afternoon off, deciding to make him a special dinner.

When he gets home, there she stands before him wearing a short tight fitting low cut peach dress. She greets him with a kiss. "Mmmmmm, Luv, how are you feeling", she whispers softly to him.

"Much better, now that I have you in my arms", he whispers back the scent of her perfume fill his senses. The warmth of her body against his makes his manhood stir. God, he can't get enough of her, he thinks.

"I have a bath all ready for you", she says as she takes his hand and leads him into the bedroom. She starts to undress him and slowly she removes each article of clothing. Her fingertips which brush against his bare flesh feel like little shots of electricity on his body. He closes his eyes and enjoys the sensations that her touch gives him. When he's naked, she stands back and admires his body, than takes his hand and leads him toward the bath-tub. He steps in and slowly sits down into the warm water, feeling his body began to relax.

"I'll be right back", she whisper. Closing his eyes he can feel the tension of the day easy from his body and his thoughts go to Katie, in her tight dress. He thinks of how sexy she looked with pert nipples pushing against the material as if they were screaming to be let out. How wonderful she was with no panties, as there was no panty lines. His cock starts to rise.

She comes back in quietly, with two glasses and a bottle of chilled wine. He has his eyes closed and didn't realize she had come back into the room. Her eyes scan his body, her heart begins to beat faster as she thinks of how lucky she is to have him. A smile comes across her lips as she sees his cock beginning to stir. She walks to the tub and places the glasses down, filling each one. Vince opens his eyes and smiles at her saying, "Mmm, this feels great, I'm glad you thought of it , but aren't you going to join me?"

"Not this time, I took mine earlier", she says as she sets her glass down while she lathers up her hands and starts to wash his body. Smiling at him as she starts with his back and then moves her hands up and around, slowly washing his chest and stomach. She teases his nipples until they are hard then makes her way down toward his growing cock.

Passing his waste, she completely ignors his crotch as she washes his legs, then slowly makes her way up his thighs to his crotch. She slowly washes around his cock and balls. Hearing a small groan escape his lips, she knows the teasing is getting to him. By the time she gets to his cock and wraps her hand around, his prick is throbbing and hard. She hears him moan as her slippery hand slides up and down his stiff meat.

"Oh, that feels so good", he moans softly as he sits up and places his hand behind her head and draws her near. Kissing her passionately, moaning as he places his tongue into her mouth, he tastes her as their tongues dance. His kisses make her forget everything, sending shivers up and down her spine, adding fuel to the fire that burns within her. She wraps her arms around his neck kissing him, wanting him so much. Her whole body is aflame with desire and passion. Before she knows what happens he has her in the tub with him. He starts to kiss up and down her neck. He whispers into her ear, "Ride me, Luv, I want to feel your pussy squeezing my cock. Please drench me with your hot jucies", he whispers as she struggles with her wet clothes. Sliding the wet material from her otherwise nude body she relazes in the bath.

Totally lost in the world of passion they have created, she guides his cock to her pussy. Moaning, she feels it slide into her cunt. She starts to ride it up and down, her pussy squeezing, feeling the stiff cock throbbing deep inside her, the fire within her growing. He reaches down rubbing her clit as he plays with her nipples. The water splashes from the tub onto the floor as they go faster and she feels him going in deeper with each stroke.

"Oh, I'm cumming", she shouts, drenching his cock, riding it faster as she feels it throbbing in her. She squeezes his cock with her pussy as her orgasm takes over her body.

Her pussy squeezes his cock and he can't hold back any longer. He pulls her down on top of him. Her breasts crush into his body as he kisses her with such passion as his cock explodes deep inside her raging cunt. Holding her tightly as he can he feels her pussy milking him dry. "Oh, that was fantastic, I don't think I've ever felt more relaxed and satified", he moans, as they slowly come down from their sexual high, gasping for air.

The water is slowly getting cool as she suddenly realizes that she forgot about dinner. He has that effect on her, to forget everything but the two of them.

"Oh ... no", she says, jumping out of the tub and to run to the kitchen. Opening the oven door she discovers the dinner is burnt! She stands there, tears running down her cheeks, when he comes up to wrap his arms around her. Leaning into his body, her head buried in his chest as he softly runs his hands through her hair. She looks up into his eyes. "I wanted this to be so special and I ruined it", she says between sobs.

"Luv, its not all your fault, I think I had a hand in it", Vince says smiling at her. He softly kisses her tears away. "Lets order Chinese and have them deliver. That way we can continue with the special dinner I ruined", he whispers laughingly.

He orders some food as she prances nude into the other room, returning, wrapped in her silk robe. She sits on couch and motions for him to join her. He comes to sit next to her and wraps his arms around her, relaxing as they wait for the food. He closes his eyes as her fingertips slowly go up and down his chest.

The food arrives and as they eat they tell each other of their day. Each of them with thoughts of the rest of the evening. They finish eating, go back into the living room, he puts on some music and pours them each another glass of wine. They sit on the couch and soon their hands are exploring each others bodies. Feeling their response, the passion and desire builds within them.

"Lets go to the bedroom", he whispers in her ear. He lifts her, carries her to the bedroom and gently lies her down on the bed. "Mmmm ... I can't get enough of you", he whispers as he lies down and starts to kiss her cheeks, her mouth, down her neck, until he reaches her breasts, which he slowly begins to tease with his tongue. Circling the nipples until they are hard and erect he slowly takes one into his mouth and sucks it while his thumb and fingers gently teases the other. Arching her back, her hand gently holding his head to her,she moans softly, "My god, your driving me insane".

He looks up and smiles, then slowly makes his way down to her pussy. He starts to place little kisses, all around her pussy. Moaning, she runs her hands thru his hair, whispering, "Oh, that feels so good". She can feel his warm breath against her skin as he slowly begins to lick her clit. She starts to move her hips wanting more. "Oh, Luv", she moans softly, ... please ... "

He turns around so she can take his cock into her mouth as she slowly swirls her tongue around the tip, tasting his precum. Then she places the tip into her mouth, sucking on it, her tongue teasing the slit, running back and forth on the head of his cock. She hears him moan as she begins to take his prick into her mouth inch by inch, savoring all of his stiff member. As it touches the back of her throat she feels him slide two fingers into her wet pussy. "Oh ... I'm cumming", her mind screams, shaking, drenching his fingers, as she sucks harder on his cock, lost in the world of ecstasy.

Massaging his balls, as he starts to move his hips, he whispers, "Oh, your mouth feels so good! Your lips so tight around my ."

"Oh ... please ... take me now. I need your cock deep inside me", she moans. He turns around as the passion and desire in them burns hot. The need to join ... be one ... consumes them. He reaches down to help her guide his hard cock to her dripping pussy. She gasps as his hard throbbing cock enters her and he slowly slides deep inside her,. He places her legs on his shoulders as his cock sliding in deeper. Then he begins to pump faster and harder, as she moves her hips in rhythm with his. She can hardly catch her breath. "I'm cumming", she shouts as he thrusts into her hard and deep. Shaking and trembling, her juices coating his cock as her pussy pulses around his prick, squeezing tightly as waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

She can feel his cock swelling. Knowing he is close, she reaches down and massages his balls. "Ooohhh, my god, I'm cumming", he groans, as he pumps faster, spurting his hot thick cum deep inside her, their juices mixing. As she feel him cumming, she cumms again. An earth shattering orgasm shakes her trembling body as her pussy squeezes his cock tightly, milking it dry.

Wanting to get every last drop she squeezes his cock between her pussy-lips and the juices flowing from her run down to her ass. "Oh, that was Wonderful", he whispers.

He lays on top of her, kissing her softly as both try to catch their breath. He rolls off of and wraps his arms around her, pulling her close. Resting her head on his shoulder she shuts her eyes and enjoys the feel of being in his arms.

"I love you, Vince"! she whispers softly.

"I love you, Katie" he softly says, as he kisses the top of herhead.

Then they both drift of to sleep.

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