A Male Slave's Story

By Roger McLintock

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Dear Dungeonmaster and Monica:

I enjoy the stories very much that you and others have written. It is really true how you wrote about getting a man submissive to his wife.

I am married to my dear wife, "Mistress" for almost eleven years and we have the best relationship I could ever hope for. About four years ago we started a dominant-submissive relationship and now I am her toy-slave, who does anything she wants me to do. She wants to become a professional Mistress and have her own stable of slaves.

One of the first steps we did was create a dungeon out of our bedroom and establish some rules for our new relationship. On many occasions my dear wife Mistress was visiting other Mistresses to learn. Sometimes I was allowed to join her and be her tool for her education. She learned a lot from visiting the other Ladies.

Well, there are so many pleasures in my daily life now:

Daily Body Shaving
Golden Showers
Body Worship
Cock Wraps

Sometimes I am given to another Mistress for training ... it may take up to a week or just a weekend. When I come back I have to show what I have learned. Well, the relationship ... with all the teasing and forced abstinence of sex ... is getting to me. The last time my cock was in a hot cunt was sixteen months ago. For the holidays in winter I had a female slave perform a blowjob on me ... but there was a time limit of one minute ... so try as I could I couldn't cum.

Once a month, I receive an allowance in time to be jerked off. To get this I have to be a good slave to my wife and I have to beg. My Mistress may use different ways to do this:

Sometimes she wears a latex glove and I cum in it.
I have to lick up and swallow my own cum.
Other times she allows me to rub my prick on her boots.
Kiss her high heels or stockings.

If I cum I have to lick it up and swallow it too. She has many ways to humiliate me:

Sometimes she ties my prick between my legs.
Or ... she puts a strap-on cock for me to fuck her.
I wear several cock rings all the time.
She may treat my cock with hot wax in front of her friends.
They see me sweat it out.

The wax has just the right temperature when she uses a paintbrush to apply the liquid wax to my cock and balls. It slowly hardens and covers up my prick. It may take a long time and lots of love to apply.

Other times she ties up my cock and balls until they are blue. She may also lock me into the cage and have a gang bang in front of me. She knows I enjoy this, but later she empties herself into my mouth and has me lick her body clean.

One other humiliation treatment is when she uses me as a toilette for a Golden Shower for herself and her friends.

Well ... I enjoy your stories and I hope you keep writing. They are a great turn on for me and my Mistress.

We both love you.

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