A Male Slave's Confession

By Roger McLintock

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We moved into a nice home, a little small but good enough for us and their friends. I am now married to my gorgeous wife for almost eleven years and since we have started our submissive and dominant relationship we have never looked back for more fun and excitement.

My wife is learning how to be a Mistress of style by visiting local Mistresses, while using me as her experimental toy. The move into our new home opened wide the doors of opportunity to invite more friends, have extended sessions and just have the freedom to move around without concern. The basement offered a large room for entertainment. The windowless environment underground allowed for enough noise from anyone involved in our games.

A cage is the centerpiece and I spend a lot of time in the enclosure with a muzzle. I like this and "Mistress" dances nude while I watch, sometimes allowing me to rub my cock ... but ... she will not let me cum. She soon placed a display of her favorite tools and they looked scary, but turned me on at the same time. The clamps, weights, whips, hoods and the like are really a turn-on and I could watch her as she chose just the right toy to inflict the correct amount of pain!

The weekend after we moved we had our first session. A welcome party introduced my wife, "Mistress", to her friends She wanted to demonstrate her slave husband and his willingness to serve her in any way. In the house there were rules where I could be and where not. The Mistress' bedroom and bathroom were a taboo. The living room was only allowed to me at the discretion of Mistress. The guestroom was only to be used temporarily by the slave husband, when a guest required the personal services. The husband slave was mostly bound to the walls of the basement. Soon the Mistress would hire a maid, who also was servicing her. The maid was above her slave husband in rank and could use him for whatever purpose, if the Mistress was tired of him.

A couple of months later they found a fitting maid by referral. She was experienced and willing to serve my wife "Mistress". From the beginning I saw her I was very attracted to her. My wife knew how to tease me and let the maid wear some erotic clothes. I must also mention that my wife does not work and that I am responsible to bring home the bacon. I give all the money to her. She is allows me some small funds.

Once I enter the home, from work or whatever, I have to move on all fours to my quarter to change attire. One day I come home and I was alone. It was eight more days to my scheduled "jerk-off", but I could not hold anymore. The last two weekends my cock had been tortured enough to explode. Along with the teasing, the maid, my Mistress, I could barely restrain myself. After stripping naked I entered the guest room and looked through the maid's wardrobe. Her high-heels turned me on so I rubbed the soft leather onto my prick and balls, sucked the toes and licked the insides. Suddenly I heard a noise and the maid stood in the doorway, smiling at me. She wore this sexy dress, stockings and high heels. I went right away to her shoes to kiss them.

Since the time she was hired I wished her to fuck me. Her shaved pussy was exciting, her soft thighs, her tiny feet really turned me on. When she saw my hard cock and asked me what kind of punishment I would like? I told her that anything she desired would be my wish. She locked a collar around my neck and pulled me to the bed. She tied me up to the bedposts, spread eagle and to my surprise she soon rode my cock while whipping my balls with a short riding crop.

"Don't cum, you bastard," she said as I arched my back trying to bury my cock deeper into her hot cunt.

"I won't tell the Mistress as long as you let me fuck you."

I could not believe my ears. The maid really wanted to fuck me. She enjoyed herself and her orgasmic juices dripped from her cunt. To my surprise she made a call to one of her friends and we were joined soon by another cock. While she was riding me she had her friend hard in no time. He had a huge cock and was soon fucking her in the mouth as she rode my hungry cock. I watched with pleasure as he shot cum all over her face. She had learned from my wife "Mistress" how to tease me. I was ready to explode, my cock ached, I wanted to orgasm so bad as I watched the maid lick the remaining cum from the guy's cock as he buttoned his pants and left. I didn't even know his name.

As he left I thanked him for servicing my maid.

When he door closed she returned and mounted my sore cock. "A little bit more and you may cum", she said as she continued to torture my cock and balls with nylon robe. She knew well how to separate the balls and stretch cock shaft. With her nails she scratched my balls and with her mouth she sucked the head of my prick.

Within seconds I splurred cum all over her face and my body. It felt so good I could not stop the explosion of my orgasm. She smiled as she licked my juice, rolling the rich cum in her mouth as she lowered her head and French kissed me, pushing her tongue and my cum into my mouth as I swallowed. To my horror she pointed to a camera: "Mistress won't be happy with you", she whispered as she took a remote control and played the last scene back on the TV. I was so scared that I couldn't speak. "Well ... you are now my slave also. You will do anything I want ... anything ... anytime ... otherwise ... "

Before she finished her sentence, I agreed.

For several weeks the maid used me with her friends in the basement. I was a slave in their weird games. I had to satisfy all of them and I soon learned to enjoy it. One of her game was to pierce my cock. We both visited a piercing studio and after she had herself pierced three times, I had my cock pierced. My wife "Mistress was" surprised to see me with rings and asked, who had ordered this. I told her the maid had them done and she liked them so much that see wanted some more. I followed up with three more rings along my shaft, but I really like the one below the head the best.

Some weeks later, during our session in the basement, "Mistress" locked me into the cage and interrogated me. "I am disappointed in you. I thought I am the only one you serve. Do you have anything to confess?"

I tried to ignore the question and soon I found myself in the mercy of her temper. She could be cruel and now was a time I didn't want her torment. The piercings were still painful and she knew how to make the pain worse. "Mistress" took a long hook and pulled the ring to the side of the cage and secured my cock to the rail with a plastic wire tie. I had to squat with my cock next to the metal post of the cage and if I moved the ring would tear at the hole. I spent about an hour in this painful position before she started the reorder and made me watch the maid's video so I could watch my tape with the maid and me cumming in her face. I enjoyed the tape, but felt that I have broken trust of my wife "Mistress". I begged for forgiveness and pleaded for any punishment she found right to erase my guilt.

Soon after my cock healed from the piercings my wife "Mistress" secured a chastity belt onto my cock and balls so that she was the only one having access to my vitals. She has the only key and sometimes threatens to throw it away so that I would be bound for life. I have become more submissive and "Mistress" fired the maid.

She found another servant who is joining us to serve her. For about four months now I have learned to enjoy the chastity belt. My wife "Mistress" presents me to her friends while wearing I'm wearing the metal retainer and she has persuaded some of her friends to do the same on their slaves.

In spite of ... or because of ... I love my relationship with my wife "Mistress".

I can't wait for more sessions.

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