By Mike Linton

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Sometimes, sitting up in the lifeguard's chair with her whistle around her neck, Robin would stretch her legs slowly as she leaned back on her elbows. She would watch as she pushing her breasts forward. She knew they were good legs, and nice small breasts, and she liked it when people looked at her.

Jerry looked at her openly and often. He would stand, knocking water out of his ear, or wait next to her for a lane to free up so he could start his laps. Jerry was a first year graduate student and grad students didn't usually pay much attention to freshmen, not even freshmen with good legs and nice tits. Robin looked at Jerry too, sometimes stretching a little extra when she saw him by the pool. He was pale skinned, muscular with straight brown hair on his head and hardly any hair on his body. Sometimes Robin would smile at him and he would stretch a little himself. Sometimes he would stand by the base of her station and they would talk.

On days when she was the guard closing the pool, she liked to take a few laps by herself, in the quiet water that smelled of chlorine and sweat. She would shake her long blond hair out of the cap and let it trail behind her in the water, and when she got out her hair would be soaked and dripping.

One day when she came out of the pool Jerry was sitting there in his suit, drying off. She sat down beside him, he smiled at her and they talked. He combed her hair and helped her braid it into two long strands, which is the way she wore it. After awhile, he put his hand on her knee. Her skin was cold and softened by the water. He moved his hand up her thigh, and she felt warmer.

"What are you doing?", she finally questioned as his fingers slid inward between her thighs and he touched the tight red fabric of her suit. He smiled since his own suit was bulging in the front. Robin looked away.

"You're awful", she said as his fingers pressed against her suit, up between her legs and very near her pussy. But, she spread her knees slightly apart and let him touch her. The warmth spread out from his fingers, around her hips, and up into her stomach as he lightly stroked her. She closed her eyes and pushed against his hand. It felt so good.

"Want to go for pizza?", he asked, all four fingers slipping down and cupping her.

"Sure," she said, softly.

She did a quick change and met him outside the locker room. They got pizza at Sal's Place and took it back to his room. His roommate, as it turned out, was gone for a week.

They ate on the floor, and then they moved to the bed. His mouth was sweet and very exciting. His hands touched her breasts, squeezed them, and then his mouth was on her nipples. His hands went under her skirt as his body pushed against her. His pants were off and he was inside her, pushing and groaning. She was pinned against the bed as he rode her. Suddenly, she cried out, surprised at how quick he was.

He kissed her and touched her, looking worried. "Are you...?" .

"I'm okay. It's okay!", Robin whispered.

The next time ... the next night, was better, and the time after that was even more exciting. He liked to put his arms around her, holding her pelvis, and keep her motionless while he thrust into her. She found herself breathless and moaning, almost sobbing, but always sorry when it was over. She always wanted him to do it again.

One night She mentioned she liked Chinese better than pizza, so he took her to Ah Sing Take Out instead of Sal's. They would eat their dumplings and Kung Pao chicken on his floor, then she would take off her panties and sit on the bed. He would undo his pants and kiss her and put his arms around her hips and her heart would beat very fast. Sometimes, thinking about it during class her stomach would get warm and melting.

"Robin", he said one afternoon. She was lying on a bean bag chair in his den, studying, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. .

"Yeah?", she answered.

"You know Simmons, my advisor?"


"He's going on sabbatical ... two years in Michigan." .

"Is that bad?"

"He wants me to go with him."

"Oh! When is...", she questioned.

"I could go with him this summer, or in the fall. Or not go at all."

"Oh. When do you have to..."

"I don't have to decide until April. We can talk about it anytime. I just thought I should tell you now. So as not to surprise you."

"Thanks, Jerry ... you're so sweet."

She kissed him, a soft kiss on the lips. He put his hand on her bottom, and then on her breasts as he kissed her hard. Shortly, their pants were off and he was on top of her on the bean bag chair, pushing his cock into warm pussy. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held his body tight against her as they fucked.

Sometimes after work, doing her laps, she would feel her thighs brushing against each other, or the water moving between her legs. She would swim and the water would flow over her belly and breasts, and she would think of Jerry holding her. It made her feel lightheaded and once she had to stop and just hang on to the side of the pool until the butterflies in her stomach went away.

For Valentine's Day, he gave her a silver plush teddy bear with a pretty red ribbon tied in a bow. A card with a red heart read "Be Mine", and she put it in her bed and slept with he lovely bear. When they were together they didn't talk about Michigan.

One day in May, when Robin's roommate was in class, Jerry came to her room. She locked the door behind him, smiling, and unzipped her jeans. He was gentle, slower than usual He held her down with her legs wide apart, pushing in, resting there, deep inside her.

"I told Simmons I'd go with him in June", he whispered.

"What!", she said as he pulled back and pushed in again. She felt the heat moving in her body, but her eyes were wide. "Stop, I ... ohh, I want to talk about this", she told him as his hips moved faster with strong insistent strokes. "Damn it, Jerry, stop ... OOH stop it! I don't WANT this now! NO!", she cried, pushing at him.

"God, too late ... baby", he groaned, thrusting into her again. She tried to push him away with her legs, but her hips were pinned under him. She fought but her body was letting him in and her breath was leaving her. She screamed as he pumped into her. When his grip relaxed she wrenched herself away and ran to the bathroom. She ran the water for a long time, splashing it on her face.

"You raped me", she said, standing in the bathroom doorway, her shirt pulled down over her thighs. .

"You came", he said. .

"So?", she questioned

He blinked twice. "So?" he said in disbelief.

Robin started to say something else, but she turned and went back into the bathroom and closed the door.

When she came out, he was gone!

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