By: Nick Danger

This truly live as it is happening,but it won't be live when you read it.

] Shannon, David, Julia, Kevin, Anne, and Nick were all gathered one nite and getting real bored. David and Nick were in the kitchen,when Nick had the idea to put in a movie of one of the Dirty D series #31 to be exact. Well after about 15 minutes, all 3 girls got up and went to the kitchen. After about 10 minutes I (Nick) was wondering what they were doing in there by themselves.

Kevin and I got up to see, "hey guys cum here and check this out", Kevin calls out to the other guys.

They all were butt naked in a circle on the kitchen floor, eating each other out. The three of us stripped butt naked and went and stood in the middle of the circle, dicks facing out. I reached out and turned off the kitchen light, right away we all felt hands reaching up to ours dicks. gently pulling us to the ground I felt a set of the most talented lips engulf my dick, wondering who it was Islightly could see it was Anne, I could see Kevin was being worked on by Julia and David was falling victim to Shannon. There we were getting our dicks sucked,when I heard a muffled voice, "change dicks girls, but make it counterclock wise". Now I had Julia working on me, after three go arounds we had the same girl we started with.

"OK girls you're back where you started, so let's see those gushers", it was Anne,and sure enough David was the first to deposit his tasty load in Shannon's willing mouth.

Who was next?

It seems I was giving up my volcanic load to Anne. But wait Julia was having trouble with Kevin who hadn't cum yet.

"Loosing your touch Julia", asked Anne.

"Not at all girls here it cums, care to share some with me?

There was Kevin with his fountaining dick, and three ladies fighting for the lion's share. After we raided the refrigerator it was our turn to work on the girls. That will be our next live story, cause we are going to take a break now, but, I promise the next one will be just as fun.

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