Lets Take a Ride

The day started like any other day....it was very warm and sunny...I decided today had to be a special day, so I started to prepare. I got my Harley out and cleaned it all up, and made some arrangements for later. A hot shower and some fresh clothes and I was on my way. The wind blowing through my hair and the sun beating down on me made the anticipation of getting to you that much more.

As I rolled up in front of your house I watched in amazement as you ran down to the curb to meet me. A long hot and passionate french kiss is how you greeted me and the feeling of your tongue in my mouth drove me wild. I wasn't too sure about the mini skirt on the bike, but you looked so good. As you lifted your leg to mount the bike I caught a glimpse of your cleanly shaven pussy, due to you not wearing any panties. As you sat down and wrapped your arms around my waist the thoughts of your wet pussy vibrating on my seat gave me an instant hard on.

We took off like a bat out of hell just roaring through the country side..I could feel you leaning your body back to allow the wind to blow through your hair. Then as if a magnet drew you to me I felt your hot breath against the back of my neck as your hands ran from around my waist down to the button on my jeans. You slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock free. The feel of your hands wrapped around my stiff dick and rubbing my balls while I had to drive was just not fair. I kicked down a gear and picked up speed on the bike as you picked up the speed of your strokes. Knowing that the passing cars could see what was going on made this all the more interesting and with a jerk and a spasm I came all over my bike and your hands. It was a good thing we had arrived at our destination.

I pulled the bike over and you immediately jumped off and began to lick me clean....taking a second to slide the tip of my cock between your lips as to not miss a drop. After fixing my pants I swept you off your feet and carried you through a densely wooded path...where we came upon a waterfall. Along the bank of the waterfall was a blanket and picnic basket that I had arranged to be there waiting for us. As I laid you down on the blanket I popped the cork on the Dom and poured you a glass. Reaching into the basket I pull out some chocolate covered strawberries that I proceed to feed you. After your drink was gone I stepped up behind you and pulled your hands up in to the air and slid your shirt off. Bending over to your back I remove your bra with my teeth and start to slide your skirt down your shapely legs. As I get to the bottom of your legs I start to work my way back up. Kissing and sucking your toes and then running my tongue over your ankles and unto your calves up to your creamy thighs where I can taste your juices that have trailed down your leg.

I continue my way up and lick right past your waiting pussy just to tease and on to your belly button. Swirling my tongue around the edge of your belly button I reach up and slowly insert one finger into your wet pussy. I let my tongue run up your stomach to your tits where I nibble on your nipples and kiss your tits. Sliding my finger in and out faster I quickly lower my head back down so that I can lick your clit.

As I feel your muscles start to tighten and your back starting to arch...I stick my tongue deep up inside of your pussy so that your cum squirts all over my lips and down my chin. As I sit up I grab you by your waist and roll you over and pull your ass up high in the air. As I put the head of my already hard cock at the opening of your dripping pussy you thrust your hips back into me so that I slide all the way inside of you. Throwing your head back in pain I'm able to grab your hair and pull you back onto me further. As I start to thrust in and out of you I run my finger nails down your back leaving deep scratches.

The motion of our bodies has your tits swaying beneath you and as I start to pick up the pace I begin to smack your ass. Your moans and screams are echoing through the canyon as you yell for me to fuck you in the ass.

As I pull out of your wet pussy and move the head of my dick up to your tight ass I slowly start to insert it as you lean foreward and scream. I try to be gentle but the feeling of your tight ass wrapped around my dick is to much to handle and I slide all the way in with a swift motion. With you screaming how good it feels and for me to fuck you hard I start to thrust into your ass harder and faster. You reach up to your pussy and play with your clit as I'm riding your ass and I can feel your muscles tighten as your begin to shudder in orgasmic delight. Your juices run down your pussy lips and down onto my thighs and I can't hold back any longer...

With a loud moan I pull my dick out of your ass and squirt my load of hot cum all over your back. Then sliding it back down your ass I stick it into your pussy so that I can send my last few drops into you. Falling foreward onto the blanket our bodies covered in each others sweat and cum we realize that a dip in the water is needed before we get dressed. I lifted you up and carried you over to the water where we cleaned each other off, and then began to get dressed. The walk back to the bike seemed to take forever due to us being so tired.

Climbing onto the bike you gave me another hot french kiss, told me you loved me and we rode off together into the night.