A Father's Revenge

By Alan Adair

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Author's Note:

This is the darkest story I have ever written. Some who have read it tell me it is sick, twisted, perverted and very obscene. For that I am pleased since it is a story I have long wanted to write. I by the rape of my sister by a football player when she was in high school, at the time I was too young to do anything about it. I have never been able to track down the prick and this story is my attempt to extract my revenge. Please don't read if violence and gore offend you. It is not a nice story ... but ... it is true!


Up until that moment, it had been a nice, quiet evening spent in my easy chair with a cold beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, watching a mostly uneventful baseball game. My wife was out playing cards at a hen party. My sixteen year-old daughter, Allison, was out on a date.

Actually, the subject of her date had been the cause of a dispute between her mother and myself. It was my contention that Allison was still too young and na´ve to be dating yet, especially since the boy she was going to the movies with was a high school senior. My wife made the convincing argument that I was being too strict, possibly a result of my military career. I had to concede that I had done my share of hell raising as a member of a U. S. Navy SEAL Team when I was younger. Perhaps that is what gave me such a cause for concern.

I was sadly outnumbered with both of them whining and bitching at me to let Allison grow up and, reluctantly, I finally relented and allowed her to go to a movie. A decision that I would definitely later regret.

The young man arrived at the appointed time and, I admit, I was impressed by the fact that he actually came to the door, rather than sit outside and honk. We made small talk while he waited for Allison to finish getting herself ready. Jason was a wide receiver on the football team, an All-Conference selection, and had already decided on his choice of college, one that had actively recruited him, and offered him a full scholarship. I took sort of a liking to the boy, again a move I would definitely later regret.

Allison finally came downstairs, chiding me for giving Jason the third degree. I thought I had actually been pleasant enough to the boy. I think her conversation was an attempt on her part to keep me from commenting on her selection of attire for the evening.

Allison barely stands five foot five in her bare feet. Deep blue eyes, brown hair worn in a sort of flip. Very, very cute, I might add, even if only the words of a proud father. She had chosen a blue, nylon blouse, which covered her bosom quite nicely, but was wearing a knee-length skirt which swirled when she walked. I would have preferred she wear jeans and an old sweatshirt, but was not allowed to say my piece before they were headed out the door.

I was just reaching the dozing stage in my chair around ten when I heard a car come screeching to a halt in front of the house. I didn't think too much about it until I heard a car door slam and the sound of the tires peeling away. Everything settled back into a quiet mode although I was now fully awake and listening. All was silent for almost ten minutes.

Suddenly I heard the noise of the upstairs toilet flushing. What the hell is going on?, I said to myself as I started heading for the stairs.

Reaching the top I realized that the bathroom door, outside of Allison's room, was closed. I walked softly down the hall and stood there listening. I could hear sobbing noises, followed by the sounds of Allison retching. Trying not to make any noise, fearing a cover up, I tried the doorknob slowly. It was locked. I reached over the door jamb and retrieved the little punch type key that fit through the little hole, tripping the locking mechanism.

Whipping open the door, I took in the scene before me. Allison was kneeling down before the porcelain toilet, puking her guts out. Her skirt was beside her, and the torn remains of her pantyhose and panties hung from one leg. Her blouse was torn, and little remained of her bra. There were obvious bruises on her breasts and arms, and one cheek still bore the remains of a handprint. Traces of blood were evident on the inside of one thigh.

There was no need for me to ask what happened. The rape of my little girl was obvious. Apparently Allison hoped to escape undetected by sneaking in the back door while I dozed in my chair. The flush of the toilet must have been an automatic reflex on her part, but it was enough to alert a Vietnam veteran whose existence often hinged on hearing unusual noises.

Abruptly and without saying a word to Allison, I turned on my heel and headed down the hallway to my bedroom. Allison abandoned her perch and ran after me screaming, Daddy, what are you going to do?

Reaching for the top shelf of my closet where I kept my pistol, I calmly replied, What do you think I'm going to do? I'm going to go kill the fucker.

Allison shrieked at me through sobbing breaths, No, daddy, you can't do that! Just leave it alone. It was my fault. Just leave it alone. It was my fault.

I replied, screaming at her, What do you mean leave it alone? Nobody is going to fuck with my daughter and not die for it ... or ... wish he were dead. The least I'm going to do is cut his fucking nuts off, if he's lucky. Now, get out of my way. Tell me where he lives.

Daddy, you can't. You just can't. You don't understand. He's done this before. I knew what he had done with other girls, but I thought it was different with us. I thought he loved me. It was my own fault.

It sure as hell wasn't your fault. What do you mean he has gotten away with it before? Young lady, you better start telling me the whole story right now before I leave here and shove my gun up his ass. You tell me right now, and I mean everything that happened from the time you left this house. I don't want you to leave out a single detail. I'll decide what's important and what's not.

I handed Allison my robe to cover herself. Her nipples were an angry red color, and looked like they had been bleeding earlier. Her breasts themselves, the size of oranges, was a mass of black and blue bruises. In several places the bruises almost appeared as fingerprints. This prick must have squeezed them brutally.

Allison stepped out of the remainder of her pantyhose and panties. Blood had dried on her thigh, mixed with something else that I could only assume was Jason's cum. I noted that she kept her brunette little pussy-bush neatly trimmed. The longer I stared at her, the madder I was becoming. I have long been known for my explosive temper and had been undergoing anger management therapy for quite some time. I found myself counting slowly to one hundred, as Kelly finished covering herself. I decided I had better listen to her story before doing anything else.

Allison finally stopped sobbing and started into her story.

The Story
We left here and went to the movie, just as we said we would. Jason sat with his arm around me, but about halfway through the movie he said it was boring and that we should leave. When we left the theatre, Jason seemed to know exactly where he was going, and he drove to this long alley behind some buildings down in the industrial district. He parked way at the end of the boxed alley, close to a street lamp. There wasn't anyone else around.

I wasn't afraid or anything. We just were making conversation about kids at school and stuff when Jason leaned over and gave me a kiss. I kissed him back and then his kisses started getting harder and harder. She stuck his tongue into my mouth. I didn't think much about it. I thought this was what French kissing was all about.

Jason had one hand on my thigh, then he started moving it farther up under my skirt. I grabbed his hand and pulled it off my thigh. He stopped kissing me and said, 'I want to fuck you.' I tried to make a joke of it and said, 'I'm sorry, but I don't do that on the first date, or the second, or the third for that matter.' Then I laughed.

Jason got a mean look all of a sudden and said, "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. I'm going to fuck you tonight. You look so fucking hot. I know you want it. I'm the guy to give it to you."

I started to put up a fight. He kept trying to grab my hands, so I slapped him and told him to take me home. Before I could stop him, he swung his arm and slapped me across the face so hard that I saw stars. While I was trying to recover, Jason started wrapping that silver duct tape stuff around my wrists. When I continued to struggle, he slapped me again and, before I knew it, he wrapped rope around my wrists, pulled them above my head and tied them to the roll bar on his jeep. I was really scared and I couldn't do anything but squirm my body around on the seat.

He stared at me for a long while, then put his hand down inside my blouse and bra. He told me that all the girls loved it when he was finished with them. Every girl loved to be fucked. They just didn't know it until they got fucked for the first time. He was just doing me a favor, introducing me to the world of sex.

I told him that I would have him arrested for rape. I was crying because I was so scared. He just laughed at me and said I could try to have him arrested. His dad is the Chief of Police, and one girl tried to scream rape and have him arrested. By the time they were through, the District Attorney said there wasn't enough evidence to hold. They had proof that the girl had already had several sexual adventures. Jason's friends all lied for him and said they had all fucked the girl before. Jason just laughed and told me that he was really her first, but she wasn't a very good fuck.

Then he started to rip open the buttons on my blouse. He lifted my bra over my breasts and squeezed them so hard that I screamed. I don't know why, but my nipples were really hard and he leaned over and started sucking and squeezing them the whole time. Then he bit just the tips. It hurt like hell and I felt like I was going to pass out.

He finally got tired of that game and reached down and pulled my skirt up to my waist. He used a small penknife to cut the elastic waistband on my pantyhose, then my panties. He ripped down the pantyhose, then cut the leg band on my panties. Then he ... then he .... Oh God, I can't tell you any more. Please don't make me.

Surprisingly calm at this point, I replied, "You WILL tell me everything! Not leaving out one single detail, unless you want me to head there right now and pull his asshole out through his throat. Now, keep going. And it better be everything." I think Allison was really afraid of me by this time, but her eyes, still tear-filled, met mine and she continued.

Oh daddy. He started to put his face down into my vagina, but I squirmed and tried to lock my legs together. He wrapped more of the rope around my ankles and spread my legs apart and up, fastening one to one side of the seat and the other to the door. I was helpless. I was even having trouble breathing.

Then he did put his face down there, and started licking up and down, just like a big dog. He must have spent ten minutes doing this, but it seemed like hours. He licked one finger and shoved it into my ... my ... asshole, then he put three fingers into my vagina and started moving them in and out, in and out.

When he finally stopped, I realized that it was only because he was starting to get undressed. When he had his pants and undershorts off, he came up and shoved his penis in my face. "Do you want to suck it first so it will be wet when I shove it up your cunt?",' he asked me. I told him I would bite the thing clear through if he tried to put it in my mouth.

"Fuck you will", he said, then licked my whole face with his big wide tongue. He moved back down and sucked on my breasts, then moved himself into position between my legs. There wasn't anything I could do and he had a perfect shot into my vagina. He used his hand to position himself, then shoved his whole penis inside of me, all at once. I screamed because it hurt. My hymen didn't even slow him down any and it really stung when he went through. I thought he had ripped something inside of me.

Never having done this before, I have no idea how long this usually takes, but he only went in and out about three times before he spurted inside me. He was really pushing himself way up inside of me and grunting like some pig. He was finally finished and rolled off. He left me tied up while he took his time getting himself cleaned, trying to wipe up blood and stuff. Then he took some Polaroid pictures of me. He said he would show everybody at school what my tits and pussy looked like if I said anything.. Finally when he got himself dressed, he cut the tape on my ankles. He left my hands taped to the roll bar while he drove me home.

All the way home he kept telling me that I could yell rape if I wanted to, but the rest of his guys would tell everyone that, not only had they all fucked me, but that I really liked it rough. It made me hotter when I got slapped around a bit. When he pulled up in front of the house, he cut the rest of the rope and shoved me out the door.

All I could think about as I sat there was what a mess I had caused. I couldn't come in and tell you. I just wanted to sneak in and hope you didn't see me. It was my fault. If I hadn't dressed like a sexy little bitch, this probably wouldn't have happened. That's why you can't do anything about it. He and his dad are too powerful. You can't do anything. Please promise me you won't go over there ... Please!

I sat there listening, trying to get my fatherly rage to subside. Finally I said, "Honey, I want you to stop saying this was your fault. You can wear any damned outfit you want. If you tell a guy to knock it off, he damned well better stop. Don't you worry. Young Mr. Jason is going to get his due. I intend to see to that. Certainly you, of all people, would want to be certain that he doesn't do this to another girl, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, I suppose so, but I don't want you having to go to prison for what you do. You know it would kill mom."

"Yes, I know that. Believe me. I will never be implicated in Jason's punishment, but I do intend to see that he is punished. I can guarantee you that. No other girl will ever have to go through what you went through tonight. Now I want you to get a few things together and go over to Ruthie's. I'm going to tell your mom that you decided to spend the weekend there. At least maybe a few of those bruises will heal up a little bit before she sees you. You better come up with some kind of believable fable for her before you come back."

Allison pulled herself together and drove herself to Ruthie's. Before she left I had her administer several deep douches. If this little fucker got her pregnant, I truly would kill him.

My military training had taught me that a well-executed mission required a substantial amount of planning. I spent a lot of time in planning, and in acquisition of needed supplies and facilities. I made certain that nothing could be traced back to me, dealing in cash everywhere I went.

It took about a month to get everything together. Allison seemed to have survived her ordeal, and happily told me when she finally got her period. At least that was one worry gone. Under the guise of going away for a one or two day business trip, I left town. Leaving my car in the long-term parking garage of the airport in a nearby town, I hoofed it the two miles to a used car lot where I had already paid cash for a commercial, non-descript, white van.

I drove back to my hometown and staked out Jason's house. Since it was a Friday night, I felt certain that he would be heading out for a little excitement. Of course I was right, and I followed the asshole as he picked up an attractive, blonde girl, about Allison's age. True to form, he took her to the movie. I waited in the van, knowing he would be out with her before the movie ended.

As soon as I saw the two of them emerge from the theatre I drove off, knowing precisely where he would be taking her. I parked at the end of the alley, quickly jumped out and piled a few boxes around the van, making it appear deserted, as though it had been abandoned.

Dressed much like a ninja in total black, including a black ski mask with eye, nose, and mouth holes, I waited in the shadows. Barely five minutes after I was ready, Jason's jeep made its appearance. It was a warm night, and the plastic windows in the jeep were rolled down. I was close enough that I could hear the whole conversation between the two of them.

As I crept up to the door of the jeep, I could hear Jason telling this girl the same things he had said to Allison. As I heard her begin to struggle, I listened for the telltale sign of struggle. When I finally heard it, I knew the girl realized she was about to be royally fucked. I purposely wanted her to know the danger.

Finally standing up, I reached through the window and grabbed Jason with a grip to his hair, pulling him backward through the window until I thought his spine would snap. In Vietnam this technique usually ended with me drawing a knife across the throat of the person. This time I satisfied myself with slapping a piece of duct tape across this little fucker's mouth.

I have to admit this prick was strong, but a quick sharp blow delivered straight to his temple rendered him unconscious. The girl started to scream at the top of her lungs until I told her, trying to use a whispered voice that wouldn't be recognized, " ... Shut up! I'm here to save you. This turd is here to fuck you. Which way do you want it?"

Having her wrists still tied together seemed to help her make up her mind and she quieted down in a big hurry while I went about the task of trussing up this turkey. I taped his wrists together behind his back, then his ankles. I placed quarters over his eyes, securing them with a piece of duct tape that went around his head. When I was certain he was secure and blind, I dragged him, none too gently, over to my rented van and tossed him into the back like a sack of shit.

When I returned to his jeep, his girlfriend appeared terrified and I could tell, had been struggling trying to free her hands. Running my flashlight over the roll bar to which she was secured, it was obvious that this was Jason's score sheet as it was covered with pieces of tape and rope, like notches on the handle of a gunfighter's gun.

"What are you going to do with me?", came the plaintive cry from the frightened girl.

"I want you to listen to me and listen good", I whispered to her. "You see these pieces of tape up here. These are all from other girls that this piece of shit raped. As you can tell, you were scheduled to be the next piece of score. I'm going to give you a quarter and a twenty-dollar bill. Then I'm going to drive you back to the theater. You're going to use the quarter to call a cab, and the twenty to pay for it. If your folks ask why you're home so early, you tell them he got fresh with you at the movie, so you took a cab home. Nobody has to know that you left with him. Do you understand?"

"What are you going to do with him", she asked.

"That doesn't concern you. All you need to know is that he won't bother you again. Or anybody else for that matter."

"Are you going to kill him?"

"As much as I might be tempted to, I don't intend to kill him. But trust me when I tell you that he won't rape anybody, ever again. Now, are you going to do as I said, or do you want him to rape somebody else?" I was asking her this as I cut her hands free. Once they were loose, she quickly jumped from the jeep and headed for the passenger side of the van.

As I jumped into the driver's seat, she said, "You don't have to give me any money, but thanks. I have my own. Just take me back to the theatre, then take care of that prick. You don't have to worry about me. Your secret is safe."

Right after I dropped her off, I realized that I didn't even know her name. I was hoping that she didn't know mine either, as I was smart enough to realize that the jerk's father would launch a full-scale investigation as soon as his baby boy didn't come home. I was certain that I hadn't left any incriminating evidence in the jeep

I drove about thirty miles out of town to a rural area where I had rented a house with an attached garage for a three-month period. I was willing to pay cash and told the owner that I might not need it, but wanted it available just in case. Since it was neglected property the owner wasn't too concerned about what I was going to use it for.

Upon arriving, I drove the van into one section of the three-car garage. I had already set things up in the other two sections of the garage, including a complex set of block and tackle, which I concocted just for my purpose.

Jason was just regaining some semblance of consciousness although he kept fading in and out, as I unceremoniously hauled him from the back of the van. Half-carrying and half dragging him across the concrete slab, I positioned him on the ground and attached the padded wrist and ankle ropes around him before slicing off the securing duct tape. He had regained enough feeling that he knew something was up and started to fight me before I could get him completely strung up.

A good bash to his mid-section took most of the fight out of him and I thought he was going to suffocate trying to pull in a deep breath using only his nostrils. Once I had him strung up by his arms so he was forced to stand on his tiptoes, I rudely pulled the tape from his mouth, allowing him to breathe normally. I left the quarters taped over his eyes as a form of sensory deprivation.

I gave him some water as well as some aspirin for the headache I knew he had. It wasn't that I was being kind to him. Rather I wanted him to be in complete control of his faculties as I prepared my little games for him. I sat silently for well over an hour listening to him rant and rave about how he better be let go or his dad would kick the shit out of me. I didn't think he would ever run out of steam. I spoke not a word to him, but started to go to work.

"Who the fuck are you?", he began to yell. "Let me down. What do you want with me?"

I had anointed my hands with sweet smelling lotion, and moved around in front of him. I traced a small outline down his jawline so he could whiff the sweet fragrance. My fingers moved down his neck and I ran my fingers down into his shirt. He wore a gold chain with a medallion around his neck. It was clearly visible at the top of the neckline of the low-cut silk shirt he was wearing.

Unbuttoning his top button, I moved just the tips of my fingers inside his shirt, over his hairy chest, just tickling the tip of his nipple. Immediately it became hard and erect as I began tracing a lazy circle.

His tone had become a lot less frightened as he continued his questions. "Who are you? What do you want? Let me down." His questions had become a lot less sinister sounding than they had been a scant five minutes before. I still said nothing as I unbuttoned his shirt down to where it was tucked into the waistband of his jeans. Parting the material, I flicked my tongue inside letting it play with his nipples until they were both erect as they could be.

I ran my right hand down the outside of his jeans and was pleased to see that I was having the desired effect on him. The front of his jeans were pushed tight by the size of his erection. His previous fright had turned to passion, despite not knowing who I was or where he was.

I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly moved them down his thighs, letting my hands roam freely over his ass. As I anticipated, his hard-on filled the front of his bright red, bikini briefs. I began massaging his cock through his briefs, gripping its' length with two fingers, running them slowly up and down.

Jason's questions had stopped completely and were replaced with, "Oh baby. Yeah, that feels really good. Oh yeah. It's all yours. Suck it for me, will ya?" I found it hard to believe that he had so quickly discounted the predicament he was in. I think he felt he had been kidnapped to participate in some sexual perversion. I guess in a way he was, but the pleasure would be all mine.

I began at the back of his underwear, pulling the waistband down a little at a time, listening to Jason's exhortations of what I should do to his cock. As I pulled the back over his ass cheeks, it pulled the front tighter against his cock, bending it down and to the side in a strange angle.

"Ouch, that hurts, baby. Pull it out the front, will ya? That really hurts."

I kept up the pressure from the back. The tip of his penis was now firmly squashed against the material. I tried to make it appear as if the pressure were accidental as I pulled the rear waistband down below his cheeks and stuck the tip of a finger into his asshole. I could tell that his prick was now in agony as it continued to grow stiffer, struggling against the unrelenting material.

"Oh please, baby. Take it out the front. You're killing me, baby." Jason kept prattling on, begging me to release him, as I continued administering to his tight asshole. I had my middle finger in up to the first knuckle, shoving hard to get it up to the second, while his constricting asshole struggled to push it back out.

Jason's face was drawn up in a tight grimace, before I finally relented and freed his cock from the confines of his underwear. He breathed an audible sigh of relief as I slid his briefs down his thighs to join his jeans. His cock had lost a lot of its stiffness from Jason's agony but was still an impressive five to six inches. It was fairly thick as well, about what you would expect to find on an athlete in constant training. His pubic hair was curly and it felt soft to the touch, rather than coarse. His balls now hung free in their sack, one slightly higher than the other, looking like two big marbles.

"Oh, that's much better baby. Thanks. That feels really good to be free. Do you like it baby? Go ahead and taste it." Jason was obviously still enjoying his sexual fantasy that I was a woman. Mine was about ready to begin, but I still had some distasteful preparation to do.

Grabbing his cock with one hand, I began massaging him. His erection perked right up and his six inches quickly became seven. I leaned forward and took the tip of his cock into my mouth, sucking on it for all I was worth. My other hand reached under and tenderly caressed his balls.

"Whoa, take it easy baby", he said. "You're going to suck all the blood right out of it. Just do it slow and easy, ok?"

I backed off my sucking and commenced long, slow strokes, taking him as far into my mouth as I could, then back out again. I held the root of his cock in one hand, and played with his balls with the other. I continued this for about two minutes, when I suddenly felt his cum begin to move upward from his balls. Immediately I clamped down on his root with tight pressure, maintaining it until I could feel the urgency subside.

"Oh no, baby, don't do that. Don't squeeze it. Let it come out. Let me cum in your mouth. Oh please baby." This fucker still didn't get it. He really was too stupid to even know who was in charge.

Two more times I repeated the process, both times with Jason begging for me to let him cum. His balls had gone from hanging loose in their sack to being two tight little knots. All was in readiness for the fourth time. When I had again sucked him into a huge erection, his cock was sticking straight out in front of my face, the single eye opened wide like a small cavern. It was then that I stuck a six-inch long, glass pipette straight into that eye, running it the full six inches into his prick. Once it was inside, my fingers clamped down on the tip of his cock, locking it in place until I could wrap a rubber band tightly around the whole thing.

Jason squirmed and screamed at the top of his lungs. "What the fuck are you doing? What is that? Let me go." Using both hands, I snapped his penis in several places, ensuring that this cock would never cum again. It might not even piss again. Jason screamed in agony ... music to my ears.

While he yelled I picked up a branch and swung it across his ass leaving deep red welts on his muscular behind. Red welts rose on his ass as I hit him until I could not swing my arm. Then, I removed the rubber band from what had once been his proud, erect penis, and his cock drooped disconsolately, pointing directly at the floor. Small drops of bright red blood dripped from the tip as Jason's screams continued. No one was around to hear. I had only just begun.

I sat wordlessly in a chair for close to an hour, just simply enjoying the sight and sound of his agony as I allowed my arms to rest. His screams diminished into moans, then whimpers as his blood finally ceased to drip from the tip of his cock. I could hardly stand the excitement of waiting for him to have to take his first piss. I eagerly gave him a drink of water, then another, knowing he must be getting dehydrated.

I finally decided it was time for him to know the pleasures that awaited him. Up to this point he had not heard my voice which would have been a dead giveaway. Using a vocal synthesizer I had picked up at a toy store, I held the microphone close to my mouth as I spoke. The synthesizer changed my voice from its normal deep baritone to a noise somewhat akin to Minnie Mouse.

"Hello Jason I began. Did you enjoy your nice blowjob? I see that I got a big rise out of your cock, you little fucker."

"Who are you?", he whimpered. "What do you want from me? Please cut me down. I hurt so bad. Please. Let me go."

"Not on your life, you little fucker. I intend to enjoy you, just like you enjoyed raping all those girls. I want you to think about all of them while I enjoy you, because I am going to ask you some questions about them before I let you go. Do you understand me?"

"What do you want to know?", he asked. "I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Just don't hurt me. You have to get me to a doctor. What did you do to me? It hurts so bad."

"Oh, I can't have you telling me everything just yet. I still have to have more fun with you first. You just start thinking of names for me. I want the names of every girl you have raped. I'll tell you when I want to know. Right now you have a bunch of broken glass shoved up inside your cock. You're going to think of every one of those girls every time you try to take a piss. The doctors will have to slice your cock open like bologna to get the slivers of glass out. Even if they can get all the glass out, the scar tissue will make you wince whenever you get a hard-on. Who knows? If you don't answer all my questions the way I expect you to, you may never get to have another hard-on."

While I was talking to him, I began adjusting the ropes and pulleys holding his arms and legs in place. I lowered his arms and took off his shirt, then connected his bracelets to another pulley straight out in front of him. I undid one ankle cuff and slid off his shoe and sock, then pulled his pants and underwear off that leg. Refastening it to the floor, I repeated the process with the other leg until he was naked from the waist down.

He was now bent over a contraption of my own making mostly consisting of a wooden sawhorse. His arms were stretched out in front of him. His feet fastened to the floor allowing him little movement. His asshole was at my hip level. His face was now at my cock level. Any movement from him resulted in his cock banging against the wood of the horse causing him immediate pain.

"What are you doing?", he wanted to know, his voice quivering.

I decided to go ahead and tell him. "Why, I'm going to fuck your little virgin ass, you piece of shit. What do you think I'm going to do? Your asshole is virgin, isn't it? Or have you been letting those boyfriends of yours stick their cocks in there, as payment for their lies?"

"Oh shit. Please don't he begged. I'll tell you anything you want to know."

"All I want to know from you ... do you want to be dry fucked or do you want to wet it down for me first? I gave you a nice blowjob. Maybe it's time for you to return the favor. What do you think? I think I'd like to fuck that cute little mouth of yours. Is that okay with you?"

"I'll do anything you want. Just please, don't hurt me anymore."

"Well, just in case you get any strange ideas about biting me, I'm going to fasten this wire around your balls. You don't mind, do you? Have you ever heard of garrote wire? That's what this is. A loop of garrote wire. Very fine piano wire designed to cut through flesh. If you even think of biting me, I pull this wire taut and the next noise you will hear will be your nuts hitting the floor. I guarantee, you'll open your mouth before you get a chance to bite very hard. Do you understand?"

I looped the wire around and pulled it somewhat taut so Jason would know I meant business. Every time I bumped his penis I noticed he winced in pain. I said, "do you understand?" ... thumping his prick once for effect.

"YES",, he shouted, as he started his sobbing again.

I stood in front of him and stepped out of my pants and shorts. I put on the ski mask and removed the tape that covered Jason's eyes so that he could see his humiliation. My cock wasn't as long as Jason's, but it was thicker. I grabbed him by the hair and lifted his face. His mouth was beginning to drool slobber. "Oooh, open your mouth baby. Don't you want this?", I taunted him. "Open your fucking mouth and suck my stiff prick you cock-sucker." I pulled up slightly on the piano wire.

Slowly his lips parted and his mouth opened wide as I slipped my cock into his throat. "Now suck, you cock-sucker, just like your nuts depended on it." He closed his lips around my organ and I started shoving it deeper. "Tell me you little fucker, did you ever get any of the girls to suck your cock, or did you dry fuck them all? Answer me you piece of shit."

Since his mouth was full of my cock, it was all he could do to nod his head up and down. I have to admit that I was starting to enjoy the feeling of Jason's mouth on my prick. It felt like a cow suckling its mother's tit. I was really getting into this. "So, how many of them did you get to suck you before you put your cock into their virgin pussies?"

I pulled out of his mouth, saliva dripping off my prick, so he could answer "Thr....thr...three.", he whimpered. I plugged myself back into him, driving as far to the back of his throat as I could get. He started to gag.

"I'll bet every one of them enjoyed sucking your cock as much as you're enjoying sucking mine. You are enjoying sucking me, aren't you?" As I pulled on the wire, his head again bobbed up and down.

Pulling myself out again I said, "Well, I guess I'm wet enough now. It must be time to get to the fucking part." I moved behind him, my prick now rock hard. Roughly, I separated his ass cheeks, pulling them farther apart then I'm sure they had ever been before. His asshole formed a tiny star with wrinkled flesh leading up to the small hole. As I pulled on his cheeks, the hole opened just a little bit. Jason tried to pull his hips forward, banging his prick in the process. Pushing himself back again from the pain in his prick, he backed right onto my swollen cock. Using all my strength I rammed my saliva-lubricated prick straight up his ass, again banging his dangling prick in front. I could feel a tearing in his ass as I punched my way into him. Blood began flowing from the torn skin as I held him by the hips and thrust roughly in and out, in and out. My motions caused his cock and balls to swing to and fro, and sent him to begin screaming again.

"Quit your screaming. You have to love this. All the girls love it when they get their cherries popped. I'm just the first one to do yours. You'll love it even more when the next guy does it. Tell me you love it." I pulled up on the wire. I laughed to myself. This is almost like having one of those Chatty Cathy dolls. Pull the string and it tells you what you want to hear. Hearing my voice through the synthesizer, I wondered if Jason had ever fantasized about getting fucked by Minnie Mouse.

"I...I...I lo... love it."

"I can't hear you."

I love it. Goddamn it. I love having your cock in my ass." He was crying louder than ever. Every time I began to feel sorry for him, I thought back to what he had done to Allison and to the others. Every deep thrust into his ass was payback for one of those girls.

It took much longer than I ever expected, but my thrusts finally achieved the desired results. I felt my balls swell up and the rush of warm semen moving upwards through my prick. Finally I buried myself as far into him as I could and deposited a full load of hot, sticky cum deep inside his ass as he continued to sob. Pulling myself out and allowing his asshole to slam shut, I was pleased to see that blood was running down the inside of his thighs. My cock was a mess, covered with red, brown and white stuff. I moved back around in front of him and announced, "Jesus Jason, you have made a real mess of my cock. I think you need to open up that pussy mouth of yours and clean me off."

Jason attempted to resist, keeping his lips tightly clenched until I pulled taut on the wire. I could see that it was starting to cut into his flesh. "You better open up that mouth, boy, or you're going to lose your fucking nuts for sure."

Slowly his lips opened as I grabbed him by the hair and lifted his head. I aimed my cock again between his teeth and felt him close his lips on my prick. His continued sobbing had left his mouth wet and I was sufficiently cleaned off within a few strokes. What a strange taste Jason had to have in his mouth. I was glad I wasn't going to be the next one kissing him.

As soon as I extricated myself Jason began spitting onto the ground below him, trying to rid himself of the combined taste of blood, shit, and cum. I guess I didn't blame him. Moving behind him again, I said, "Oh shit Jason. How goddamned inconsiderate of me! Here I cum in your cherry ass and I didn't even use a condom. Geez, but that was rude of me. I guess I better do just what the girls you fucked have to do to make sure they don't get pregnant. I think I owe you an enema that will clean you out real good.

I filled up an enema bag with a combination of hot water, hot Tabasco Sauce, and Cayenne Pepper. Shoving the tube as far up Jason's ass as I could get it, I held it in place with one hand while releasing the stopper with the other. I held the bag as far over my head as I could get it allowing the contents to flood his insides. Jason began screaming even more intensely than he had before.

"Sometimes the girls have to douche three or four times Jason, before they can begin to feel clean again after you've finished with them. What do you think? Should I do this another couple of times just to be certain you're not pregnant?"

He stopped screaming long enough to plead, "No, no. Please! That burns so much. Please don't do it again. I'll do anything you want me to, but please no more. Get it out of me!"

I pulled the tube out once the full quart of mixture had emptied into him from the bag. I held his ass cheeks tightly together while I moved his hips up and down, then from side to side, allowing my concoction to work its magic. If it was possible, Jason screamed even louder as his glass-laden prick bobbed up and down, then side to side. All the while I continued to talk to him in my Minnie Mouse simulated voice, trying to be heard above his screaming. "Doesn't this feel good Jason? It's going to make you feel all clean inside. Just the thought of you being so clean makes me want to fuck you again. What do you think Jason? Do you want me to fuck you again? You can beg me if you want."

"Oh please. Fuck me again. I don't care. Anything ... just get that stuff out of my ass. It's eating me up. Please ..."

"Sorry Jason ... but I can't fuck you. The thought of all that Chili sauce on my cock causes me great pain, but I'll let you get rid of it now." Holding a bucket behind him, I released his ass cheeks. As soon as I let go, the contents of his bowels expelled themselves like an express train. He continued to spurt for almost five minutes before he was finally completely evacuated. I rejoiced each time a little more of the juice dripped out and touched the torn areas of his asshole, causing Jason to scream in pain each time.

Tiring of my game I said, "Gee, I'm really sorry Jason that I can't fuck you again, because I know how much you've begun to enjoy having a cock up your ass. This will have to do for now." With that, I shoved a nine-inch long salami up his ass, then used some duct tape to hold it firmly in place. Again he screamed and seemed to be short of breath.

I released him from his bent over position and again allowed him to stand upright. This time I let him keep his feet on the ground, but still pulled his hands over his head. Using the pulley system I separated his hands and legs, leaving him in a spread-eagle position. I loosened the wire around his nuts listening to him breath an audible sigh of relief. I'm sure he believed the worst was over.

I gave him another two glasses of water that he gulped thirstily. He was reaching the point of total exhaustion now and could barely talk. I was bound and determined that I was going to watch him piss blood before I was through. I did want to be certain that he would be able to talk, because I still had questions that needed answers.

The time had finally arrived for Jason to answer the questions I had ready for him. I still remembered the interrogation techniques I had used against Viet Cong prisoners to extract information from them. I looked forward eagerly to using the methods which had been buried, up until now, deep in my soul.

"Jason, my man. You and I are going to have a little mouse to rat talk. I have questions that need answering. And you, my little piece of shit, are going to provide the answers. Some of the questions I already know the answers to, so don't try to hold out on me, because I'll know you're lying to me. That would really piss me off. Just to make sure you don't, I have a little something here that will ensure you won't try to bullshit me."

I had a model train transformer that I had plugged into an electrical socket. Fastened to the two poles of the transformer were wires culminating in alligator clips. I clipped the first one onto his left nipple, causing him to begin to shriek again. While fastening the second one to his other nipple, I said, "I'll bet that hurts like a bitch doesn't it? Almost like someone's biting off the tips of your nipples, huh?"

I stood back and wet down his chest with a squirt gun, leaving water to run down to his stomach. "Let me give you a little taste of what this contraption can do", I said. I turned the knurled knob of the transformer to ten, sending a small jolt of electricity through his nipples. Intensified by the moisture, Jason's body shook incredibly hard as he pulled every which way against the wrist and ankle restraints. After five seconds, I turned the transformer back to the off position. I hoped he had a strong heart.

In the middle of his shaking and straining he began to piss all over the place, bright red blood mixed with the yellow piss. I knew that had to hurt. Was I sorry ... No way in hell. As soon as the power was off, he slumped down into a heap, supported only by the restraints on his wrists. He reminded me of a side of beef hanging in a butcher shop.

"That was only up to ten", I told him. "This baby can go all the way up to a hundred. Would you like to know what that feels like?"

"No. God. No. Please. I'll tell you anything you want to know. Just ask me. Please. Don't turn it on again."

"Okay. If you're sure you don't want to know what a hundred feels like. I can guarantee you that at a hundred I can even fry that salami you have shoved up your ass. The feeling gets even more intense if I clip one of these things to your balls, and one to your cock. I can fry your gonads like a sizzling steak."

I turned on the tape recorder I had hung from a beam, its' microphone positioned right in front of his face. "I want you to start by telling me the names of all the girls you raped. Start with the very first one, then work your way up to the present day. Do you need another jolt to refresh your memory?"

"No, please don't. It was Sheila. She was the first one. Four years ago", he sobbed. "When we were both freshmen."

"Tell me about Sheila", I continued. "I want to know how you went about it."

He started into his tale, gasping for breath between sobbing sentences. "She was in one of my classes. She sat right in front of me. She was really hot. One day she leaned way over her desk to get something from the desk in front of her. Her skirt went way up the back and I could see her pink panties pulled tight into her butt crack. She didn't even seem to mind when she caught me staring. I thought she was trying to tell me that she wanted me so I asked her out. I couldn't drive yet so I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk later. I went to her house and picked her up and we walked through the park. At one spot we sat down and just started talking. When it started to get dark, I kissed her. She kissed me back hard so I thought she really wanted it. When I tried to grab her tits, she pushed me away. I still thought she wanted it but was playing hard-to-get, so I grabbed her wrists and held onto them with one hand. I was a lot bigger than she was and she didn't have enough strength to pull herself free. I thought she wasn't trying very hard so she must want it bad. She started to scream so I shoved my handkerchief deep into her mouth so she couldn't spit it out. I used my other hand to undo her blouse then pulled up her bra exposing her tits. She started crying when I kissed her tits. I pulled up her skirt and put my hand down in her panties. When she tried squirming away her panties ripped. I undid my fly and lay down on top of her, spreading her legs with mine. I was so turned on that I just knew I had to do this so I shoved my cock up inside her. It felt really great to me, but Sheila didn't seem to like it too much. After I spurted I let her go and pulled my handkerchief out of her mouth. She was still crying and said she was going to tell everyone I raped her. I hit her and told her she better keep her big mouth shut or I would tell everyone she begged me to fuck her. I don't think she ever told anyone."

Sitting there listening to him, I was tempted to see exactly what a hundred on the transformer would do to this little bastard, but instead I calmly asked, "Did you take her picture?"

"No. I didn't start doing that till later."

"Well, let's go on to number two then. Who was that?"

"Please don't make me do this. I don't want to do this. Please."

Jason got to find out what thirty on the transformer was like. I started to wet him down again for another stab when he started rattling out names for me. My God, there were twenty of them all-together. Allison's name was next to last. Shit I thought. Because I had spent such a long time planning, another girl had lost her virginity to this prick. Well, I reassured myself that it would never be an issue again.

When the final names came tripping off his tongue I asked, "So where are all the pictures of the girls you raped? He was hesitant to answer until he heard me reach for the transformer knob turn again."

"They're in a box under a bunch of stuff in the garden shed behind my house."

"One more question. Is your dad in on this? Does he know you've been raping these girls?"

"No. He doesn't know anything. Me and my friends convinced him that the one girl that accused me was lying. None of the rest of them ever said anything."

"So you thought you got away with it then. So you would go on raping more girls, wouldn't you? I'll bet you're anxious to get into college. There's more fresh pussy there for you, isn't there?"

"No, I swear to God. I'll never touch another girl again. Ever." His sobs grew louder and deeper.

"Oh, I know you won't. You'll be lucky if you ever even get to piss straight without screaming. Oh, and Jason, I don't think you'll be taking advantage of that football scholarship." That said, I gave him a vicious karate kick directly on his left kneecap. I heard the bone snap as his leg tried to recoil from the blow but was held firmly in place by the ankle restraint. Jason passed out from the pain, saving me from having to render him conscious on my own.

I cut him down and dragged him back across the garage, then tossed him back inside the van. Again I taped his mouth, wrists and ankles on the off chance he might recover consciousness. Cleaning up all the mess in the garage, I threw all the clutter into the van and drove away. My first stop was at Jason's house where I stealthily retrieved his stash of hidden photos.

I drove to one of those all-night copy places where I made color photocopies of all Jason's pictures making certain that no one noticed what I was doing. I did get some funny stares from the clerks wondering what I was doing there at 1one in the morning, but I simply paid cash and went on my merry way.

I drove back to where Jason's jeep still sat, unnoticed, at the end of the alley. He was now semi-conscious as I carried him into a deserted shack next to his jeep. I placed a ball in his mouth and a piece of chain to hold it in place. I pulled the restraint tight with a clamp and he was rendered without speech.

I laid him back and tied his hands to a post, spreading his legs and tying them so that he was spread eagle on the floor. Slowly I wet a black leather strap and tied it around his balls. "You know what will happen as the leather dries", I asked? "It will shrink and squeeze until you can't piss." I tied a rope to the leather strap and passed it through a hook on the far side of the room, hanging a bag of sand on the end so that his scrotum was stretched taunt.

chain in his back naked, and deposited him unceremoniously into his jeep. Hoping for a sense of true justice, I used his tape to bind his wrists to his roll bar, then spread his legs taping his ankles to two other areas where I found tape residue from his previous conquests.

I taped an envelope addressed to the Chief of Police to the post, which contained Jason's picture collection, together with a copy of the confession tape and a short note which I had previously typed on a department store typewriter which read:

Looking for who did this to your son?
Here is a list of likely suspects.
Just ask any of their fathers.

I drove the van to a deserted spot along the river and started it rolling down the bank to what looked like a deep spot. Hopefully it wouldn't be found before the entire furor died down. I started the long jog back to the airport parking lot.

When I arrived back home, after my short business trip, both my wife and Allison commented about how relaxed I looked. Like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders.

Jason was not seen at school, and as far as I know, no official investigation was ever conducted.

At least no one ever contacted me as a potential suspect.

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