Relaxing with My Dad

By Kathy Anne Manchester

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I am eighteen and my name is Kathy Anne. I love to help those in need so one day last summer, when my mom did her usual shopping on Saturday; I was at home with my dad. I love my dad and he is very good to me. My dad's a computer engineer, which means his he makes a hell of a lot of money. So, we have a pool, which looks like one from a rich guy's house. I used my usual bathing suit to relax in the sun because I don't like to swim. The maid always puts the suntan lotion on my back but, on that day, she accompanied my mom. I begged my dad to do it and he rubbed lotion all over my back.

I knew then that I wanted him badly, even though he was my dad. I asked him to rub it round my thighs so he slowly moved from my back to my legs, but he did not lay a finger on my young ass. I was disappointed at that so then I asked him to lie with me but he said that he had his programming shit to finish. I finally convinced him, so I lay him flat as I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, undid the buckle and removed his pants. I used my long black hair to caress his body. I kept my eye on his prick to see if his cock was erect or not. To my surprise, nothing happened. Then, I reached for the oil, purposely pressing my breast on his dick, not once ... but twice.

I massaged his neck and kissed it, telling him that the pain would go away faster. He chuckled and I, wasting no time, moved lower. Without even touching the back I went straight down and started to massage the area round his cock. His boxers were the kind with the zipper so I unzipped it so my dad's nice prick popped out. I have been wanting to see his dick and when he tried to cover his manhood I told him that was the point. I think he knew what I was trying to do all this while as his soft hands pulled my swimsuit from my young body.

I lay back onto the stool as he fondled my breasts before ramming his stiff cock in my young cunt while I fingered my clit.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh ... yyy eeeee aaa hhhh ! ddddd aaaaaa dddddd dddddd yyyyyy", I yelled, as we finished fucking just about fifteen minutes before Mom arrived.

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