Puppy Love

By Beth "Lizzie" Hoss

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Puppy Love It was a hot day, very hot and there wasn't much point in doing anything but lie around and try to keep cool. So, I decided to watch some T.V. and put my fan in the doorway, blowing air into the rook. My dogs, a male "Parthos" and my bitch "Abby", were wrestling around on the floor. Neither dog was fixed and as I was flipping the channels, Porthos mounted Abby and started to hump wildly!! I Usually I push him off of her, but today I just watched.

I got down onto the floor and took off my undies and bra, lying in the breeze as the dogs fucked. I was very aroused as I spread my legs, letting the scent from my wet cunt spread through the room. Porthos lifted his ears and sniffed the air as ... blast after ... blast he pumped his doggie-cock into the she-bitch Abby. Both dogs are St. Bernard's, and big for their breed.

When Porthos finished Abby, his cock still stiff. He dismounted the bitch and crossed the short distance to sniff my pussy. "Hmmmm .......", I thought as he began to lick around my pussy lips. "ahhhhh", I moaned as his long tongue went deep into my hole. I grabbed his head and pushed his nose into my open cunt as his tongue licked the inner walls. I removed his head and moved him to my breast, which he licked, spreading the cum over my pink nipples. I told him to sit. He did with his cock sticking straight out. Pathos sat licking his chops as I reached over, spreading his legs, lowering my head and sticking his pink cock into my mouth. His prick was wide and stiff as it slid deep into my throat. I sucked his cock for a few minutes, rubbing my clit softly with my hand as Pathos licked the top of my head. Amy curls up in the corner of the room and went to sleep.

Pathos was pumping his cock into my mouth, raking his paws over my back as his humping became faster and faster. I was really tempted just to suck the dogs cock until he came in my mouth but I was so horny that I pushed him away and tried to guide his prick lower. Pathos was raging with desire as he pumped his hard cock in the air as I layback on the couch and opened my thighs. He humped my tits , my stomach, pumping at everything until his stiff doggy-cock found my wet cunt. He realized that his cock was inside me and a few seconds later pumped it into me. His tail flew from side to side as he banged his cock into me until I again pushed his away, sliding his wet out of my hot cunt, lowered my lips to his raging prick and sucked as fast as I could. Porthos let out a HOWL of pleasure as once again he realized that his cock was inside something and he began to pump harder as I massaged his balls. The balls were hard, the cock veiny as he pumped wildly.

Now I wanted to be humped so I rolled over and stuck my ass in the air. Pathos seemed to understand as he mounted my back, stuck his swollen cock in my ass and humped until his hot cum shot in a huge stream between my cheeks. My ass was full of his cum as we both exhaustion.

And ... they called it ... Puppy Love ...

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