A Pleasant Surprise (Part 2)

By Fucking eXcitor

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The next day...

After the long day that I had I slept like a baby. I woke up slowly to a sweet smell under my nose. When I opened my eyes I couldn't see and realized that the blindfold had been put over them again. I felt some soft lips kiss my face. My hands were in front of me in the soft cuffs once again.

I realized the smell as it was brought closer to my nose. It was the sweet smell of a woman's cum. A pussy was lowered onto my face and I started to lick around the hole. I could feel that the woman onto was enjoying this so I decided to kiss the inner legs and bite down on them a little. Then, I plunged my tongue deep inside and flicked it in and out. I never realized how a pussy felt with my tongue in it and her cunt was far more responsive when I couldn't see. I sucked down on it wanting to get my hands involved but they were cuffed. I felt the clit slowly begin the stiffen. I immediately went to work on it, sucking it and licking it.

The pussy began to ride my face and I could feel it heat up and moisten. I forced my face deep inside and sucked as much as I could. All of a sudden I was tasting and drinking the sweet cum. This was some of the best breakfast I had ever had.

I wondered why I didn't hear the woman talk or scream. Was this Chantal's friend or Chantal, I thought? I wanted to know who I was pleasing.

Hands began to caress my body and Chantal whispered into my ear, "How was your breakfast? Still want my surprise?"

I was really starting to wonder what the surprise was. Everything so far had been surprise enough for me. I nodded my head and she continued, "Tawny wants your cock but I own it." I realized now that Tawny was her friend, or at least that's what I hoped. Of course, feeling what Chantal had done, I wouldn't have been surprised if she brought a third woman into the equation. At this point I realized that my early morning erection was definately being handled by Chantal.

I told Chantal that I had to leave in the late afternoon for a meeting. She said that she would rush the surprise. I began to think that she had planned three days worth of sexual surprises. She undid my hands and let me sit up on the couch. She turned on some soft music and told me to relax while she prepared the last surprise before I would have to leave. I relaxed and listened to the music while I heard noises made by Chantal and Tawny walking around mr. Every five minutes or so one of them would sit down beside me and give me a nice long kiss then get up and go back to what they were doing.

After what seemed like hours, Chantal took off my blindfold. I couldn't see well for a couple of seconds as the light was I real shock to my eyes. When I did regain the focus Chantal was standing in front of me in a black shiny rubber bra and long rubber pants. She brought me into her bedroom. The bed was covered in a plastic sheet. She told me to lay down and then she tied my hands to the headboard.

Where was Tawny? I thought to myself. I lay on the bed with my hands tied, completely naked. Chantal smiled and said, "Time for lunch!" as Tawny walked in a rubber outfit similar to Chantal's. But, she also with a tray of food. The two of them started to systematically place pieces of food all over my body. Starting at my toes they began to eat the food off me, licking and kissing as they went. They would feed me bits of whatever food they had in their mouth. I was really starting to go crazy from all the stimulation.

Chantal could see this and decided it was time. She slide off her rubber pants, slid on top of me and began to ride my cock. Tawny knew her role exactly. She sat so both of us could see her and began to masturbate as she watched us. Chantal didn't let me move when I began to squirm. She continued to bounce up and downand ride me like a wild animal. Her panting grew heavier and rose to screams and this turned Tawny on as she began to feveroushily work her clit and tits. I noticed that Tawny didn't say anything nor make any noise. This is when I realized that it must have been her sweet cum that I had for breakfast.

Chantal continued to buck me and grind her hips against mine. She rotated her hips and made my cock pulsate like crazy. She reached down and rubbed her clit making herself climax. She drove herself into me as I exloded into her hole. Tawny came as she watched us.

Chantal got off me and licked me clean, letting me out of the restraints. Tawny asked Chantal if she could taste my cum too, but Chantal told her "NO", saying there wasn't any left. "It's my cock and I tell you when you can use it."

I got cleaned up and gave both women a kiss before I left. Chantal told me that there were more surprises, but, we would do them the next time.

I was glad as two days of pleasant surprises really wore me out.

But, now I can't wait until I get the rest of my surprises ... next time ...

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