A Pleasant Surprise

By Fucking eXcitor

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Well ... I see that you're back for more stories about my sex life. That's good :) :) :)

Some time has gone by and this is the continuation of the Bus Ride. I hope that you've been reading the stories cronologically.

This is about the other party in the story, a beautiful French goddess named Chantal. I called her up and made all the necessary arangements. We met in the bus station and she was wearing overalls and a sports top. I was so excited thinking about the sex that was ahead that I was already having a small bulge in my pants. We borded the bus and sat down. We made sure that we were at the back so we wouldn't cause too much of a scene. I stroked her hair and looked into her eyes. We kissed passionately. Then she whispered into my ear,"I want to make you cum over and over." I gave her a giant grin and licked my lips. She continued to tell me that I wasn't allowed to touch any of her body for the entire ride. I was a bit shocked at the thought of not being able to fondle her beautiful breasts and feel her wet pussy.

"If you do as I say there will be a big surprise for you when we get off the bus." I love surprises. She took out my cock from my pants and pulled out some hand cream from her bag. She squirted the cream in her hands and began to pump my cock. Her hands slide up and down the shaft. She would stop and rub her thumb all around the head, under the knob and through the pee hole.

She continued by cupping my balls in her hand and squezzing my cock. She pulsated her hand and I could tell that I was going to make a mess. As she saw some precum drip out she immediately put her head down in my lap. I exploded into her mouth and she sucked until I was dry. She whispered into my ear, "I like to keep things nice and clean."

I was tired from her jerking me off so I closed my eyes and decided to have a small nap. I started having a great dream about fucking this women really hard and fast. I was really enjoying it like it was a real experience. I knew that I had to be dreaming. I was awakened by feeling myself about to cum. As I opened my eyes I saw her head bobbing up and down. Once again I jizzed into her warm mouth. She had been sucking me off in my sleep!!! She told me that she was developing my endurance. I was soo happy at the thought of cumming twice on this bus trip.

Just as my cock began to go back down she grabbed it with her hand and said," I own your cock, you are my cock slave." Now I am a guy that's open to most things but once she started with the slave shit I got a little scared, albeit a little excited. We finally arrived at our destination and I hadn't touched her the entire ride. I was dying to feel her body with something other than my penis in her mouth.

We got off the bus and were immdiately greated by a friend of Chantal's. Her friend was a leggy brunette with a nice chest. Was this her surprise? I hopped that I would get to do her friend. We all took a cab back to Chantal's appartement and while in the cab her friend pulled out a lollipop and started to suck on it. She would take it out when I looked at her and flick it with her tongue. She could see that she was making me hard, even after a couple of blowjobs. All I could think of was replacing that lollipop with my cock.

Chantal realized what was happening near the end of the ride. She said to her friend, "his cock is now mine! If you want it you have to ask me!" Luckly we were at her appartment because the cab driver was a bit shocked at Chantal's statement. She gave her friend the keys and waited with me in the lobby. I asked her why we had to wait and she told me that it was a surprise.

After about fifteen minutes downstairs Chantal opened her bag and pulled out a scarf. She told me that to go upstairs I would have to wear the blindfold. I really didn't want to wear it but I was too interested at what would happen when I got upstairs to her appartment so I let her put it on me. I stepped into the elevator and heard it go up two floors. We walked to the end of the hallway and I heard her open up the door. I wanted to know what was inside. Was her friend naked waiting for us? We stepped into the appartment and she guided me to her couch. She took my hands and pulled them around her body, up her hips, to her tits and all the way to her mouth. She sucked lightly on one of my fingers and placed one of my hands behind my back. I immediately felt her friend's breath on my neck and she reached behind me to hold my hand. She slide something that felt like a bracelet over my hand an onto my wrists. I started to squirm because I really didn't like what was happening. Chantal quickly grabbed my other hand and slide it into another soft cloth-like thing.

Now both my hands were tied behind me. "Remember, I said that you couldn't touch," she told me. I tried to get up but Chantal sat on me and without the use of my hands it was impossible. "You're not allowed to move, now stop it ... relax!", she barked. I decided that I didn't have much choice so I said that I wouldn't move. She slowly took off my blindfold and her friend was on the floor in front of me completely naked. She started to play with herself. She would finger her pussy and rub her tits together. I was being torture by this teasing. Chantal made me sit there and watch until her friend came. I wanted to fuck her so bad it was killing me.

I decided that I really wasn't in control of the situation and that Chantal was going to do pretty much what ever she wanted to. After her friend was finished she got up and sat beside me. Chantal just pointed to my pants and her friend immediately went down to my crotch. She licked my cock up and down as Chantal went to work on my chest. She sucked and bite at my nipples while her friend continued to lick my cock and suck on my balls. I couldn't believe how long it took me to cum but I remembered that I had already been jerked off that day. It seemed friend was down on my cock for decades as she was sucking as hard as and fast as she could.

Finally I exploded and she let the cum cover her. It was in her hair and on her tits and dripping from her lips. Chantal asked me if I wanted the surprise to stop. I was really surprised. Was there more to her surprise? She took off my cuffs and let me take off my clothes. I went to sleep on the couch anticipating what more she had planned for the next day ...


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