Playing the Fool

By Mike Linton

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I used to work nights at the hospital. I liked how quiet it was on night shift. With only a few duties to perform, I often could read all night long. At the end of the shift would come a beautifully still morning, where I could go downtown and take care of business before most people were awake.

The only problem with night shift is not being able to sleep with my girlfriend, Jane. Because her schedule was opposite of mine, she had stayed home all night and would go to work later in the day. The only time I had a chance to be with her was early mornings. I treasured these mornings we had together and my future plans at the time included not only mornings together, but living our lives together.

That day I walked softly down the hall in the early morning light, trying not to wake my neighbors in the adjacent apartments. I opened the door and threw my coat on a nearby chair. I tiptoed to the bedroom door, hoping I could slide quietly into bed with my lover, without waking her. As I neared the door I noticed that it was shut. I stood just outside the door and heard a low sounding noise.

I will never forget what I saw as I walked into the room. That moment will replay in my head for many years to come.

Laying flat on his back was Joe, my best friend, reaching for the sheets to cover his nude body and not doing a very good job of it. Jane was laying next to him with her arm and head resting on his large and hairy prick under the thin covering. Both Joe and Jane were naked under desert-print designer waterbed sheets.

I stood there stunned, like a deer in front of headlights. A thousand emotions ran threw my head in just a few heartbeats. Time stopped and the feelings of jealousy, rage, shame, betrayal, love and hate and even sexual interest quickly overwhelmed me. I felt like a flashlight that had just been jump started with an arc-welder. My breakers tripped. My fuses blew.

Thoughts turned OFF ... Then a feeling of numbness ... I just stood there.

Joe didn't take his eyes off the ceiling. He just lay there as Jane regarded me calmly across Joe's chest. I couldn't see any emotion reflected in her brown eyes.

Slowly, her knee moved under the sheet and slid across his waist as she climbed over him. The sheet dropped abruptly down as she sat up astride his lap, looking down at him for a few moments. Then bending forward, she lay on his chest as she kissed him. She moved her small breasts across the roughness of his breast and her kisses became more passionate and urgent.

I saw Jane's hand move between them. Although I couldn't see her hand, I knew she was guiding the tip of his erection toward the opening of her cunt. Raising her body slightly, she supported herself on both arms. She arched her ass slightly and, with a dreamy smile, pushed herself downward onto him, taking as much of his stiff prick inside her as she could.

I couldn't believe it! They didn't care I was watching. There were no apologies, no angry words ... nothing. They simply ignored me and continued to fuck as I stood there.

Placing her hands flat on his chest she sat upright, rocking her hips backward and forward to work his swollen cock deeper inside . Leaning back, she flipped her hair backwards out of her face revealing the angelic expression on her face. She was making love to my best friend. Her enjoyment was obvious as she sat on his lap totally impaled.

Jane's hands caressed his face and ears, fingers trailing through his beard and down his neck towards his chest. Joe was already holding her small breasts in his hands, rubbing her nipples until her areolas had darkened and the nipples stood pointed. His large hands curled about her pale neck pulling her body down closer to him, bringing the stiffened tips of her tits towards his lips and tongue, kissing and sucking them. Reaching around her shoulders he pinned her body on top of his.

In a rhythmic and fluid motion, only capable on waterbeds, he arched his hips upward while he held her tightly, increasing the tempo. Jane was unable to move her body, except for her hips. She rolled her pelvis downward to meet each upward thrust of his stiff prick.

Jane's breath escaped in small puffs as she bore her weight down on top of him, filling her womb with his mammoth cock. The waterbed made gradually louder slopping sounds under their movements. The room filled with the sweet musk of sex. With her eyes half closed, she bucked and writhed against him in pleasure as his enormous cock filled her pussy again and again and again.

Suddenly, Jane's lips parted slightly, releasing a moan. Joe's back muscles strained in an effort to drive his cock upward, further into her hole. Her ass slapped hard against his hairy legs while her petite breasts bounced. The muscles of her stomach and inner thigh quaked uncontrollably as her hips jerked downward, harder and faster, as she ground her body over his cock.

"Yes .. yes .. make - me - come", Jane tried to whisper as she attempted to regain control of her voice. Her face contorted in the immense effort of achieving a colossal orgasm.

Unexpectedly, Joe reached up to grab her by the waist and flipped her underneath him. Jane cried out when the entire length of his body drove his glistening wet cock violently inside her. She opened her legs into a wide, flat "V", wanting him to finish her. The wetness of her pussy was visible as the folds of her vagina parted.

"Oh ... please", she begged. "I want you ... Fuck me!"

Joe turned to me and grinned with an evil smile ... "See ... The bitch LIKES it!"

Positioning himself directly above her, he shoved the length of his long wide cock deep into her with a loud grunt. Jane's eyes opened wide as she cried out at the intensity of his brutal thrust. Her hips jerked upward against his as she wrapped her legs around him locking her heels across his ass, and tightening.

"Oh .. oh .. oh - oh - oh - more - faster - FASTER!", she cried louder and louder. "I want you to cum inside me! Fuck me!"

"Bitch", Joe grunted with each down stroke as he slammed his swollen cock into her pussy. The lips of her pussy were visibly swollen from the rush of blood to her sexual organs.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH ... YES ... I' your bitch", she howled as her hips gyrated under his at the pinnacle of her orgasm. Her toes clenched above his ass as her body contracted. "Cum inside me, quickly!", she shouted as his grunts became louder and his movements quickened.

Soon, his back arched in ecstasy, pumping his sperm deep into her womb, his hips moved as if on puppet strings. Finally ... he collapsed on her, obscuring her upper body from my view. But ... I could see the sex soaked lips of my lover's pussy wrapped around the damp softening shaft of another mans cock.

When he rolled off, they both gasped at the sensation their sensitized glands made as he withdrew his semi-erect prick from her cum soaked cunt. Neither them looked at me. She lay still on the bed with her eyes closed, breathing fast and hard as if she had just finished a marathon. Jane's legs, still wide open, started to relax and her knees fell to lie flat on the bed. The combined juices of their lovemaking were slathered over the inside of her thighs and made an ever-increasing wet spot on the bed linens. She basked in the afterglow of their intense lovemaking while Joe lit a cigarette.

Embarrassed and hurt, I left the room. Now that they were finished, I hoped she would come out of my bedroom to tell me ... it was over between us. I went to the bathroom to splash water in my face, hoping it would calm me enough to make some new plans in my life.

"SLAM", I heard from down the hall and the bedroom door violently slammed shut, sending me a message that I was no longer welcome here. The click of the lock completed the finality of the statement. As I stood in the bathroom staring into the mirror, I heard the headboard start to rhythmically bump against the wall.

Jane's moans, muffled through the wall, signaled that she was well on her way to another climax. I didn't have to see her to understand. I knew intimately well how she made love to a man ... and how often.

I can still see her in my mind's eye.

I picked up my keys and left.

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