A Picnic to Remember

By Lainey "Poopsie" Bonser

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You arrive at my house shortly before noon. The day has been very hot, and I answer the door in a white sundress that gently ripples as the light outside breeze comes through the door.

"Are you ready?" you ask.

I say that I am and we get in your car. We turn on the air conditioning, it is just way too hot to settle for the breeze today. I ask where we are going and you say it is a surprise. We drive for about a half-hour and pull onto a dirt road. Perplexed, I stay quiet and don't ask any more questions. The further we go on this road, the more serene the setting becomes and I am thrilled when we finally stop. You get out a picnic basket and tell me to follow you. After about a five-minute walk we arrive in a small clearing. This looks like a good place to eat. You lay a blanket on the grass, pull out a wonderful meal and we sit down to eat.

After we eat, you tell me to follow you again. When I realize that we are going up a trail, I remind you that I didn't bring my hiking shoes. "You won't need them, we aren't going very far." I give in to the beauty of the surroundings and decide just to enjoy myself and not worry about anything, I know that you will take good care of me.

About half way up the trail, you have me close my eyes. With my eyes still closed, I hear you let out a little gasp as you guide me ahead. Unable to ignore it, I open my eyes. We are overlooking a waterfall that is more glorious than anything I have ever seen. My eyes suddenly catch a glimpse of what you had gasped at. There is a beautiful naked woman splashing around in the water below.

"I am so sorry, I had no idea anyone would be here!" you exclaim. I am so transfixed by this woman's stunning beauty, I scarcely hear your comment.

"That's all right", I answer, " ... she just makes the sight even more beautiful, would you mind if we just stay here and watch her for a minute?"

Pleasantly surprised, you put your arm around me and reply. "We can do anything you want. I am here to make you happy." After a few minutes of watching the swimmer, I realize that I am getting rather turned on at our voyeurism. Embarrassed, I turn to you and say that maybe we should go. I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable. Suddenly, you reach for the back of my head with your large hands and bring me to you for the most amazingly passionate kiss I have ever had. As we part, we glance back down to the water and see that the mystery woman is getting out and lying down on the sandy shore. You turn me around and press your body up against mine. I feel the hardness through your shorts and let out a moan of delight.

Not realizing it was so loud, we again look at the woman and find that her gaze toward us. Mortified that she would be upset, we continue to watch her as she started to caress her breast with one hand and trail her way down to her ever-swelling pussy with the other. Slightly confused as to what to do next, you pull me closer to you and savagely grab my breast so hard it hurts. At the same time you are kissing me so intensely that I think I am going to swallow your tongue.

I reach down to grab your cock and give it a good firm squeeze, enough to make you let out a cry of pleasure and pain. Unable to control our lust, you reach down and rip off my sundress exposing my ass and pussy to the bare air, sending chills down my spine and making my nipples harder. One more glance at the lady finds her furiously rubbing her cunt and tweaking her nipples.

Suddenly she stands up and motions for us to come down to her. Fueled by the anticipation of what awaits us, we scramble to get our things and rush down the path. I reach the shore first and while you are setting the things down the lady grabs my tit and kisses me hard. Stunned that it is not you that she wants, you stand there in your dumbfounded state and watch as your raging hard-on sticks out in your pants. I reach down and grab her ass. It is so tight and hard. Finally, unable to control yourself, you go up behind her and start, gingerly, kissing her neck as you press your cock against her ass. My hand feels your stiff prick as I reach down to fondle you. Before I realize what is happening, the woman is kissing my neck and making her way down to my erect nipples.

You stretch above her head and kiss me, flickering your tongue in and out of my mouth wantonly. All of a sudden the lady pulls up my dress, grabs my butt, lowers her head and thrusts her tongue into my swollen wet pussy. My knees start to buckle and I gently spread my thighs, positioning myself over her face with my ass in the air. You are standing behind her as I lean forward and you push cock into my mouth and I suck the stiff member with a fury. When it is drenched in my saliva, you pull from my mouth, move around to my backside and spread my cheeks. You slide your pulsing cock into my waiting ass.

The woman is busy alternating between kissing my pussy and sucking my clit, sending me into a frenzy like I have never experienced. Meanwhile, you are ramming your stiff rod in and out of my ass with a vengeance. The woman stops playing with my pussy and slides under to position her cunt in front of my face. Sensing that I am not quite sure what to do, she grabs the back of my head and pulls it down to her dripping snatch. Still unsteady, with you going like a hornet in my ass, I lean down sticking my ass even further in the air. I realize that this heightens your excitement even more.

Fueled by your energy, I go down to kiss her sweet crotch. The perfume emanating from her is not like anything I have ever smelled before, but it is exhilarating. I wiggle my tongue inside her cunt and use it to spread her moist pink lips, exposing her rock hard clit. I flicker my tongue over her stiff clit and feel her hips start to move faster and faster. Enjoying the fact that I am satisfying her, I get even closer and thrust my tongue into her vagina. I enjoy the taste of her warm sweet juices, savoring every drop.

I move one hand up and rub her clit with my finger while tonguing her like it was the last thing I would ever do. All of a sudden she starts to moan and her hips thrust once ... twice ... and then she lays still. Even more excited now, I roll over onto my back and kick my legs up on your shoulders.

"Fuck me now ... Damnit!", I yell.

"No ... it is my turn to tell you what to do. Suck my cock and taste your flavors."

Surprised by the tone in your voice and not wanting to displease you, I reply, " ... yes ... Master." Finding this new game fun, I take you into my mouth and savor the new flavors I taste. I suck you alternating between hard and gentle. My tongue finds it's way just underneath your head and wiggles back and forth. With a sudden lunge I push my head forward and your stiff cock slithers down my throat until your are imbedded deep inside me and I can feel your cock hair tickle my nose. Sensing that you are getting bigger, I realize that you are about to cum. I stop and recline to my back and tell you that you will stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me harder and with more force than you have ever done before.

You pull my feet up and stick them behind your head and ram your stiff prick in and out... in and out of me ... going harder and harder and harder. Unbeknownst to you, the woman has gotten up and moves around behind you and shoves a well lubricated finger up your ass.

Surprised, you momentarily stop and she says in a deep and sultry voice, "It is my turn to take care of your pleasure, you asshole. You will enjoy this so keep pumping." Scared of what will happen if you deny her, you resume your fucking. Pleasantly, you find that this finger up your ass feels wonderful and you ask for another. Excited more than ever at me seeing her do this, and feeling your hardness inside of me, I cum like a virgin having her first orgasm. Feeling my pussy muscles squeezing and releasing around you cock, and having her finger fuck your ass, you finally cum. It is a feeling like no other. I love the sensation of your semen rushing into my body and feeling it's way around my vagina.

We both collapse and fall to the ground. When we are finally able to open our eyes, we look around only to find that the woman is gone. We turn and look at each other and smile lazily.

"Where is the desert you were talking about", I ask? You crawl over to the picnic basket and get out chocolate dipped strawberries.

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