By Adrian Cope

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Your prize piano student is Phillip, a sixteen year old that shows a lot of talent. He has very long, strong fingers that he uses superbly. One day you are passing the toilet and you see him as he turns around. His prick is still out of his pants and you catch a glimpse. From what you could see, it looks quiet long ... in fact ... it is very long. Over the next few days that is all you can think about. When you make love to your husband, Tony, you are imagining Phillip sliding into you. You wake up during the night having wet dreams about Phillip's hard young cock in your mouth. You think about him constantly but don't know how to make it happen.

The following lesson, you ask Phillip to help you with some other students on Saturday. That time until your meeting seems to drag on because you are both horny ... yet terrified. On the Saturday you are still in your dressing gown when the doorbell rings. You wait a few minutes until Phillip's parents have left ... then you answer the door.

"Oh Phillip ... I'm sorry ... Tony was supposed to have called you to let you know that today's lessons have been cancelled. I have a terrible headache and a sore back!"

"Oh, I'll call Dad in fifteen minutes and have him to pick me up. Would you like me to rub your neck. It might help ease your headache?"

"That would be very nice of you Phillip", you answer. "Thanks!"

Walking towards your bedroom you tell Phillip to follow. You stand by the bed and slip your dressing gown over your shoulders. You notice Phillip in the mirror, looking at your large breasts. You lie on you bed with the gown covering you back. Phillip kneels beside you, gently rubbing your neck, using his strong young fingers on your skin. He rubs from your neck down to your shoulders and back again, putting enough pressure to be relaxing. After several minutes of this he begins to move down your back, sliding your gown down as he goes. Phillip seems to be having trouble with you gown so you suggest, " ... Just get ride of it if it's in your way." Your breathing is getting heavier as he slides the gown down exposing your bare ass. He kneels over you and begins to rub your back again, starting at your shoulders and slowly working his way down to the small of your back. "That is really wonderful, Phillip. Where did you learn to do that?"

"My uncle is a masseuse. He taught me."

"You have lovely hands and you are so gentle. You'll keep the girls very happy when you get older!"

"I'm glad you like it. How is your headache?"

"Much better, thanks to you ... but ... my back is still a little sore.

"I'll give your back a workout", Phillip said as he began working on the lower part of your back.

"Mmmmmm, that is wonderful. My husband told me that my hamstrings usually make my back sore."

"Ok ... I'll rub the soreness out of your ankles. Sure your husband won't mind?"

"I'm sure he wont", you answer as you spread your legs so Phillip can get a better position to run your feet.

Phillip straddles your left leg. You spread your legs slightly more to allow him to get to your leg and he begins rubbing more firmly. As he rubs your ankle with the thumb of his right hand, the fingers of his left hand are resting on the inside of your thigh. The feeling of his fingers so close to your ass and pussy is having a dramatic effect on you. Your breathing is increasing, getting heavier and faster. Phillip has a good view as you lift your bum slightly and he looks at your hips and ass. As his hands get to the top of your thigh your hips lift a little further. Phillip moves to the right so, as you lift your hips the next time, he can see your ass and pussy.

"That feels wonderful, Phillip, can you do the top of my hips now?"

Phillip places his knee between your legs and uses the palm of his hands on your hips. With your legs spread, he can see your lovely shaved pussy lips, so soft ... smooth and wet.

"Oh, oh my!!!!" Phillip gasps. You look around noticing a wet patch on his pants. He is blushing.

"That's OK ... sweetie", you whisper, " ... These things happen, just take off your pants and put them on the chair. I'll clean them up later." You help Phillip as he removes his pants and then hops back between your legs. He is wearing boxer shorts and you can see his knob poking out the front. Phillip begins to rub your hips again. As he pushes your soft skin the cheeks of your ass spread slightly. He watches this and moves his hands further so he can get a better view. You move your hand so that you can play with your clit. "Mmmmm, that does feel nice!" You look at his cock again and can see his knob very clearly now. It is leaking with pre-cum and you lick your lips in anticipation.

Phillip's fingers are getting closer to your ass as he gains more confidence. He is very close to your wet pussy as you have spread your legs even further. It seems ages before he touches you and, as he gets to your pussy lips, you moan. Phillip panics, pulling his fingers away as you open you legs a bit further. He now has a perfect view of your shaved cunt as he returns to massaging your ass, working his way back towards your pussy, rubbing very slowly and gently. Your hand is still on your clit and you can feel your juices covering the tips of your fingers. You are incredibly wet, dying for him to enter you, wanting his fingers as well as his huge cock.

As Phillip's fingers reach the opening of your pussy, you push against him so that they slide inside with ease. He doesn't pull away as you moan very loudly. "Ohhhh, that is wonderful Phillip. You have such lovely fingers!" Your back arches as he pushes a second finger into your dripping cunt. You lift higher and higher until you are on all fours with your ass almost in the air ... almost in his face. Such a lovely ass you have ... inviting ... waiting ... while Phillip is slowly fingering your hole he kisses your cheeks. Gently at first, then he slowly licks them, working his way towards your ass hole. His fingers are deeply embedded inside your pussy playing with your cervix. His tongue is circling your ass, going around and around your cheeks, getting closer and closer to your open hole. It seems to take him hours to get there, your breathing is incredibly heavy knowing that you'll cum if he touches your ass with his tongue. You are sure that he is very horny as you watch his cock intently, watching his wet knob ooze with pre-cum.

Phillip's tongue is on your ass hole as his fingers slide in and out of your dripping pussy. "That's it sweetie, you're wonderful!!!!!" His tongue touches you, sending shivers up your spine. Combined with his fingers, the feeling sends you into a massive orgasm as your juices rush everywhere. You look a Phillip's hard cock and whisper, " ... lie on the bed for me!" You remove his boxer shorts while you look at his cock. Your face is so close to his stiff prick as you blow warm air onto on the wet knob. Phillip jumps as the air hits his cock and his knob is very, very wet with pre-cum. You stretch out your tongue and taste his rich juices, lick his long hard cock. You think that his prick is longer than you have ever had ... and he is only a boy!!!

"Oh god, that feels great!!! I can't take much of that", Phillip moans with your touch. You reach down with your hand and hold the base of his cock. It is so big you have difficulty circling the width. Your other hand holds his balls and they are so tight ... almost ready to explode. You place your mouth over his knob of his cock and in seconds you feel his cum pumping from his balls and into your mouth. You remove your mouth and watch him shoot huge blobs of cum up onto his chest. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hold on any longer", he says.

"That's OK ... sweetie", you answer as you hold his cock, stroking it gently. He is still very hard and you keep holding him ... stroking him ... keeping him hard. You kneel over and kiss his lips lightly as you lower your wet cunt onto his hard, thick cock. You kiss him deeply as you feel him stretching your pussy. You push your tongue into his mouth ... searching for his tongue. You begin riding him ... pushing your self down ... taking his full length then rising up until he is almost all out of you. Feeling his hardness gets you wetter again and you are so close to cumming. You are riding him very slowly, feeling his long hard cock sliding in and out of your tight pussy. You start riding Phillip's cock harder and faster, feeling your orgasm getting closer. You reach down and hold your hard clit ... pushing hard against it ... riding him as fast as you can. You are so engrossed in your own orgasm you have no idea if he has cum. Your orgasm floods through you and your juices ooze out of your pussy, covering Phillip's cock and balls. You collapse on top of him, kissing deeply and passionately.

After the lesson Phillip calls his father and you kiss him passionately until his ride arrives and Phillip leaves.

That night, thinking of your fuck with Phillip, you reach across and play with your husband's cock. As it gets hard as you go down and suck his prick for a while. You then ride him as you had ridden Phillip that afternoon and you lean forward to kiss him. He reaches behind with a wet finger that he slides into your ass. "Would you like this to be another cock", He whispers into your ear?

"Mmmmm ... two cocks ... that would be nice!", you whisper, as you think of another orgasm from Phillip.

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