The Perfect Weekend

By Lainey "Poopsie" Bonser

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Since I am a surfer girl, my perfect weekend would take place at the beach. Seeing as how the beaches up here are so cold, we would be meeting at Sunset Beach in Watsonville. We would get a condo right on the beach and we would meet at sunset. I would get there a little early to get things set up.

When you arrive you find the door open and let yourself in. As you look around the room, you see me sitting next to a picture window looking out over the ocean. My back is to you, so you walk up behind me and slowly reach down and pull aside my long blonde hair. Ever so softly, you kiss my cheek and then work your way down my neck, keeping your eyes open so you can watch my breasts start to heave fasteras I get turned on.

You slowly reach down and fondle my breasts, caressing them ever so gently. Your mouth slowly makes its' way down to my tits and you tease my nipples with your tongue, making them rock hard. I turn around and stand up to face you and you take off my dress so I am standing naked. I start taking off your shirt and find the nicest hairy chest I have ever seen before. You take me into your arms and hold me tightly against you, our naked chests rubbing up against each other.

Passionately, you kiss me, your tongue exploring the inside of my mouth like you want nothing more in the world. In minutes we fall down on the couch as I am to weak to stand anymore. Your shorts find their way to the floor and I kiss my way down your chest to find your hard cock awaiting my lips.

I kiss your throbbing penis and slowly take your stiff cock into my mouth, getting all of your lovely penis in my throat. I move your cock in and out of my mouth, going faster and faster the more excited you get. Just when neither of us can stand the excitement, I kiss my way back up to your lips and your pulsating prick finds my wet cunt and you push slowly inside me. It is pure extasy as I start to gyrate my hips around, getting myself more and more excited. I don't let you move as I massage your cock with my cunt. When I feel like I am about to cum, you start thrusting in and out of me, and we both find heaven together.

Lying spent in each others arms, we kiss and fall asleep.

Just a taste of our weekend at the beach.

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Love, Poopsie

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