Intimate Body Parts

When I was tired of waiting for him to finish working I undressed for bed. I knew that bringing his work home was his way of telling me he was trying to spend as much time with me as possible, so I wasn’t angry. But he’d been at his desk, banging on the computer, since after dinner and I missed him.... and I wanted him in my bed. He’d ignored my flirting all night. His willpower to avoid my sexual teasing had amazed me since we’d met. As hot blooded as he was he could still refuse me! Sometimes he did it on purpose to frustrate me, sometimes it was because he HAD to get things done and even a “quickie” wouldn’t have fit in his schedule. But tonight it was just tedious, time consuming, mind numbing drone work. So I walked in his office and sat down and just watched quietly. He’d smiled at me when I came in and a few minutes later reached over and gave me a quick kiss. His puppy dog eyes told me he was serious as he apologized for having so much to do. Predictably, he accepted my suggestion to bring the laptop to bed to finish. I already had the bedtable set up and his pillows stacked when he brought the computer in and undressed. He spread out papers on the bedspread, sat up against the pillows, put the bed tray over his lap and set up the computer to begin working again, all without saying a word to me. I finished watching my show and flipped the tv off. I snuggled up next to him and he smiled. But when I reached under the covers and gently formed the palm of my hand around the soft, warm bumps between his legs he playfully slapped my hand away. “Don’t worry!” , I said. “I just want to touch you. I know you don’t have time.” He reached down to my breasts, gave one a quick squeeze and a tweak of the nipple, “Down, girl, be patient.” The feel of his cock in my hand and in my mouth was something I loved. It had taken him a long time to fully accept this passion, especially because the desire extended even after sex. After we had made love I often went to sleep with my hand between his legs. I waited a few minutes, sliding down so my head rested on his hip. Again I reached out and snuggled the smooth, soft penis and warm balls in my hand. This time when he went to move my hand away I held my ground. “Just let me lay here.”, I pleaded. “I won’t start anything...I promise.” I held my hand very still and he relented and went back to typing. With my eyes closed, I lay unmoving, intently experiencing the ribbons of sensual warmth that flowed from my hand. The tip of my middle finger was curved over the rounded end, and I could feel the small hole and lightly pressed my finger to it. A tiny, barely perceptible shudder let me know he felt the intrusion. I was still again. The small, round centers of his balls had been scooped up in my hand and now I could feel them tightening ....... and I felt small movements against my palm as his cock filled . I kept my eyes closed so as not to take away from the intense feelings as he grew. Again he tried to push me away. But I wasn’t doing anything. Nothing except holding him. My head lay against him and I held my breath to avoid any movement that might make him hard, holding my fingers absolutely still. I held my ground again and he finally accepted me being there and went back to working. His body had rearranged itself, the balls drawing up and his cock extending. Still soft, but a little longer. I lay there long minutes, feeling the small lifeform grow a little more, totally independent of his will and seemingly without his knowledge. There was something magical about holding him in my hand like this, not even always sexual, sort of like a kiss. Intimate body parts. As I continued to hold him he seemed to settle into the comfort of having me there, beginning to accept that I wasn’t going to start pumping him to arousal. Just a soft touch, soothing. I lay there for a long time, not moving, my breathing getting shallow and slow as my mind and body slowed for the night. I was in that twilight time between wakefulness and sleep when he stirred, stretching his legs and adjusting the pillows he leaned against. As he rearranged his legs I slipped by body between them and he unconsciously reached down to stroke my cheek with the back of his hand. I nestled my head against his inner thigh, one arm under my side, the other slipping back up to cradle his crotch. He continued working, the bedtable sitting high enough over his lap that it covered my face and my lips brushing against his penis. With his balls cupped in the palm of my hand I moved my thumb under them, finding the rounded hidden shaft. My tongue slicked around my lips, moistening them, then found the smooth head of his cock. I lightly licked it wet so my lips slipped over easily. He was soft and with one move I had him entirely in my mouth. His cock lay on my tongue, my lips brushing his coarse hair. It felt strange, he was always too hard and big for me to swallow enough to have my lips reach hair. Having him in my mouth small was a special treat I rarely enjoyed. I held back my urge to suck him, silently mouthing the warm, slightly stiffening cock while my hand gently massaged his balls. When I felt him react I stopped, holding my fingers and lips and tongue motionless until he relaxed back into his work. Then I would begin again. My thumb would slowly stroke the roundness under his balls. I rubbed and pushed the loose folds of his balls in soft circles while my tongue slowly swirled around his cock as it grew out of it’s wrinkles. By now he understood that my gentle touches were just that, gentle. I wasn’t greedily masturbating him with my mouth like I usually did. I continued to lay with my head cradled on his thigh. When the last of the folds disappeared from his lengthening cock and it filled my mouth I slipped off of it. I raised his nearly tight balls to my mouth and licked them, running my tongue slowly underneath and tracing the path of my thumb. With my mouth so close I easily took each sack in my mouth, massaging it with my wet tongue and then moving to the next one. I moved back and forth between his cock and balls, giving each a gentle tongue massage. For a long hour I continued, his fingers clicking away on the keyboard the whole time. We’d reached a comfort zone, with my fingers and tongue licking and massaging enough to feel good but not too good! He kept his attention on his work, occasionally reaching down to lay his hand on my head or stroke my cheek. I was thoroughly enjoying the slightly heightened sexual arousal that I’d kept for so long. I wasn’t even wet between my legs although my nipples had tensed and swollen some. My languishing tongue had lulled us both. I had his soft, but lengthened cock in my mouth when I dozed off. I awakened slowly, awareness coming first in my belly. The buzz of nerve endings between my legs came next and by the time I was totally awake I was already deeply sucking the cock in my mouth. Like a baby suckling at the breast I focused my entire being on the rapidly hardening penis in my mouth. There was no sound from the computer. Then I noticed that the bedtray wasn’t over my head. His reading light was still on but the computer and tray had disappeared. When I raised my eyes to look he was still sitting up against the pillows but he’d pulled the covers down to my shoulders and was watching me suck him. The intensely sexual gaze in his eyes had a predatory look and I felt the first small prickling of apprehension. His hands reached for my head, shoving it down on his now hard cock and in the process forcing me to my knees. His hands cupped my head and held it to him, pushing me down so hard that his penis was rammed down my throat. All of a sudden my gentle sexual touches had become extreme, erotic thrustings! He was hard, raging hard! I began to reel, light-headed, and then sank into submission. I wanted to swallow him! I would do anything for him and he knew it. The covers were now totally abandoned. I crouched down on my haunches, between his legs, both hands cupping, massaging his balls while my mouth was being fucked. The force with which he held my head was needed when he burst out with his first climax. I swallowed and licked and was as nice as I could be, rubbing his back and cleaning his spilled cum. Then I discovered that my release was a long ways off because now he wanted to tease and play with me. He ordered me to lay back, with my legs spread open towards him and masturbate. I laid back with my head at the foot of the bed. He sat up against the headboard, his legs apart so he could see my pussy when I opened my knees. I felt helplessly exposed, laying spread eagled while he watched me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his rock hard cock and was jealous as his right hand gripped it, beginning the stroking. This is my payback, I thought. The ache of unreleased climax is what I felt inside so I brought both hands to my crotch. With one hand I spread my lips open, feeling the slick wetness immediately. Muscles contracted and as I stroked my clit, rubbing it between two fingers my climax began..... He thoroughly enjoys being the one in control, expecially because he can make her do anything he wants. The power is intoxicating but he uses it selectively. I was keenly aware of him watching me, sitting there with a smug smile. My heart pounded and my fingers moved faster and faster but just as the surging rise of release began he reached forward and jerked my hands away! “Not yet.”, was all he said. I tensed the muscles inside trying to finish the release and end the excrusiating tension but to no avail. The climax subsided, slowly, leaving me breathless and frustrated. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me to my knees between his legs. As I leaned down to take him in my mouth he stopped me, holding my face just above his cock. He resumed his deliberate stroking till the head was swollen and red, looking ready to explode. He allowed me to lick the end on each upstroke and I tasted the salty clear drops that signaled his coming orgasm. My open mouth was ready when he shot hot creamy cum in short hard bursts that seemed to take forever. He was still twitching the last drops when my lips slid down his shaft, easing the hardness along the roof of my mouth until it slipped into my throat. I held it there as he relaxed, sliding down from his sitting position and laying prone across the bed. ---