By: Mistress Dalila

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The proper nemes of male slaves in this story are not capitalized, intentionally.
Thus, the author emphasizes the inferiority and degridation in the situation. Dungeonmaster

The doorbell rang, for the second time this evening, and I motioned for puppyboy to answer it. He unlocked the door and knelt down before opening. From where I was sitting I had a good view of the hallway and the door and I smiled at richie's surprised expression as he looked down at my house slave. Then he noticed me and quickly knelt next to puppyboy. I went over to them, snapped the leash to puppyboy's collar and led him back into the dungeon where I locked him in his cage. I then returned to my new toy, inspecting him in silence before I told him to strip. He was quick in obeying orders, which was promising, although it was probably because he hoped it would make his punishment less severe. I had only played with richie a couple of times, and each time he had disappointed me in some way. I decided that just a whipping would not do, he needed more severe discipline to get it into his head that I was serious.

I got the length of rope I had prepared and tied it around his neck, instead of the usual collar and leash, to show him that he had to earn the privilege of wearing my collar again. I led him into the dungeon and to the new cross that I had delivered the day before. It was crudely done and the last finish had not been done to it. As I shackled him to the rough wood I could hear his gasps as the splinters dug into his chest. It made him tense and do his best to avoid contact.

I worked in silence and I could feel puppyboy's eyes following me as I went to the rack to get the implements for richie's punishment. From behind, I grabbed richie's balls and put them in a spreader, snapping a chain to the small D-ring and pulling his testicles up between his legs. He was already whimpering, but was trying to hold back. I secured the chain to a bolt in the wall above his head and the tension made him raise up on his toes. I could hear puppyboy whimpering silently in sympathy, as he very well knew how richie was feeling at the moment. A look from me was enough to shut him up.

Now I took up the cat o' nine that I had decided to start with. I knew richie could see me as the table was by the wall next to the cross and I looked straight into his eyes. I could see the fear struggling against the trust as I looked deep into his soul to encourage him. I walked behind him and I could hear him taking a deep breath. I could see his hands gripping the chains tightly to brace himself. Without a word I let the first lash hit him across his back. It made him gasp and lean forward against the wood of the cross and again the splinters penetrated the skin on his chest which made him move back again, just in time to receive the second lash.

After the fifth stroke, tears were running down his cheeks but he still had not uttered more than a gasp. The seventh and eighth strokes broke the skin on his back and the ninth and tenth smeared the blood across his neck. I was pleased that he had taken the first part of his punishment silently.

I released richie from the shackles and the chain that held his balls from the bolt in the wall. Weak from the whipping, he fell in a heap by my feet. He tried to kiss my black leather boots, but instead I put it on his shoulder and shoved him away. I grabbed the chain that was still fastened to the ball spreader and pulled on it, making him walk backwards on his hands and knees to the corner of the dungeon where the horse was placed. I pushed him face down and restrained his wrists with the metal shackles near the floor. Then I let puppyboy out of his cage and led him by his leash over to where richie was lying.

Previously, I had made puppyboy drink gallons of water and he had not been allowed to relieve himself all day. When I now indicated that he relieve himself onto richie's back he did not hesitate for long but lifted his leg like a good dog and covered richie in pee. richie started to cry again as the urine stung in the wounds on his back. While puppyboy relieved himself, I was busy securing the chain that held richie's balls to another bolt in the wall above his head. When puppyboy had emptied his bladder all over richie I had him lick the boy clean before I put him back in his cage.

Then, I left the dungeon to let richie catch his breath for a while.

* * *

I let half an hour pass before I returned to the dungeon, where I found puppyboy at the far corner of his cage, whining quietly as I entered. richie lifted his head as much as possible and looked back then quickly averted his eyes. I quickly hosed him off before I released him and led him to the stocks where I had him kneel and secured his head and wrists. I put a spreader bar at his knees and kept pulling it out until he let out a moan that told me he could not take any more. With his legs spread as wide as possible I secured his ankles to the wooden platform he was kneeling on. I knew puppyboy was following my every move. He knew what was going to happen and he did not know quite what to think about it.

I got my favorite strap-on from the table, an eight-inch black rubber cock, and put it on in front of richie. I could see the fear building in his eyes as he had never had anything up his ass. I looked him in the eyes as I approached and put the tip of the rubber cock at his lips. Reluctantly he parted his lips slightly and I thrust a couple of inches of the dildo in his mouth. I could tell he felt awkward, but he did his best to take my thrusts deeper. As the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat he gagged and clenched his hands as he desperately tried to breathe through his nose. I kept pushing the dildo further down his throat until I had the whole eight inches buried between his lips, then I withdrew it and put the blindfold on him.

I went over and let puppyboy out of his cage and led him over to where richie was waiting. I pushed his head down and indicated that he get to work on richie's cock, which was semi-erect. He did this as he was always eager to please. richie's cock quickly got stiff and he was trying very hard not to make any sounds. I pulled puppyboy away and, instead, indicated that he mount richie and fuck him. I had only had puppyboy do this once before, so he was a bit awkward as he mounted richie like a good doggy and pushed the tip of his cock against richie's virgin ass hole. The pre-cum that had been leaking out of his cock since I had started whipping richie now lubricated richie's puckered hole and puppyboy soon got the head of his cock inside his ass. richie was quietly whimpering and his cock went limp as puppyboy pushed more and more of his cock inside him. When he had gotten more than half of his six inches in, puppyboy started to fuck richie slowly and as I watched. puppyboy's slow and gentle fucking made richie's erection grow again, no doubt because he thought that it was I doing the fucking.

When richie's whimper turned to a moan of pleasure I stood in front of him. When I saw that puppyboy was close to going over the edge I indicated that he could speak, and he begged me to let him cum. As richie heard a male voice behind him he opened his mouth in shock and disbelief. I quickly shoved my rubber cock down his throat while I ,with a nod, gave puppyboy permission to cum. Immediately he tensed and gave a little yelp as he shot his load into richie's ass hole. When he was done he got off richie, sat down and licked himself clean and again surprised me with how agile he had become during these months of living as a dog.

I withdrew my cock from richie's mouth and took the strap on off. I put puppyboy back in his cage and released richie. I led him by the chain, thus making him crawl backwards again, out of the dungeon and into the living room. I sat down on the couch and ordered richie to lie down flat on his stomach in front of me with his head towards me. I looked at him lying there and I thought about how well the punishment had gone. When I finally spoke to richie, it was with a gentler voice than before. I told him he had done well and that I would not send him away. I was willing to continue his training, but not until he had thoroughly thought this punishment through. I told him I would contact him when I had seen that he was ready and now to go get his clothes and go home.

When he attempted to rise I pushed him back down on the floor and told him to crawl out on his belly and not rise until he was out of my sight. I watched him as he crawled into the hallway, then sighed and leaned back. There was still a lot of work to do with richie, but I thought he had potential.

I was just glad I had such a devoted slave as puppyboy.

1999, Mistress Dalila, not to be reprinted, reposted, or used elsewhere
without consent of the author.

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