By TJ & Lee Star

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By now, if you have read any of "the show" stories you know I'm Lee the wife of TJ ... the woman who has turned into super-slut in about six or seven months.

Once I learned how to confront my inhibitions, I've found sex in just about everything I do, anywhere in life. Things that I never dared fantasize about ... I regularly try .... going anal .... having wild sex in public ... a little domination ... submission ... multiplication ... You know ... everything

There is definitely something about getting off in front of others that turns me on ... especially if it's a turn on for them ... that just gets me off.

Even the last couple of stories to Blowout .... I've cum WHILE typing them .... picturing ... hoping .... wishing ...!

Knowing that your cocks are being stroked with me in your minds!

At work, as a financial officer, I'm a bit on the demure side .... even though lately I've been getting off in the ladies room ... and even one day with my dildo in the staff parking lot at lunch ... about thirty feet from the front entrance! Still no one has any idea.

There's a young lawyer at work, Ginger, who is single and some times we go to lunch. Ginger looks almost exactly like Lea Thompson. Usually it's the usual girl talk ... clothes ... hair ... nails ... office gossip ... etc. Today Ginger was talking about her new boyfriend and how much she is attracted to him. Out of no where Ginger asked me if I could keep a secret ... I said, yes, of course! She then told me that her new guy made a video of them having sex. Ginger was half whispering, half giggling with excitement as she told me the details.

Shawn, her guy, is a personal trainer at the gym I go to has been seeing Ginger for about four months. Ginger went on ... how she didn't want to do it but Shawn convinced her by saying she could have the only copy after they watched it once. She reluctantly agreed and went for it. "I was so turned on when we got into it", she whispered, " ... I ... I ... was nervous at first ... but ... I came so hard ...", Ginger whispered real quietly, " ... got so excited ... when we were doing it from behind ... and I was looking right into the camera", she went on. "Am I turning into a slut?", she whispered in my ear. I laughed inside at the question "I mean is this abnormal", Ginger asked, seeming legitimately worried. I felt she was looking for reassurance, clearly she was taking a risk telling another woman about it. I looked over at her in her smart navy blue suit, skirt with white stockings and conservative two-inch heels, thinking she was ready.

I've seen her in aerobics class and her body is in fine shape. Her legs are long and hard and though her tits aren't huge they are perky. I wouldn't mind seeing that video for myself, I thought, in fact I even thought of asking ... but I couldn't ... at least not yet.

"Don't be silly!" I told her. "You and Tony are consenting adults. I don't want to use trite expression, but it's true. Besides, from what I know about Tony, I wouldn't think he's the type that says anything. You like each other ... it was fun ... that's what relationships are about ... fun and sex!".

She seemed to relax and returned the wink I gave to her. "Thank you", she whispered, "I feel so much better ... you're wonderful, Lee. Thank you so much", Ginger said thankfully.

"Besides", I said, "if I wasn't married, I'd probably want to do Shawn myself ... or at least join you two!" I couldn't believe those words came out of my mouth ... it's one thing to be a secret slut, but, a public slut. I shouldn't mess with a career I worked so hard at.

I was relieved when Ginger laughed. "Maybe we can arrange something like that some time", she whispered, her eyes focused on mine for what seemed a long time. It was longer than I was comfortable with.

"Only if we can get it on videotape", I whispered, jokingly, and I was relieved when she laughed.

Tonight on the way home, all I could think of was my lunch with Ginger. In my mind I was removing her white stockings .... licking at my first pussy ... sucking my first clit ... getting another woman off ... sipping her cum ... could I? I wondered, picturing Ginger and myself as I drove ... finding my dildo ... pushing it between my legs ... once again it found my warm ... wet ... cunt ... home. An all-female 69 .... feeling Ginger's soft touch ... tongue licking on my clit ... I felt waves of excitement as I tried to steer the car while pushing the plastic cock deep inside my throbbing pussy.

My mind flitted to Shawn .... maybe a cock in my mouth with Ginger's tongue licking my pussy. Me ... licking Shawn's balls as his cock pistoned in and out of her sweet pussy ... ahhh ... maybe something to shoot for ... maybe ... I thought as I fucked myself with the hard dildo.

When I got home TJ was exhausted. He was at the computer working on a project. I knew he needed a treat. My orgasms on the drive home weren't enough for me but my pussy was wet and ready. I wasn't being totally selfless. I wanted to get kinky ... and TJ was used to it by now.

"How about we take a ride ... hun ... get a drink .... then ... I'll suck your cock while you drive ... or ... we'll go to the park. We've never fucked in the park, have we .... let's go", I whispered into TJ's ear, removing his hand from the keyboard and pushing it against my wet cunt. Without a word he took out his keys and off we went.

I'm a woman of my word ... His cock was all the way down my throat as we drove downtown .... his darling drop of pre-cum oozed from his cock head and formed a string between my lips and the head of his cock. I love my man's cock. Sucking cock is a pleasure unto itself I love it.

When we got to town, TJ zipped up ... still stiff ... and we went into the bar for a drink. At the corner of the bar we were by ourselves and I continued to stroke his cock through his chinos. Moisture formed through his pants ... he was close to cumming ... I didn't want to risk making it a short night ... so ... I left him alone while we finished our drinks.

When we finally arrived at the park, which was in the center of town, we got out and walked to the footbridge, which crossed a small stream. I sunk to my knees and pulled out his stiff cock. Though no one was around ... I was turned on ... being in the center of the park ... in public ... unabashedly giving great head if I do say so myself.

Without notice, I stood up and pulled my long denim dress up, revealing my wet ass .... and ... told TJ .... "FUCK ME,BABY"

He fucked me hard as I held onto the bridge railing and he slammed his stiff prick into my pussy over and over and over ... as .... I ... felt the first wave .... then the second .... "YES! ... AHHH! .... I LOVE YOUR COCK .... AHHH ... FUCK ME", I yelled into the darkness of the park.

Tj was holding off ... holding back his desire to cum ... to savor my cunt ... I'm sure .... "I love it when you're a cunt ... when you're a slut ... are you ready ... ready for me ... ready for my cum ... slut", he whispered, pounding me at a different pace ... a new tempo.

I was shocked ... as my thoughts ... drifted ... from TJ to Ginger

"I'm cumming ..", TJ growled as I lifted my ass slightly to feel his entire penetration. Man ... I love cock, I thought ... could there be a best of both worlds .... maybe .... I hope so ... Tasting Ginger's sweet cunt-lips .... feeling TJ's hard cock ... maybe Shawn's ... maybe together ....I felt myself get ready to cum again.

"Me tooooo ......", I gasped, "I'm cumming too ..... Fuck me!"

I came as much from what was going on in my pussy .... as was going on in my head.

Juice gushed from my cunt as I grasped the railing holding on as TJ rammed deep into my thoughts of fucking someone else ... licking someone else ... cumming with someone else!

"Cunt", I whispered softly as if to myself, "slut ... whore ... slut ... cunt


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